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  1. 7moses7

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    Let’s see you slap a female cops ass , you must also be a dumbfuck
  2. 7moses7

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    Yea what he said! !!!!! What a dumbfuck !!!!!!! Time to cut ties .
  3. 7moses7

    So, who would you pick as the next HC ?

    Robert Saleh from the 49ers is my guess to be the next HC. Ed Dobbs from the Colts to be next GM . If Josh McDaniels was going to be the HC he probably would have been given the job after his interview. Saleh seems to carry a hard nose attitude that this team desperately needs. Its possible that he would bring assistants from the 49ers on the offensive side.
  4. 7moses7

    Pay Hunt. Period.

    That’s just stupid
  5. 7moses7

    Rumors regarding new uniforms

    They are going to wear clown outfits until they start winning again 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
  6. 7moses7

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Play calling was terrible
  7. 7moses7

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Hell no!!!! Bills total meltdown 2nd half of that game
  8. 7moses7

    Grading the 2017 Browns Draft

    1 more reason the Browns suck every year , their drafts have been beyond awful
  9. 7moses7

    Grading the 2017 Browns Draft

    Yes I fixed my response
  10. 7moses7

    Grading the 2017 Browns Draft

    F grade . Garrett was a no brainer , the rest of the draft was a big turd
  11. 7moses7

    The 'Who you watching?' 2020 thread.

    Would be totally satisfied if the Browns could move OBJ to a team like the 49ers for a first or second round pick. This team doesn’t need his Diva attitude and would send a message to let the team know the bull shit won’t be tolerated
  12. 7moses7


    Not sure they could sign McCarthy today if they haven’t already interviewed a coach to satisfy the Rooney rule
  13. Pretty much sums it up. The Coffee Fetcher failed.
  14. 7moses7

    Mayfield..cant handle fan chatter..

    Mayfield = Attention Whore
  15. 7moses7

    Mayfield..cant handle fan chatter..

    Attention Whore