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  1. You are an idiot!!!! Real men don’t kick, punch, push or in any way abuse women . If that’s your opinion to kick the girl harder then you must be a real puss bag and not much of a man
  2. 7moses7

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    Trade Ogbah to the Cowgirls, at the rate they are getting suspended they won’t have any DL to start the season
  3. 7moses7

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    Traded to the Memphis Express for Billy Manziel 😳🧐🤡
  4. 7moses7

    Browns Sign TE Demetrius Harris From KC

    Amazing how this team has been GARBAGE since Kosar and now every little move Dorsey makes people on this board want to nitpick.
  5. Duke has his bags packed, he’s just waiting on a phone call. His place on this team became expendable once OBJ came in
  6. 7moses7


    Really!! Dude is 35 , Dorsey isn’t bringing in someone that old.
  7. 7moses7

    Free agency begins March 11

    BBC going in to Tex as
  8. 7moses7

    What about (backup) QB?

    Uncle Fester ‘s boy just got cut. AJ McCarren, Chucky must have seen enough.
  9. 7moses7

    Browns Shopping Duke and Ogbah

    Duke won’t get a chance to perform here, Ogbah under performed. Dorsey is doing the right thing just let it play out.
  10. 7moses7

    Browns Shopping Duke and Ogbah

    Both Duke and Ogbah are expendable, Duke will get less touches following the big trade and Hilliard is more than capable being a backup till Hunt is ready.Ogbah played his way off this team with his non production
  11. 7moses7

    Is Dorsey making his move THIS year?

    At his next press conference Dorsey should do his best Rock impersonation “ IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING “
  12. 7moses7

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    ............and what size fleece jacket do you wear????
  13. 7moses7

    Earl Thomas Signing with Ratbirds

    Thomas looks like a reach , not a Dorsey kind of move. A 30 year old player coming off an injury doesn’t look right, maybe a lot of smoke for something else brewing elsewhere
  14. 7moses7


    Dorsey knows he has to build up the defense if he wants to get past Kansas City and beat the Patriots
  15. 7moses7

    Is Dorsey making his move THIS year?

    Ole Buddy Boy!!!!!! WOW !!!! Talk about a man on a mission Can’t wait for the season to start , we haven’t gotten to the draft yet this town is ready to explode!!!!