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  1. If it's the same Z I'm thinking of it is a good idea to have bail money already lined up.
  2. Pavo Joe

    Mac Speedie enters HOF, Modell OUT

    Thank God no modell
  3. Pavo Joe

    Browns Board Bowl Mania

    By next year hopefully I'll have figured out how to change the confidence points.
  4. Pavo Joe

    Browns new Coach....

    If they hired him knowing he wanted to bring Murmer back the front office certainly isn't catering to the fans wishes. I hope your joking about that. I cant believe it.
  5. Pavo Joe

    Bring back Gholie

    Well he is a Las Vegas Raiders fan now so I can't imagine why anyone here would care about his bluster.
  6. Pavo Joe

    This Week in the AFC North

    My personal theory is that the little vial of Stan has been there for every game since the streak began.
  7. Pavo Joe


    I just placed an order. Earnest Byner is coming to our Hotlanta Browns Backers for the squellers game. Im going to present him with an I Hate the steelers hoodie. I'll try to post some pics.
  8. Pavo Joe

    Attending Browns Bills game

    Seeing as how its such a somber anniversary I'm sure a few tears will be seen.
  9. Pavo Joe

    Attending Browns Bills game

    I will be there too with four other diehards. We are going to The OSU game on Saturday then headed to Cleveland after that ones over"( hopefully halftime) The last trip two of them made with me we beat the bills. I say history repeats itself.
  10. Pavo Joe


    Punches are thrown quite often in games. Can't say I see the two hands to the throat takedown very often though.
  11. Pavo Joe

    What games are you attending?

    The opener for sure. The bills with the squealers four days later is almost to good to miss both of those. The preseason bucs game is also a possibility, but I don't think I've ever been to a preseason game down there without it getting washed out. Oh and of course the home playoff game.
  12. Pavo Joe

    Personal Conduct

    I'm curious on who determines if a post is actually offensive or not. You ??????
  13. Pavo Joe

    Duke Johnson Requests Trade

    While it is true that for a couple of seasons Duke was our best offensive weapon ( hell some games he was our ONLY weapon) I would say that on the current roster he is arguably the fifth or sixth best. From what I understand about the way his contract is structured if the Browns are going to trade him it's in their best interest to do it after June 1. I totally get him not showing up for a voluntary team function to avoid risking an injury and to show his displeasure, but unless the Browns get an offer they can't refuse I don't see him going anywhere soon. Again keeping in mind our current roster I would assume Duke's production could be replaced easily. My biggest fear would be an injury to Chubb, that might cause some regret should they trade Duke.
  14. Pavo Joe

    Ogbah Has Been Traded for S Eric Murray

    Exactly what I was thinking