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  1. How about Hunts long TD , looked like he tried to shake his hand instead of trying to tackle him
  2. He isn’t the first player to get paid then lay down and won’t be the last
  3. 7moses7

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    Trade deadline is gone , hey and besides Collins got paid so now he can just lay down
  4. 7moses7

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    Good thing we didn’t trade Jamie Collins he doesn’t have any fire to make tackles
  5. 7moses7

    Coming up from WV for Chiefs game.

    When you leave take Hillbilly jimmy Haslam back with you dump him off in one of them there hollars
  6. 7moses7

    wtf do we do at WR?

    No team wants that locker room cancer , especially the Browns who just started to clean out their own cancerous crap
  7. 7moses7

    Brandon Marshall

    Prolong his career why? This season is over let’s play the young kids and see what they can do
  8. 7moses7

    wtf do we do at WR?

    Baker had 2 good years at Oklahoma, who did he throw to there? Where are they now?
  9. 7moses7

    Hue fired

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!! See ya Uncle Fester!!!!!!!
  10. 7moses7

    Fire Hue now!

    Tye Lue is available
  11. 7moses7

    Des Harrison

    1st and goal from the 1 Chubb up the middle gets hit before he gets the ball the interior line and fullback Ray Charles gets blown out
  12. 7moses7

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    I agree so Hue Jackass has some one to blame
  13. 7moses7

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    He talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk
  14. 7moses7

    so who do we take at #1 next year?

    Can Dorsey fire Jimmy first??????