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  1. Sumo wrestlers are underrated athletes though...
  2. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Where is everyone watching full game cut ups? Draft breakdown has started charging for the good stuff and as hall and Oates would say, I can’t go for that (no can do)
  3. What a 6th Grader Thinks About The Browns

    Aldi has a $4 bottle of merlot that is pretty good.
  4. If it happens let’s hope manning is a better talent evaluator than Michael Jordan...
  5. I’m just guessing because I’m 6’10 and have spent most of my life burning my candle at both ends. There’s probably a heart attack or stroke waiting around the corner. Furthermore, if I suffer a serious injury or disease I’ll probably just run the car in the garage and cut class early, but I’ll be hoping the browns can turn it around until that happens.
  6. Maybe the fact that they couldn’t get the trade done for a 4th backup qb could read as disfunctionality, but apart from that I feel that this team has been doing everything they’ve set out to do. They said it would be a few years before they’d be able to compete, and that they were more focused on building a team that is easier to play QB for. This defense has been improving, the team is solid in the trenches on both sides due to the moves this FO Has made. Mid round guys like Coleman and Drango are holding their own. acquiring Tretter and Zeitler has also worked out. Ogbah is the highest rated DE for stopping the run, Garrett is a legit star even though , God forbid, he’s had to deal with a minor injury (still some are drowning in dreadful snotty tears that the Browns didn’t draft the guy who blew his leg up by running on grass). Ogunjobi, Collins, Calhoun, Mccourty, Njoku etc. while there are certainly the growing pains that everyone expected, this team is still a far better environment for the QB, it just isn’t showing yet because literally every team on the browns schedule this season has a shitload more experience than the Browns. I know we all want these 21-22 year old kids to come into the league and outplay second-third contract players who know what it takes to win in the NFL, but that’s the equivalent of playing the lottery in lieu of a retirement fund. The latest presser the FO said that they would be aggressive in solving the QB situation, and now it’s time. If they can deliver the QB everything will be fine and no one will admit to crying for a house cleaning. The truth is the great Belicheck stumbled butt first into a franchise QB and then drafted a shitload of guys who don’t belong in the league, that’s how it goes. This team is doing things the same way as belicheck except they haven’t lucked into a 6th round HOF QB. That really is the line in the sand that separates belicheck getting his salad tossed by ESPN 24/7 and a bunch of entitled children complaining because they miss rooting for a 3 win team. If the FO can’t make good in their goal to bring in a QB, then we can go back to the tried and true method of bringing in janitors and coffee fetchers to restore the luster of 4-12 seasons as far as the eye can see. BTW, while I turned 32 last Monday, I still probably only have about 8-9 years left in the tank, so I’m in the same boat as a lot of you old heads.
  7. "With the First Pick of the 2018 Draft, the Browns Select..."

    The line is fine. Until this team finds a legitimate starting QB, this fan base will suffer.
  8. "With the First Pick of the 2018 Draft, the Browns Select..."

    A good QB is ten times more important than a good RB. The risk/reward of taking a RB at #1 overall (hasn’t happened since ‘95) doesn’t make any kind of sense to any FO Let alone one driven by analytics. This team is a qb away from competing. The trenches are solid on both sides, gordon Coleman njoku devalve and duke represent a good core of playmakers. The biggest problem is this team needs to grow up, but they’re getting there. This year and last year are the “growing pains” everyone was talking about when they tore everything down to the studs. These kids will learn how to win together as long as the QB question gets answered. Honestly, whatever it takes to lock down a FQB, even if the Browns spend both first rounders on QB.
  9. Thursday night football...

    I wouldn’t say it’s been a major fail. Garrett had a high ankle sprain and a concussion, but when he’s out there he is already the best defender on the field, Ogbah is the top rated run stopping DE in the league, Njoku looks like he will develop into a great weapon and is crazy young. Peppers is tough to evaluate as he is playing out of position. Ogunjobi is another good young lineman. Drango and Shon Coleman are provin to be good lineman, and Corey Coleman is a good receiver who can’t stay healthy, which is one of those variables that no front office can account for when there is no major injury history to speak of. Its easy to cave-man it and say 1-23 mean players bad (grunt) but the turn over on this team in such a short period of time isn’t common for the NFL. This team is a bunch of kids trying to figure out how to win against grown men who have been doing it for years. The NFL gets more impatient every year, but rookies do get better. Sometimes they get a lot better. Terry Bradshaw would never have the opportunity to make the HOF in today’s NFL.
  10. Thursday night football...

    It isn’t exactly apples and oranges. It seems that they don’t want to win so they can put themselves in a position to build a core of talent that they will be able to maintain for a long time and achieve sustainable success down the road. Whether you agree with their approach or not, they aren’t kicking rocks because they don’t want to be there. They believe that the difference between 4-5 wins and 0-1 wins in the short term isn’t worth the value of the picks for the future. Of course with anything else, it comes down to being able to put those picks to work, but when there are so many variables at play, it’s better to have higher picks and more of them so you can take your lumps and still come out with a strong base of talent.
  11. Another moan, this time the media

    Aaron Goldhammer is the one whose career is built upon the Browns being bad. Goldhammer doesn’t make ya laugh and his takes are boring. While he may be unfunny and uninteresting, he’s not stupid. He understands that he still has to move the needle so to speak, so he trolls Browns and buckeye fans endlessly. If the Browns are ever good he will have to play the role of the unfunny boring guy pretending he was rooting for the Browns all along which isn’t nearly as compelling as whipping these browns fans into a froth.
  12. Thursday night football...

    The front office isn’t trying to win games. They’re trying to develop talent and get the best draft pick. Regardless of anyone’s feelings on the matter, it’s pretty obvious that winning is only a concern of the coach, players and fans.
  13. Deshaun Watson torn ACL

    Apparently it wasn’t the same knee, which is good news. I have a feeling as a brown he’d be constantly injured, seems to be how things go around here.
  14. Thursday night football...

    Are we lamenting the fact that McCown isn’t on the team?! Really? He couldn’t win/stay healthy when he was here, but now that he’s had a few wins with the Jets it’s a fireable offense to get rid of him? And Hoyer? The guy who got cut by the only team competing for the first overall pick?!? The collective psyche of Browns fans has been damaged beyond repair I fear.
  15. Deshaun Watson torn ACL

    It’s a tough game. Luckily for us the guy who couldn’t put any kind of talent around Andrew Luck is working for the Browns now /pink text FIFY, your friendly Moderation crew.