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  1. Heard about this a week after it happened. Very disturbing
  2. Yeah, and look where that got him.
  3. blowe

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Kenny Britt is bad for my health
  4. blowe

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    I want to rip Kenny Britt's Shmucking head off and feed it to my dog
  5. blowe

    Muslim jokes

    So a Muslim walks into a bar and.. BOOM!
  6. Similar to alcohol there are some irresponsible users. So Colorado opens the door to legal marijuana first and all the abusers flock to that state. Show me nationwide statistics in other states that have legalized it. Show me a trend between LEGAL marijuana use (because illegal use is still happening and should be disregarded) and homelessness, and then I will hop on board. Legalize it everywhere.
  7. blowe

    Do We Have Free Will?

    I'm gonna need you to pass that joint so I can get on your level of irrational thought and rambling, man.
  8. But the data source was Harvard. So unless you think they are straight up lying I don't think the source can be overly questioned
  9. blowe

    Thanks Vlad !

    Spaceeba comrade.
  10. blowe

    Somewhat 'interesting

    The real question is not what's what, but where do we go from here? I can't see another news source breaking into the mainstream without serious money behind it, and with that money would come influence and corruption so we are right back where we started. The other option is alternative news, which seems even more slanted than mainstream news. The answer is for people like you and me to read as many sources as possible and to critically think. I doubt 90% of America can do that effectively. So we are stuck in a nation of rage filled idiots. The hatred out there today on both sides of the aisle has me really bothered.
  11. blowe

    Somewhat 'interesting

    It's not fake news. It is incredibly slanted though. I think the two have become synonymous
  12. blowe

    Somewhat 'interesting

    There are plenty of examples both ways, yes, but the ones that have a liberal bias are main-stream. Not fullammorightnewssavethebabyjesus.com
  13. blowe

    Somewhat 'interesting

    I usually just lurk here because I don't enjoy arguing online and I consider myself "middle right" politically, but I check probably 20 news sources per day and the bias seems pretty ridiculous. I would not doubt what she said in the video
  14. blowe

    Somewhat 'interesting

    "I don't doubt stuff like this is happening" Then how could you possibly call it conspiracy? Unless you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist