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  1. Riffer X

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I think reality has set in even more, or the fact I have done some drinking while working on the house has gotten me more depressed about this. It's been building for a few days now, as it usually takes time for death and sadness to set in for me. Not sure exactly why, but I have been thinking more and more about the times I had with Stan, Kathy, Ed and Alexis to name a just a few (not even getting into the tailgates). I have a great wall of text to write that is coming soon to go along with some of the great memories here from other friends and posters. Rest in Peace my brother and good man, you will be missed but never forgotten. Kudos to Zombo for everything he is doing and has done for the board in general. Same for Mark O. Also kudos to my good buddy Flugs (one of my best friends in life I met through this board), who broke the bad news to me. The reality of this sucks, hard. Sorry to be a Debra Downer.
  2. Riffer X

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I will be glad to pitch in for Kathy, the board and whatever else. Thanks for letting us know about everything and sorry for your loss along with everybody else who was close with Stan. He was a good dude.
  3. Riffer X

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Horrible news. Way too young, man.
  4. Riffer X

    Pittsburgh Shooting

    Best wishes to our Western PA brothers and sisters.
  5. Riffer X

    Finally! Official From Brown's Game Fired......

    Crew for Pitt game (minus our boy Hugo) R- Carl Cheffers U- Barry Anderson DJ- Hugo Cruz LJ- Gary Author FJ- Land Clark SJ- Eugene Hall BJ- Greg Meyer Replay Official- Charles Stewart Replay asst.- Jim Grant
  6. Riffer X

    Finally! Official From Brown's Game Fired......

    This should just be the beginning of getting rid of the incompetent refs. I would like to see an independent sort of grading system similar to PFF instituted for these crews rather than just the league itself. They need to be held accountable rather than just vague apologies and admissions before moving onto the next game and raping of the Browns. The reffing is as bad as it has ever been. These guys are making arbitrary decisions and creating rules as they go while missing glaringly obvious calls. Despite all the rules changes and deviations, these players nowadays are basically committing penalties on almost every play. Football is now played by grabbing people rather than delivering forearms, and the habits are so ingrained in these guys that they are perpetrating some form grabbing and pulling on every play. The most penalized teams is an ambiguous stat. It is not the amount of penalties, it is the timing and severity. Teams like Pitt basically are coached to push the limits each play since the refs can't throw a flag every play, therefore they are going to be among the leaders and Tomlin will be crying while he is on the committee lobbying. The NFL has been sweeping this stuff under the rug for a long time, but it is getting so bad now that fans aren't just letting it go by the next game. What Hocker-lee and his crew did to the Browns this week was egregious. They literally said it was okay to go head to head, which completely belies what the league is trying to eliminate. They did that while reversing a call they already made. There should be discipline for that, but he is a disciple of nepotism so he will surely get a pass.
  7. Riffer X

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    Most of these were cheerleader shots and panoramic views. Last one is a screenshot of Flugs and I during the Baker fumble right before half in section 131. My a$$ is still sore from the ref raping, but great time nonetheless. Most Bucs fans were pretty cool and thanks to Larry, Zombo and Mike for the hospitality amongst others. BTW, Tampa can feel free to sell friggen beer before 11am on Sundays. I live in Jax Beach now, which is quite different than Jax itself.
  8. Riffer X

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

  9. Riffer X

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Test......I got some kind of notify that I wasn't allowed here no mo.
  10. Riffer X

    Orlando Brown Jr

    Orlando Brown was one scary ass, DC motherfucker. EVERYONE was afraid of that dude. Triplette is lucky he didn't eat him. If he could see he probably would have. Remember "Get the LowDown with Lomas Brown" radio show on KNR I think? Just another check collector to come crawling through C-Town. Good stuff on the kid, Flugs. Intriguing.
  11. Riffer X

    Vagitron Survival Challenge

    Oh Christ Vag, color me shocked that not only are you an annoying Pittsburglar from Ohio who thinks every Teeler player is the bestest, but you are also a Libtard. C ya by, I will certainly miss how the backup long snapper the Teelers picked up is regarded as a Hall of Fame talent around NFL circles. Later man!
  12. Riffer X

    Die hard

    I am sure he is pissed off somewhere. Hopefully.......
  13. Riffer X

    Anyone getting warmer on Bosa after last night?

    Are you the kid that was talking about how Bosa was pulling a Clowney and fucking off all year so he didn't get hurt? You can pretend that Paul Kruger and whoever else turned into suckage on their own and that it has nothing to do with this Pennsylvania high school mafia of coaches all you want, but the facts are Tiamatti or whatever the fuck his name is could coach this team better.
  14. Riffer X

    Anyone getting warmer on Bosa after last night?

    You do realize that Billy Winn has played for the Indianapolis Colts this year (or are you referring to practice squadder Dylan Wynn) and that our draft pick's name is Shelton, right? Do you also understand that when you start using the little 1, 3 and 5 tech stuff in your lexicon that it really means dick? It means dick as much as scheme any more. Got news for you book certificate or box of Cap'n Crunch title holders of football knowledge, schemes are almost all hybrid anymore. Guys line up anywhere on the line, which is why we have seen Des Bryant, an absolute 43 five tech or 34 3 tech when we signed him, line up over the nose a bazillion times since he has been here along with everywhere else. Bosa would play anywhere they put him and kick ass. Hopefully, he won't jump offsides like a Retard moron that he impersonated last night.
  15. Riffer X

    Gilbert inactive

    Complete joke. Our 14 million a year man has barely played and when he has he has been abused like a red headed stepchild. Then the guy who was supposed to be the stud on the other side is a worthless POS that the coaching staff despises. They need to trade Haden in the offseason if possible. He is around a 14 a year cap hit through 2019. As far as Gilbert goes, maybe the new staff coming in can do something with him.