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  1. thesmartkid

    ??? Who do we want as our QB

    The only Jake that should start for this team in my opinion is Jake Locker. You should draft him...Man is sick nasty for real...
  2. thesmartkid

    Bengals Browns Predictions

    Bengals 39 Browns 6 I see this was playing out as a bummer to watch for Browns fans. Most likely it will be so bad that half of the fans will leave at half-time. Palmer to Ocho and To all day. Peyton gets stopped by Peko and so on. What do you think?
  3. I can't stand the ratbirds and I really hope Mangirly finds a way to spread their defense early and pound the rock when the purple boneheads least expect it. I think you guys have a real chance considering how good Cleveland plays them every year. They are probably over looking Cleveland and I hope it bites them in the arse!
  4. thesmartkid

    Start Colt McCoy !!!

    Got nothing else to really lose so why not give it a try?
  5. 1. Cincinnati 11-5 2. Cleveland 10-6 (Wild Card) 3. Baltimore 9-7 4. Stoolers 8-8 Here are mine Baltimore and Stoolers will lose this weekend and Cleveland and Cincinnati will win.
  6. thesmartkid

    Will Hillis' fumble-itis limit his carries next week?

    I am not going by fantasy football logic dude, this is the first year I have ever played fantasy football. I am a believer in having a big bruiser running back too but that guy has to be able to play consistant without fumbles and needs to be a good alternative to the 1st back. I don't see that with Hillis. Why do you think Jacobs starting to get get such little attempts in New York? Cause he has proven that he can't really be trusted and that's the way I look at Hillis. Why do you think they run Bradshaw so much? Atleast they got some since and by the way, it seems to be working out fine for them.
  7. thesmartkid

    Will Hillis' fumble-itis limit his carries next week?

    Okay, I thought I was done talking about this but you say some pretty foolish things that I want to correct you on. Zero information convinces you that Jerome isn't as good as I say hunh? How about when he rushed for 286 yards last season against Kansas City at there house and set a RECORD? I think one other person has ever done that in Browns history. How about when he went off for atleast 100 yards or more every time he had 20 carries in a game? What else do you want? Just incase that's not enough, heres a link for you to see this guy run when given a chance. Apparently you need a different prescription for your eye glass lenses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCbtxeJzP-k And you think Hillis can play like this? Joke lmfao Oh, and while your at it, check out the comments from other people, atleast I'm not the only one that's delusional.
  8. thesmartkid

    Denard Robinson comparison to Josh Cribbs

    I have never seen this guy play but I can already tell you he probably will never be as good as Cribbs. College it's easy to look good.
  9. thesmartkid

    Will Hillis' fumble-itis limit his carries next week?

    I do have him on my fantasy team. I was mad he didn't get more carries and he isn't a friend of the family. Call me delusional if you feel and you can say Hillis gets pos yards thats fine, but what does that matter if you can't hold on to the rock? Go ahead and say it(he has only fumbled 3 times in 2 years or whatever i dont care what you say he isn't as good as Jerome. I am done talking about this crap
  10. thesmartkid

    Good luck Seneca!

    Seneca is a good player. I think the Browns get the win this week with him behind center
  11. thesmartkid

    The Browns Will Win Sunday

    You aren't telling me anything I don't already know when it comes to Harrison. I knew he was never the feature back. I just thought that pretty much anyone could see the potential in that guy and should at least give him more carries than a no name in Hillis. I don't really care what Mangirly decides to do with the Browns and the whole time I was writing my past debates, I was actually having a little fun with expressing my opinions. As far as the bad language, you guys were the ones that told me to xxxx myself and talked nasty about my mom. Tell your buddies to watch their language too, I guess.
  12. thesmartkid

    Will Hillis' fumble-itis limit his carries next week?

    In order for a 2 back set to properly work and be efficient in the NFL, it requires two things... 1. A GOOD running back 2. A GOOD running back The problem is that Cleveland only has one (in my opinion) If I were the coach, I wouldn't try to copy other teams by having 2 backs in this situation. You know why? Because Harrison is the best back on the team and plenty good enough to win games consistantly & put up big numbers. Why sit him on the bench? I know I'm not the coach and never will be, but I can say that if I ever was I would send Peyton Hillis to the practice squad. Either that or let him go. Davis would be my #2 guy.
  13. thesmartkid

    The Browns Will Win Sunday

    True, very true but hey, what can i say, GO Jerome I will be mad if he actually gets some touches this week because I had to bench him on my fantasy team. Too much risk with Mangirly coach. The sad thing is that I picked Jerome in my fantasy league with Forte and Arian still on the board. Ouch, what a mistake
  14. thesmartkid

    The Browns Will Win Sunday

    Brown will lose if Hillis gets the start, you can bet your as* ON THAT. iF THE SHITT* bucs defense can make him cough it up, imagine what glenn dorsey and derrick johnson will do to him
  15. thesmartkid

    Will Hillis' fumble-itis limit his carries next week?

    Delhomme should be benched, he suc*s too him and hillis are both terrible