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  1. chubb

    Pathetic State Of Browns Fandom

    I'd like to see them poll blue collar beer drinkers over 40 years old. Completely different result!
  2. chubb

    Pathetic State Of Browns Fandom

    Younger generations have seen nothing but crap football from the Browns. Can you blame them? If we didn't have NE Ohio locked down on this map then I'd be concerned. Why should some young kid from a far away state give a rats ass about the Browns? Plenty actually do, just not enough to win over any counties outside of Ohio. This map is actually pretty interesting but you can't judge the entire Browns fanbase on it.
  3. chubb

    Pathetic State Of Browns Fandom

    Dude... it's based on Facebook likes! There are so many other factors that could affect these results. The biggest one being that Facebook is typically used by the younger generations (which have seen nothing but shitty Browns football), and pretty much means that a HUGE GIGANTIC PORTION of older fans/non Facebook members have no input on this. COME ON SON!
  4. Have you been to the Real Cavs Fans forum? http://realcavsfans.com/forums.php Cavsfanatics is the worst forum on the entire fucking internet. I got banned from there and found Real Cavs Fans afterward. Not only is it not run by Nazis but the members are WAY MORE knowledgeable.
  5. chubb

    Big Baby

    I didn't hear his name called but I specifically remember him being in on some plays
  6. chubb

    Colt McCoy - Arm Strength

    The under thrown deep ball to Mo Mass (that went through his hands) was a result of Colt not being able to follow through on his throw. If he did, he would have surely smashed one of his fingers on the helmet of the defender that was in his face. If you can, go back and watch the replay and you'll see that he pulled up early to avoid that, which was a pretty smart move if you ask me. There was also another deep ball that came up short because the ball slipped out of his hand, probably because it was ice cold. That's 2 out of maybe 3 throws over 30-35 yards where you really can't say that it looked like he lacked arm strength. The good thing is that we know Daboll will be calling those deep balls in the next 2 games to evaluate that arm strength so it should be exciting to watch.
  7. chubb

    Matt Roth Wants Out

    I wonder if he has a Roth IRA.
  8. chubb

    Video: Josh Cribbs as Miss Cleveland, lol

    Oh god, best post I've read in a long time
  9. chubb


    what the mother loving fu*k
  10. chubb

    Anderson engineered another win

    PAY THE MAN!!!
  11. How is the Beer Sphere in last place? Forget about the fact that the can would blow up after throwing it. Meh
  12. chubb


    I logged on for the first time in well over a year to say that this was amazing. The middle finger out of nowhere may have been the highlight for me. I can also say that the guy in the first video could not be any more douchebaggish.
  13. chubb

    Browns Coordinators Named

    It bothers me that all these guys used to work together. I hope he's bringing them in because of their ability and not their relationship.
  14. Umm... the Browns. It's a known fact that the Browns have the most wide spread fan base in all of football. There are Browns backer bars all over the world.