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  1. dab7291993

    Gordon is out for year. damnit.

    This just maximizes trading out of the top ten receiver range. If our defense can't win us games, people are gonna flip about not taking Sammy or Evans..especially if they both pan out.
  2. dab7291993

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Meh, I don't like the pick. But we are a run heavy offense, if he can become a game manager with a bit higher ceiling than Hoyer it won't be bad. Let's see what happens I guess, at least it wasn't at four and we picked up another 1st next year.
  3. dab7291993

    10 Biggest Busts Today ?

    I'd say for the Evans argument, that relationship might be the other way around. He may have made JF look better. Also, that is one of the worst written articles I've read all pre-draft season.
  4. dab7291993

    "nobody could cover Andrew Hawkins"

    Wide Receiver is a position you can't be too deep at. There really isn't a position that you can be. We have one good wideout right now, Hawkins is a nice slot guy but we need a #2 I wouldn't say we don't need more weapons. I'd love a TE as well somewhere in the first 3 rounds
  5. dab7291993

    Tom Savage

    People who don't like Bridgewater confuse the hell out of me. What is it about a guy throwing in no pads, a t-shirt and shorts that makes people so stupid in either direction?
  6. Bridgewater probably isn't falling past 15.
  7. Sherman has a distinct play and a distinct accomplishment behind that contract. He can say I made the play that clinched the Superbowl berth. He was part of the defense that shut Peyton Manning down for a Superbowl win. Joe Haden doesn't have that, at least not yet, so he doesn't have that leverage.
  8. dab7291993

    Official NFL Draft Discussion

    Gordon was very far from being a complete receiver too. Cameron didn't hit right away either. Obviously receivers need work, very few are complete WR's coming into the NFL, it's up to coaching to make that happen. Evans doesn't have to go over the middle and I'm pretty sure he'll adjust. Watkins would be great, but Evans is not a bad consolation prize.
  9. dab7291993

    Official NFL Draft Discussion

    Evans isn't a bad option if the only elite player left is a LT. You don't want to tie first round money into a RT. Having 3 6'3"+ guys on the field at the same time in Evans, Gordon, and Cameron..someone is gonna have a mismatch. I want Watkins over Evans as well but I'm not really sure we'd regret taking Evans. I don't get you calling Mike Evans one dimensional, he's a 6'5" guy who is an above-average athlete for his height, and has good hands...sounds like the sky is the limit for a guy like that, especially with guys like Ben Tate, Gordon, and Cameron taking attention from him.
  10. dab7291993

    Wasn't here last year so a question....

    Early in the college season that year, Mingo was a lock at #1 for a while. After his numbers weren't equivalent to the previous year he dropped some. I thought it was a good pick, it was a pick that was so..not Browns like I felt like the tide was turning. It wasn't that often we drafted freak athlete projects, for a while our picks consisted of guys we expected to produce right away. Us not starting Brady Quinn was actually surprising to me.
  11. dab7291993

    Official NFL Draft Discussion

    You make a good point. "BPA" is definitely subjective. Teams should feel no problem taking the player they want, but if they feel the risk is worth trading down and maybe missing out on a guy is worth the return you get for trading down + still getting a 1st round pick and having another one, that's not too bad either.
  12. dab7291993

    Hyde at 26?

    Hyde would be a great addition, I feel like RB's are very attainable in later rounds. RB corps are starting to be compiled with specialty guys. Hyde is an every down back, that I'd love to have. I feel we have more pressing needs at 26 and 35, but I will root for Hyde wherever he goes. I just hope to God it isn't in our division. I feel like at least one of our first 3 picks has to be a defensive player, especially if that player is the BPA. No defense is ever complete, and standout players and athletes make defenses that much better. Anyone who thinks Thomas was a wasted first round pick BETTER not be someone who thinks we should have taken AP.
  13. dab7291993

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I think a QB should be taken with the 2nd 1st rounder whether it's 26 or we trade up. I like Mike Evans, Khalil Mack, Watkins, and of course if we took Teddy I would not be that mad.
  14. dab7291993

    Teddy Bridgewater

    Show me the stats that prove Manziel is an efficient QB in the pocket. He definitely bails from the pocket more than any other high-profile QB, which is a terrible quality for a QB.
  15. dab7291993

    Who should we take with the second pick?

    Dennard will be gone IMO. I wish it were guaranteed we could get Hyde with our 2nd rounder. I'd love to get that guard from UCLA with that 2nd first rounder.