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  1. Pavo Joe


    I'd be ok with Freddie. He has lots of experience even if it wasn't as a head coach. Josh can stay there. He had his chance and turned it down.
  2. Pavo Joe

    Crowell ... should he be cut?

    I'd cut him if we had to resign Ben Gay as his replacement. Real shame I always liked the guy. Probably easily replaced.
  3. Pavo Joe

    Attending Browns Games 2016

    I live just north of Atlanta so Nashville was on my radar until I realized I would be riding home from Biketoberfest that day. I will however be taking my talents to south beach with Stan and Zombo and most likely be at most home games as I just bought season tickets. ( It's complicated ) With only a three week recovery time in between Miami and Nashville I'm sure Stan will shine, but Zombo doesn't recover like he used to.
  4. Pavo Joe

    Attending Browns Games 2016

    Yes, I have heard either bits and pieces or full blown renderings of a lot of these adventures. I was also in Tampa actually stayed at the same hotel as you guys for that game but I didn't know any of you miscreants at the time. I think Stan and the pizza delivery guy still keep in touch though......
  5. Pavo Joe

    Attending Browns Games 2016

    I have seen what drunken Zombo can do to a hotel room over the course of a few days. I shudder to think what would happen to a whole house...Thanks, but no thanks..
  6. Pavo Joe

    Attending Browns Games 2016

    The success of the Cavs and the rise of the Tribe have gotten to me and given me a vision. Or I drank too much too early yesterday. I'm now a season ticket holder. So I guess I'll be in Cleveland for most games. As well as Miami. Nashville is a maybe right now..
  7. Pavo Joe

    LOL at these Browns Lousy Defense

    Been reading this thread and thought I would make a rare comment. Like many others I have invested a lot of time and money into following this team. I remember watching the 1964 Championship game on tv and thinking that following a winning team feels real good. Before there was Directv I bought a C- band satellite dish so I could search for a fuzzy satellite feed and watch the games from Florida. I wont bore anyone with any more details of my fanship but I will say I have done things to follow this team that a lot of people would characterize as ridiculous. Personally any one who refers to them by any other name than The Browns can kiss my ass. If they are that frustrating to watch, don't watch them. As far as a squeller fan any that come on here deserve whatever they get.
  8. Pavo Joe

    Opener- Titans

    Thanks, HowieDawg. Who again ?????At least I can stumble from point A to point B without getting lost..
  9. Pavo Joe

    50 Years Ago

    I remember watching it on t.v. I lived outside of the blackout area. Remember after the game thinking how easy that win looked and how I couldn't wait till next year to do it again. Still waiting......
  10. Pavo Joe

    Bengirls vs. Browns

    Anyone have an extra ticket for this Sunday before I check out the normal ticket sites ? I've gotta see this one live. Should be a real buzz going on...
  11. Pavo Joe

    Atlanta game

    Saturday 3:30. Ritz Carlton 181Peachtree St NE This is according to the Hotlanta Browns Backers
  12. Pavo Joe

    This Week in The AFC North

    A Squeller fan on a Browns Board getting banned and having his posts erased. Say it aint so....
  13. Pavo Joe

    Places to eat at in Cleveland

    http://www.sokolowskis.com/. The sports memorabilia there alone is worth the trip. Just down the street from Great Lakes Brewery and St. Iggy. Hoyers high school. Highly recommend this [lace.
  14. Pavo Joe

    A little white boy dancing

    At 60 I know I'm getting old, but I danced around just like that in my basement, by myself, with no music. Enjoy this "ugly win' your wish is coming. Wait for it.
  15. Pavo Joe

    Needed-Browns' Board Tailgate info?

    Gipper, the discussion is on going for Saturday night. Right now it is narrowed down to either down town or the 2 bucks,Eastland Inn circuit. Of course that could also change. I'm sure someone will post here when it's hammered out