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  1. Kessler traded

    Somehow, some way, the Suzies in boardman got Joe Thomas to attend their NFL draft party...
  2. Kessler traded

    Here we go...
  3. All Saquon, all the Time...

    He’s a well rounded back who isn’t exceptional at anything I’ve seen. Decent catching the ball, decent blocker, makes decent cuts, not too great fighting through contact, mediocre balance.... but he has been productive at every level, and would be a good 7th round pick. I’d much rather take a guy like Jackson in the 6th/7th than waste a first rounder on a RB.
  4. All Saquon, all the Time...

    I can’t wait until the Browns pass on Barkley at 1 and 4.
  5. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Guys...logic doesn’t work here. This is the guy who wouldn’t give up on Trent Richardson even after he proved to be a sub-standard back. (He probably still wants the Browns to sign TRich). The Saquon dickriding won’t stop, even after the browns pass on him twice, we will have to hear about how Saquon could have been a brown, even if he proves to be an ordinary back. Then the conversation will be how the team dumb enough to waste a premium pick on a RB was miss using him or some Sheet. Buckle up, the broken logic is here to stay.

    Tampa bay buccaneers select Marcus Davenport. bears take Ronald Jones.
  7. I like Chubb’s hands, strength and motor. He’s relentless, doesn’t move backwards and has that killer instict I like to see in d lineman. The fact that he plays a premium position and adds a lot of flexibility and depth to a very important position is why he’s my pick at 4. If the Browns get a good package to move down, so be it, but if they’re picking at 4, I don’t see anyone better than Chubb. Itd be nice to play Denver against buffalo and move down to 5, pick up an extra pick or 2 and still get Bradley Chubb.
  8. Baker Mayfield

    To be fair, Bradford would be a franchise QB if his joints weren’t made out of rice paper.
  9. Baker Mayfield

    That’s a shame, the billy Manziel fiasco was by far the most entertaining part of the entire John Manziel experiment. Manziel was on the Thomahawk podcast recently and went over the whole story from his perspective, and it was hilarious. I laughed almost as hard as I did when I first heard the story break on RBS.
  10. Barkley at #1?

    Leonard fournette wasn’t the difference in Jacksonville, in fact, he was out produced by 2 3rd rounders. Am I to believe the jaguars wouldn’t have had a good season with Kareem Hunt? The “most of these QBs are equal” take is a fan/media take. This FO will end their evaluation with a clear cut favorite, just like every other FO. The Browns haven’t picked the top qb since 1999, which isn’t the same as whiffing on the scraps in the late 1st round. Even if Barkley is the best RB in NFL history, he won’t do Sheet for a team that doesn’t have a QB. He can put up great numbers for the next 12 years and go 9-7, because RB is indeed a low value/easy to fill position. But most importantly of all: the Browns didn’t go 0-16 to let other teams determine which QB will be available for them. They’re in the driver seat and they’re not going to cower in fear like the fans who have PTSD. this FO has experience scouting and drafting successful QBs and will step up to the plate and go all in on the 1 player they believe is best for the Browns. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills with this conversation. The league has proven, conclusively, that highly drafted RBs have zero correlation with success, that it’s a position that can be filled at any point in the draft/FA and has the shortest shelf life. Every year the super bowl winner has a good qb a good defense and a running back that the entire league passed on 5-7 times.
  11. Post your top 10 pics Mock Draft

    If they pass on Bradley Chubb for Kolton Miller I’m gonna drink bleach.
  12. Our Draft ....ROUND 1

    Tampa bay buccaneers select: Denzel Ward. Chicago bears select: Tremaine Edmunds.
  13. Barkley at #1?

    This is the most pure example of cognitive dissonance available on the Browns board (and there’s a lot of it)
  14. Trade for OBJ ?

    Youre right, one is high maintenance, over priced transportation while the other will get you to all the same places while being more reliable and a higher value. Glad we see eye to eye.
  15. Barkley at #1?

    I’ll bet you $20 browns don’t take Barkley at 1.