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  1. hoorta

    Sports Talk Radio

    The majority opinion around here is if you like listening to Cowherd crap all over the Browns in general and Baker in particular, we can't help someone with weird tastes much. Rich Eisen is my choice early afternoon.
  2. hoorta

    Trading Up Predictions

    Not enough. Draft value chart says it will cost the Browns their third, fourth, and a fifth- just to get to the bottom of the second....
  3. hoorta

    Trading Up Predictions

    As Gunz said- a LOT more.
  4. hoorta

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Sorry- we're only a little over 1\2 way to 1,000 pages. You know what's here Mike, so don't read it if it bothers you that much.
  5. hoorta

    Trading Up Predictions

    Regarding Smith. You can bet the ranch he won't play this season. May be career over. His leg was shattered, he still had an ilzarov device on months after the injury.
  6. hoorta

    Free agency begins March 11

    Gaines resigned...
  7. hoorta

    OBJ tweet today

    Seriously- the guy was on vacation IN EUROPE. Any of you want to be fielding dozens of calls and a few hundred texts when you're on vacation? Didn't think so.
  8. hoorta

    Nice article re: "Bandwagon Fans"

    I told my friend and co season ticket holder (his health isn't the greatest) selling his share of the tickets on StubHub or NFL Ticket Exchange just got a hell of a lot easier. Back in the 0-16 season a few games or 20 yard line seats didn't sell, and it got so bad ticket exchange let Browns fans list tickets for less than face value. Several games that did sell he got 30 cents on the dollar for them. And personally- I'm tired of being surrounded by fans of other teams because other season ticket holders weren't even bothering to show up for the games...
  9. Exactly what I was trying to tell JG when he still thought we could continue the spending spree on Lang and possibly others. Our cap space in 2020 is not going to be good. One thing I will say is in the article, he might be conservative at how much Baker could demand when he comes off his rookie deal. Hopefully, he'll be like Brady and take a sub-market deal to pay the rest of the team. Rodgers is already getting $30 million+ this year.
  10. hoorta

    So who wants Burfict?

    To give the Steelers a chip shot from the 17 yard line. Yup, I knew that part of the story- we don't want Pacman either. It's possible Jones is even worse, but IIRC he's out of football now.
  11. hoorta

    So who wants Burfict?

    And for those who might have forgotten- ol' Vontaze was a major contributing factor to one of the Bengal's playoff losses- tried the Headhunter Harrison method on Antonio Brown for a 15 yard penalty with 90 seconds left in the game... "This was a disgraceful performance by the Cincinnati Bengals. An ugly performance by one, Vontaze Burfict - @7BoomerEsiason — CBS Sports PR (@CBSSportsGang) January 10, 2016 That goes on the head coach in my opinion - @CowherCBS on Vontaze Burfict at the end of the game — CBS Sports PR (@CBSSportsGang) January 10, 2016"
  12. hoorta

    Baker Mayfield bats left handed

    But we got Kameron Wimbley!!!
  13. hoorta

    So who wants Burfict?

    I already commented in the Bengal thread Steve, just no and HELL NO. Suspended a couple times already for PEDs, couple more for on field BS. A hothead you don't want anywhere near the Browns, even at vet minimum.
  14. hoorta

    Browns are America's Team

    Hey, he's better than that other Goober Cowherd. EDIT: Cowherd is a Jim Rome wannabe- minus the class.
  15. hoorta

    Baker Mayfield bats left handed

    As a climber, congrats Haloti, great way to go out...
  16. Yeah, we are #1 in active spending for this year, my bad. I fixed it. That means what we spent in total.
  17. hoorta

    Bell to jet’s

    You won't even see them in the top 25. Cleveland all the way down to #52. http://worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities/
  18. Yeah, we're #1 in the league in active cap, and #7 in dead cap all of a sudden. No one can accuse Dorsey & Hasalm of being cheap. I don't get the dead cap though- I thought when you traded a player, the contract went with them. Obviously not- on our end because of Zeitler, and the Giants took a huge hit on OBJ. And we're not gonna have a lot of room to spend money next year either, 4th worst in cap room. For that guy who thinks we should just cut guys to free up cap room, he should take a look at who we might cut, only Kirksey jumps out at me as a significant savings.
  19. hoorta

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    No shock here- expected. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001023144/article/bengals-releasing-vontaze-burfict-after-seven-seasons Bengals will take best LB on board in April with their first round pick- bank it. And no, we don't want him anywhere on the roster!!!
  20. hoorta

    2016, 2017 Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang

    That's why Dorsey signed OBJ and Vernon in the first place. He (apparently) saw enough talent to go for it now. Once Baker and Garrett come off their rookie deals, we're looking at $100 million (at least) contracts to keep them. That's what the rollover cap money is for. JG needs to take a look at how you have to do things when you have a consistent winner- and a franchise QB- that would be the Patriots. To pay Brady ( and I assume this is his Golden Parachute deal) $25 million+ you have to scrimp and save elsewhere. Not like the Browns who have $31 million tied up this year in OBJ and Landry alone. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-england-patriots/cap/
  21. hoorta

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    You planning on taking over for Rappoport? Not entirely surprising if true...
  22. Only posted here if you have the stomach for it. I only watched the first couple minutes.
  23. hoorta

    It's true, Cowherd hates the Browns...

    And just for an opposing viewpoint...
  24. hoorta

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    As you well know jb- the Bengals have the biggest fairweather fanbase in the NFL. Wining- it's GREAT!!! Start losing, and they (at least 95% of them anyway) all hide under their rocks. I can say to my great satisfaction I was at the inaugural game at Paul Brown where the Bengals thought they'd christen the new stadium with an easy win over the hapless expansion Browns. Except it didn't happen that way.
  25. hoorta

    It's true, Cowherd hates the Browns...

    Sure, expectations are high- as they should be. And not just Cleveland fans. Bunch of other sportscasters picked the Browns to take the Division at this early date. Vegas way shortened our odds. Let this naysaying talking head try to piss on our fun. He still hasn't recanted he was dead wrong about Baker either. We live up to our expectations, it will be freaking hilarious to watch him double down, and squirm. Dorsey is being realistic, we look good on paper. I'll second that. But as for the Browns not doing anything YET- the Steelers did very little so far this off season- and FYI Colin- they didn't make the playoffs last year either.