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  1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFHJRlwcygZw0QTDPqftAi2AoOeCS3pV7 Found this and thought it was pretty cool, some of you may enjoy it to see what we have in him. Keep in mind, it’s passing plays only so this won’t show us just how mobile he truly is. Enjoy
  2. Adoug319

    Just don't get these guys

    What seems irrational to us, seems very rational to someone who has been on steroids most of his adult life as well as a damaged brain. That’s why I think these guys end up so violent
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=651834025168352&id=100010252807680&comment_id=652040311814390&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1528037943263331&ref=m_notif Enjoy
  4. Adoug319

    WR position

    Hey man seriously though, 2 years ago he was going to court for not paying child support, fast forward now he’s in his daughter’s life and they both look so happy. If he lost his leg tomorrow and never played another down he made the change that truly matters
  5. Adoug319

    WR position

    I’m willing to bet most of you don’t have Snapchat, so I’ll share with you guys. Josh Gordon just put up a video of him in the car with his daughter, and it was a really genuine moment where they both looked so happy. Really think Josh has turned it around.
  6. Adoug319

    Seeking for prayers

    Prayers sent brother
  7. Adoug319

    Tyrod Taylor and Lamar Jackson

    It’s tough because you don’t know what these teams are thinking, you’re right they’re both players teams want. The reason I went Barkley 1 and Minkah 4 is because the Colts have said they want an Edgerrin James, so they would probably take Barkley
  8. Here me out.. Perhaps the best way to improve this team would be a little different than most would do it. Key FA signings: Tyrod Taylor, QB (A Good, not great QB. Won’t put the team on his back, but can win games and certainly won’t lose them. Rarely turns the ball over, only 4 INTs on the year. And got his team to the playoffs for the first time in 17 years. Wouldn’t that be nice?) Malcolm Butler, CB (We’re all familiar with his game-clinching interception in the Super Bowl, but he has turned into a pretty solid corner for the best team in the NFL. Would be a good signing to add to our weak CB group.) Terrelle Pryor, WR (Taking emotion out of it, would be a nice signing. He already knows Hue’s system and had 1,000 yds receiving with Cody Kessler throwing him the ball. Sign him, would add depth to our receiving room) Demarcus Lawrence, DE (Is a FA this year, played well in Dallas, pairing him across Myles Garrett would be scary.) Draft: 1. Saquon Barkley, RB (Arguably the best player in the draft. Is an elite talent, and scouts are calling him a once in a generation RB. Has all the vision, athleticism, and pass catching ability in the world. Needed to improve his blocking, and did. Could be our Le’Veon Bell paired with Duke Johnson.) 2. Minkah Fitzpatrick, FS (Again, arguably the best player in the draft. Probably the most sure-fire perennial pro bowl player in this draft. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but this is about as sure as it gets. Minkah at FS, with Peppers at SS? Would be a thing of beauty. 3. Trade up ( anywhere from 7-12?) for Lamar Jackson, QB (We have too many draft picks. With all the young players on the team, there’s no way we’re drafting 12 players or whatever it is. Jackson’s college production speaks for itself. Easily the most athletic QB in the draft, has the arm strength to make all of the throws, but needs to work on his mechanics. Has a narrow base a lot of times, which effects his accuracy. 1-2 years behind Tyrod Taylor would give him time to adjust.) Now all of a sudden we have a QB who has proven capable of winning and taking his team to the playoffs. A solid CB to add to our group of youth. Another good DE to pair across from Garrett. And of course the infamous Pryor who had 1,000 in Hue Jackson’s system, without Josh Gordon. And in the draft, we get arguably the two best players in Barkley and Fitzpatrick, in addition to the QB with arguably the best upside, who will have time to sit.
  9. Adoug319

    Alex smith

    I see Alex Smith going to the Bills before coming here. They run WCO in Buffalo, which Alex Smith thrives in. Hue Jackson’s offense is very vertical, where Alex Smith struggles
  10. Well, we’ll see what happens. Two solid QBs have declared
  11. From Browns Reddit: First off, you guys will (should) benefit immensely from Dorsey. Your franchise has a bad rep for being run poorly and this guy is just the medicine you need. Dorsey literally turned our team around in an off season with the personnel he brought in and his draft picks. KC had our darkest season ever in 2012, going 2-14 and a player committing suicide in the Arrowhead parking lot, only to go 11-5 and win the AFC West the following year. We’ve been to the playoffs every year -save one - under Dorsey (and Ried, obviously). He has a GREAT eye for talent and has a great track record with the draft. Honestly, I’m stoked for the Browns and am eager to see how a team that has been a perennial embarrassment in the league (no offense!) potentially turn it around and become a true NFL contender. And if the rumors of Alex Smith reuniting with Dorsey next year become reality, then expect another similarly worded post from this Chiefs fan. Congrats again, Browns! Things are looking up!
  12. Adoug319

    Dorsey Hired

    I’m not saying I agree or disagree, I’m just attempting to read between the lines. To answer your question, I believe Hue wants a competent QB who could win now (McCarron) while a younger QB who clearly isn’t ready (Kizer) could learn. Hue clearly lamented the botched trade, and according to MKC, Sashi and Hue haven’t been on speaking terms since then. https://mobile.twitter.com/BenAxelrod/status/938805530230951936 The power struggle between Hue and Sashi was over when we saw Hue and Jimmy talking to AJ McCarron before the Bengals game. My guess is we sign AJ in the offseason and he starts. We draft a QB #1. He and Kizer fight it out for 2nd and 3rd string. Hue has an experienced QB, no excuses for losing. If we go 6-10 or better, everyone is happy. If not, the new GM picks a coach he wants for 2019. Thats what I see
  13. Adoug319

    Dorsey Hired

    Sounds like Hue has convinced Jimmy he can coach, he just needs better players. Whoever they hire will agree to Hue as coach for 2018, and if the season goes south next year, Hue will be gone and the GM can hand pick his new coach. Winning in 2018 will make a shotgun wedding work.
  14. Adoug319

    Dorsey Hired

    Took over as GM for Kansas City after they went 2-14 Led them to 11-5, 9-7, 11-5, and 12-4 Was fired because he was a “go with the flow” guy, and “not very organized” But was well-known for having an uncanny ability at knowing how to pick players I’m in, a football guy who is good a picking players please and thank you