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  1. RoyceRolls

    92 Effing yards

    So glad they didn’t waste #1 overall on a RB when an absolute stud was available in the 2nd.
  2. RoyceRolls

    Fire Hue now!

    I suppose 6-9-1 would be almost .500 from here on out. It wouldn’t surprise me if Haslam kept Hue with that record, but Hue’s molten lava seat will only get hotter if the browns don’t go .500ish for the remainder of the schedule.
  3. RoyceRolls

    Fire Hue now!

    At this point just let Hue ride out the season and show him the door if he doesn’t manage at least 8-7-1. Leaning on an interim coach like Haley or Williams won’t add any wins to the record.
  4. RoyceRolls

    Why was Amos Jones hired

    Usually I agree, except in cases where the refs literally take a win, and say “no”. It isn’t even a “what-if” scenario. It’s literally a matter of “if the ref isn’t Retarded, we’re talking about the 2-1-1 browns”
  5. RoyceRolls

    Why was Amos Jones hired

    Hue can take the blame for a lot of things, but 999 times of 1000 that game ends with the browns in victory formation because the refs don’t Shmuck up the first down call. Simple as that, with all the mistakes the browns made, they still had the game won until captain cataract forgot how to do his job.
  6. RoyceRolls

    Why was Amos Jones hired

    They found a way to win, but the refs decided they’d have to win it again. Unfortunately, they only had the 1 win in them....
  7. RoyceRolls

    Jimmy Garoppolo

    In the exact same situation although Ryan has been my backup since the start.
  8. RoyceRolls

    Please FIRE HUE!

    Don’t get so worked up just because you can’t decipher garden variety safe-answer coach-speak.... Hue shouldn’t go through the media to replace his team captain QB. He will handle it as he should, in private, face to face. Don’t worry, Jackson knows he has to play Baker from here on out.
  9. RoyceRolls

    Please FIRE HUE!

    This take is softer than baby crap. The team was built to lose the last 2 years. Hue obviously wasn’t helping matters by being OC and HC, but the front office probably preferred it that way anyway(at least Depodesta). Things are different now, it’s the 3rd year that everyone made a big deal about back when Jimmy decided to hand the reigns to Depo. The FO was uncommonly open about it saying “this team won’t be ready to compete until year three” I still remember the fans and media saying “this is gonna take several years to work” and then the team lost even worse than what was expected, and everyone forgot that the plan set in place wasn’t about winning immediately. FFS the FO even came out and said “this year isn’t about winning”. the Lawyer served his purpose and now all the painful stuff is over. What we’re left with is a young, affordable team with a good bit of NFL experience. A kickass defense, a solid offense lead by a QB who could be the answer cleveland has been waiting for, and now, after all that we want to give up on Hue?! It’s put up or shut up time for Jackson, but He deserves the opportunity to put up now that the team is “ready to compete”.
  10. 9-5-1 would be a Good place to settle. This defense is too good, and while Baker will have his down spots what he showed Thursday night wasn’t just gimmicky/flash in the pan stuff. He was progressing quickly, getting the ball out quickly, accurately, and with real zip. He also displayed good pocket awareness for the most part. Injury is the only thing derailing this train.
  11. This will only stick if the Browns stay good. He rode out a long wave of just talking any kind of ludicrous troll Sheet he could for years, and it worked because the Browns sucked for years. Now he’s going to go do the same thing to the raiders fan base for as long as they stay shitty. He’ll get on a raiders board and talk about Gruden being an out of touch over paid coffee fetcher and say Carr’s vagina is made out of rice paper or some Sheet. Then he will gobble up every last bit of troll equity for as long as the raiders are trash, at which point he’ll say, “since the raiders left Oakland, they haven’t really been the same team, but my college roommate’s wife Shmucked the running back coach for the Arizona Cardinals, and she said he was a cool guy...so I’m gonna line up for Cardinal’s season tickets as a social event.” Ghoolie likes trolling more than football,
  12. RoyceRolls

    Dez post #22

    with the acquisition of Landry and the emergence of callaway(if he stays on the field), the browns don’t need to worry about WR. Teams have won super bowls with less WR talent.
  13. RoyceRolls

    John Dorsey

    Count me in the Paul Depodesta fan club. Dude came in with a truly innovative plan for the NFL. Hired a patsy to make all the unpopular moves required to set up year three, then enticed a proven talent evaluator with the bounty of resources set up by the patsy. For all the losing this team now has a legit defense, a promising young QB and some offensive weapons to put around him. This is going to be fun!
  14. RoyceRolls

    Am I the only one who...

    First words out of my mouth “he’s not hurt, he’s embarrassed”
  15. RoyceRolls

    Td celebration heard round the world..

    I laughed so hard at that. Even after the game I was still chuckling about Crow’s absurd display, talk about prime time entertainment.