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  1. Adoug319

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    A couple interesting stats regarding Jim Schwartz while DC in Philly: In his 4 years as Eagles DC in regular season/playoffs: 16.1 points/game at home- FEWEST in NFL 20.4 points/game - 5th fewest in NFL Jim Schwartz, third down rankings: 2019: 5 2018: 8 2017: 3 Jim Schwartz's defenses have allowed over 30 points just 8 times since 2016. That is in 70 games.
  2. Adoug319

    Patriots Fallout

    Lemme ask you something, how many Super Bowls has Belichick won without McDaniels? The answer is 0. Not saying McDaniels is the sole reason, but to assert that’s Belichick is the reason for McDaniels success as an OC is factually incorrect and ridiculous. Not to mention, Belichick is a defensive coach and McDaniels has full control of the offense. A 43 year old QB who clearly is still good. This year he threw for 4,000 yards, 24 TDs and 8 INTs. Yeah, he sucks. He’s played for one system, and he’s most likely going to follow that system (McDaniels) wherever he goes for one more year.
  3. Adoug319

    Patriots Fallout

    Call me crazy, but Tony Romo hinted it and I’ve felt the same way. Josh McDaniels is a northeast Ohio guy, went to John Carroll. He’s been interested in coaching the Browns for years, we just never gave him an interview. Now we are, and according to sources the Haslams want him, so the job is his if he wants it. You heard Romo, Brady isn’t done. But he’s done with the Patriots, and is an unrestricted free agent. What did Tony Romo day? He needs help... Hmmm two 1,000 yard receivers and two Top 5 running backs sounds like help to me. McDaniels wanted Baker in the draft. In fact, he was lobbying to trade up to #2 in the 2018 draft if we didn’t take Baker. His offense is complex though, and Baker needs to mature. In comes Tom Brady for one more year with McDaniels, while Baker learns the offense. Call me crazy, just watch.
  4. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    So looks like Flores was unimpressive in his interview with the Dolphins. But from my research, he seems like the quiet leader type, not a rah rah guy, so perhaps that’s what the Dolphins are looking for and why Flores didn’t impress them. They liked Kris Richard, for context, who is a huge rah rah guy.
  5. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    Flores HC Kitchens OC DC - TBD
  6. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    No, it was in Strongsville you idiot. Better schools for his kids
  7. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    I’m in the same boat, not 12 hours but certainly when I’m in the car haha
  8. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    Dan Campbell is my #1 guy too. Truly a leader of men. He and Kitchens both have worked with Parcells so there’s familiarity there in terms of keeping Kitchens as OC. But I’m expecting Flores to be our coach.
  9. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    Those 3 are speculation from Zac Jackson. Dustin got the text about Flores afterwards
  10. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    Give me five reasons he’d choose the Dolphins over the Browns. Whoever goes to Miami will be gone in 2 years. That GM will be fired after next season, then that new coach will be a lame duck in his 2nd season
  11. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    Knowing Dorsey, I would too. But this feels different, especially considering this source was spot on about Baker
  12. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    He’s not going to choose the Dolphins over the Browns. We have a QB, a young defense, and a ridiculous amount of cap space. I would assume a lot of these interviews are for coordinator positions
  13. Adoug319

    *SOURCE* Brian Flores will be our next HC

    They already interviewed Jim Caldwell, and did it early, I’m assuming to get the Rooney Rule out of the way quickly
  14. Dustin Fox got a text from his insider guy saying that Flores is the guy. For those of you who are going “yeah, whatever” remember... Dustin was the FIRST to call Baker to us about a week before the draft, got a text from the same source back then. Let the speculation begin