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  1. 7moses7

    Unfortunate but not unexpected

    LOL. Creepy Joe will cave to AOC and the Squad and run this country down , just watch and see. Will find it amusing after 4 years of Kameltoe to hear all those people who’ll say that they should have voted for TRUMP!!!!
  2. Baker Mayfield has got to make those passes
  3. Horrendous play calling to start a game
  4. Baker so inconsistent, 2 weeks off this offense is pathetic
  5. Sleepy Joe doesn’t remember what he said yesterday, let alone 2 months ago.
  6. This team is fool’s gold, OBJ is best as a decoy, his double team leaves someone open. Although our inconsistent QB will miss the wide open TE as evident yesterday, or said TE will just plain drop the ball. Hubbard was constantly pushed around, Hollywood didn’t appear until 4:00 left in game. Now that Garrett appears to be injured I see 2 players left Harrison and Hunt.
  7. Trade Njoku for a U tube video on how to play defense
  8. This defense has no discipline
  9. Baker’s first pass to a wide open TE , rookiesk
  10. 7moses7

    This Is What It Looks Like

  11. 7moses7

    The Next POTUS- Kamala Harris

    She is afucking joke , just like the Democratic Party
  12. 7moses7

    ***Browns Vs Bengals OFFICIAL Gameday Thread***

    Time to earn your paycheck Cheesecake
  13. 7moses7

    Baker Mayfield

    If Cheesecake doesn’t step up his game today then it maybe time to play Case
  14. 7moses7

    Baker Mayfield

    He is nowhere near as good as Andy Dalton
  15. 7moses7

    Baker Mayfield

    Is Don Strock available?????