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  1. 2018 QB Draft Class

    You didn't want RG3 to be good when he signed here? I was hoping he'd be good, haven't gotten around to changing it yet.
  2. 2018 QB Draft Class

    Just wait and see my friend
  3. 2018 QB Draft Class

    LOL, what fire and competitiveness did Brandon Weeden have? Dude wasn't a warrior, it was easy to tell on and off the field. And If Baker Mayfield doesn't have NFL caliber talent, then neither did Russell Wilson. See Below:
  4. 2018 QB Draft Class

    A Johnny Manziel who actually cared and didn't have substance abuse issues would've been a Top 15 QB. Let's do a math problem: Manziel's talent, fire and competitiveness + a strong work ethic - drugs = Baker Mayfield.
  5. 2018 QB Draft Class

    Whoever gets Baker Mayfield is going to luck out. Dude is unbelievable. Been doubted his whole life at every stage, keeps a list of things people say he can't do, and his life revolves around proving people wrong. The most competitive dude I've ever seen. I really believe Oklahoma will beat Alabama in the national championship this year. Whoever takes a flyer on him will get a great one Edit: Doesn't mean I want us to give up on Kizer. Let's give Kizer at least 2 years.
  6. There you go. Now we can have a real discussion about how he played.
  7. Garrett Hurt Already

    Elite athlete (Soccer) here up to college.. Ghoolie is right about ankles. Had a high ankle sprain in high school and it's never been the same. I could and can still play at a high level, but there are certain times randomly where it'll be painful. It also is much more prone to sprain again, I've sprained it badly twice since then. I'm not doctor, but it just feels like my joints on that ankle are permanently looser than they're supposed to be. Obviously im not a freak of nature like Garrett, but from my experience (and that of many other athletes) once you sprain your ankle it it's never 100% the same, and you're much more prone to further injury.
  8. 2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    WR. Austin Carr (no, not that Austin Carr) just got cut by the Pats. Had a stellar preseason, some Patriots fans were surprised and pissed. Would be good here
  9. I think 4 is the minimum amount of wins he needs. Jimmy likes to use the term "directionally correct" when it comes to wins, so at least 3 more and he'll be good. Another thing working in Hue's favor is the fact that he's attached himself and his job to a rookie QB. So he gets one "mulligan" year where development of this potential franchise QB trumps the win total. As long as Jimmy sees potential with Kizer, Hue should be safe. But I'm still guessing Hue needs at least 4 wins. My personal prediction is a strong defense and running game, paired with a talented but green QB, leads us to a 5-11 record with a lot of picks leading up to next year. I think Hue will stay.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/900366961636409345?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  11. Predict the Week 1 Starter Here

    Over on the Browns Reddit, a guy who claims to know a source is adamantly saying Kizer will start. In fact, he says that Kizer has already been told he's the starter. If this is true, can't say we didn't see the writing on the wall. And if there's any site where random people claim to have "sources" and then it comes true, it's Browns reddit. so many things were heard there first, before even the Ian Rappaport's of the world knew. Some of those guys are super plugged in. heres the thread where the guy claims to know 100% it's Kizer
  12. Wow... I'm amazed at how torn Hue is after watching his press conference. He's really keeping his cards close, and you can tell he's seriously contemplating his decision, but I think if you read between the lines he's going Kizer. When asked if he's made a decision yet: "I have an idea in my mind, based on what I felt and what I saw from my football team" He says he has a gut instinct based on what he's seen, but also what he's seen from his football team (when each QB was in) What has he seen from Brock? 6 drives and 0 points, a 6'8 QB getting passes batted and intercepted. And the rookie, taking a game by the balls last week, and producing scoring drives against many of the Giants 1st teamers. The team has more energy with Kizer in there, Hue understands we need that energy to ignite the whole team, it's the "it" factor. Kizer has it. The team will not be energized around Brock, they know that their not winning with him. A team can get behind a rookie who has the potential to be a franchise QB. When asked about Kizer running and going shoulder first into a defender instead of sliding: "He (Kizer) said he wanted to make sure he ran into somebody so he can see what it feels like" Hue was obviously pissed about Kizer wanting to intentionally get hit, but the facial expressions and laughter from Hue shows he admires the toughness, being willing to get hit once so he knows what to expect if a game is on the line and he needs to sacrifice himself for a win, but knows (and I think Kizer does too) to get the fuck down next time and from here on out. When asked why he'll be ready to decide Wednesday "Because I've done this long enough to know what this feels like and what it should be" Again, he keeps harping on what he "feels". That would imply his decision is more emotional than it is logical. The logical thing to do would've been to name Osweiler the starter last week and move him forward. But Hue has a winning mentality, and knows Brock isn't gonna win them shit, while Kizer has that champion mindset. Hue sees it, he feels it. What feeling does he get from Brock? I'll wait. But the feel of winning a game on 4th and 2 last week? Scoring a touchdown last night? Kizer moved the chains... That's a good feeling. There's nothing Hue could possibly "feel" about Osweiler.. He "feels" Kizer can be a star. I'm not a fucking guru, but me personally, I'd be surprised if Kizer isn't named the starter tomorrow. Who do you guys think Hue is going to choose?
  13. Why McCown for Kessler

    Either A: The Adoug tank theory is in full effect (what I believe is the case) Or B: Front office is pressuring Hue to get at least a couple wins to keep his job, so he put in the vet to try and win the game Overall, a terrible decision that sends such a bad message to the team Cody Kessler: 2 turnovers all season Josh McCown: 3 turnovers today
  14. Sashi's Real Plan (supposedly)

    Cody Kessler: 2 turnovers all season Josh McCown: 3 turnovers today