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  1. Oooohhhhh, now you're trying to tell me there's something called a "conscience". Please spare me the BS that just inherently knowing right from wrong came out of nowhere. There's quite a few people throughout history that didn't know, or care about the difference.
  2. I'm not equating them... But... my original point being.... (that Woody conveniently sidestepped).... Woody essentially says.... homosexuals are born that way.... without any definitive proof. By the exact same logic- is it a stretch to say pedophiles\voyeurs are born that way? Sociological consequences not withstanding. And it doesn't hurt anyone if they're consenting? Just occurred to me, it might be "consenting" but in some (maybe most) instances the person on the receiving end of sado-machoscism can and does get physically hurt. Hmmmm.... Ignoring what I said Woodster- that's your POV from your personal view of morality. Millions of people happen to disagree with you there. And it's not just Christians. I believe Muslims take a rather dim view of it too.
  3. I could point out the difference between the two, but I'll pass. I realize now it would be like talking to a brick wall. Why stop there? We have Hindu, Buddhism, and a few other flavors if you don't care for the first two... (and I do know a thing or two about Hindu and Buddhism) I can see enough now arguing in this thread that both you and Cysko have the same POV, and that's OK. I'll just point it out to you in a different way that OBF just did. If you reject God\religion- that frees you to set up your own morality code of right\wrong. You can view morality through your very own personal lens. (thanks Bishop B. for jogging my memory) Those religious nuts hate anyone who's different. Sorry to tell you most religious folks don't, there's always a few extremists that give the silent majority a bad rap. I was taught to "love the sinner, hate the sin". Essentially you're saying what some of these folks are doing isn't sinful- because without God, sin doesn't exist. Just governmental authority saying you can't go around shooting people you don't like, and blowing up buildings.
  4. You forgetting that's a myth too, like Noah's Ark? It's not a slippery slope Woody- just the eventual conclusion of the way "acceptance of other lifestyles" is going to wind up. And we have to have equal understanding of pedophiles as anyone who's a homosexual- they don't have any choice either- that's where your "consensual" argument blows up. Sarcasm intended.
  5. And bestiality doesn't harm anyone either. (except maybe some sheep.) See where it doesn't harm anyone argument eventually winds up?
  6. As one of my friends often said when that came up- "If you're right, and I'm wrong, what have I lost? But if I'm right and you're wrong- what have you lost?"
  7. And I can regale you with stories of Jupiter and his wife Juno. If you're into myths. Some of us happen to feel religion isn't a myth.
  8. LOL, you're making it sound it's "Gospel Truth". The pedophile community fully endorses that sentiment. Aw gee, but that's different somehow? I may grant you homosexual tendency- but that's about it. Not buying the argument you have no control over your sexual orientation. Some of us have been around long enough to see the LBGT community is constantly pushing the envelope as to what's socially acceptable- or not. Right now, I don't see where it's all going to end up. "Just leave us alone, we're not hurting anyone." OK, but those that have a religious bent equally have the right to express their views. I'll give you just one example. Abortion is still legal in the United States, but Catholic hospitals have the right to say "great- you want an abortion? You just can't have one here." I happen to think by extension, you can refuse to bake a cake for a homosexual couple, they could have gotten a cake at dozens of other bakeries- but they got bent out of shape over it, and decided to make an unholy issue over it. I happen to know a thing or two about cake decorating. Bake your own, and you can write anything you want on it for your Nazi pals. (It's not that hard, and doesn't require any special skills) BTW, when the Internet was young, it was said the first one to bring up the Nazis had already lost the argument.
  9. Hell has a one way gate, it only swings inward. once you're inside, there's no way out. One of the great Catholics mystics that actually got a vision of the place said- pretty amazing a lot of the folks inside thought it didn't exist.
  10. I'll tell you the Bible story of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Short of it is, Rich Man died after ignoring the beggar Lazarus, and went to hell. Lazarus died and went to heaven. Rich Man sees Lazarus and asks God to send him to his brothers to tell them to behave better- so they won't wind up in hell. God tells Rich Man- they have the prophets to listen to, and even if he sends one back from the dead, they're probably not going to listen to him either. So, as I've heard it said- if you believe, no explanation is necessary- if you don't, no number of explanations will be enough.
  11. I won't comment on if there's a link between a genetic tendency to sexual orientation. Of course- depending on which side of the argument you're on, it's probably certainly, or certainly not. darn, I had to wade through 8 pages of threads before I felt I could answer you. This a Q & A from a YouTube Bishop Barron does every Monday. If you've never heard of him- the guy is incredibly brilliant- he's read and can quote from every philosopher from Plato and Aristotle up to the present day. Knows church history and world history inside out. If I had a vote, he'd be the next Pope. Google him if you'd care to. So here's your answer Woody. Per the good Bishop. The Bible isn't just one book, it's a compilation of a bunch of books written by different authors, at different times- for different audiences. Would you read an autobiography of Winston Churchill with the same viewpoint as say Mary Poppins? (Barron used Dickens' Tale of Two Cities as an example, but I've never read it. ) So yeah- based on current scientific knowledge, some of that stuff didn't happen- like the world being created in seven days, Noah being able to cram every living creature on one boat, (then God altering the laws of nature changing the refractive properties of water to create a rainbow after the flood.) Oh, and Jonah living for a couple days in the belly of a whale. I'm not sure, and others can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never heard of historical evidence a bunch of Israelites were allowed to leave Egypt after Moses performed a few miracles that that scared the crap out of the Pharaoh. You'd think it would have been recorded elsewhere besides the Bible. Does that make everything that's there a fairy tale? Certainly not. That this guy named Jesus actually lived is alluded to several sources that weren't christian. The Apostles and Paul were so convinced he was actually killed by the Romans and came back to life they were willing to pay with their own lives on their conviction of that fact. One or two guys having delusions? I'll let you buy that- but dozens? Bible said around 72. So deny it at you own risk Woody. Too many appearances to a few people afterwards, and strange happenings up to modern times. Like Padre Pio- who had the wounds of Christ for years. This isn't ancient history- Pio died in 1968, was examined by many doctors- with zero explanation why those wounds were where they were- and why they never healed.
  12. This boiled over from the other thread. I didn't like Obama because I didn't like 80% of his policies, not because he was the wrong color.
  13. I didn't feel the need to- and I didn't vote for Obama either. Just because I didn't post here much during his terms didn't mean I was in love with him. I was violently opposed to the ACA, FWIW. Yeah, I thought Bill Clinton was scum too. Hillary didn't get elected in part because she was carrying too much of Bill's baggage along with her. All- make that "most". I think you know who the real Trump butt sniffers are. Those guys are so blinded they can't see clearly.
  14. To alter a little bit what Mora said- "Constitution? Did someone say Constitution?" What's that- I've already skirted around separation of powers a bunch of times, you think a piece of paper is going to stop me? Just being 1\2 serious there. I do hope the Donald will go peacefully in January of 2021. My gosh, reading that article- the man is delusional.
  15. I don't frequent here often enough to know that sort of stuff Woody, but Gorkster getting banned previously doesn't surprise me. (only reason I'm hanging out here it's it's deadsville time in football until training camp ramps up) Yeah, I have enough Mod powers that I could kick him off for excessively obnoxious behavior, but this is Brother Steve's forum not the BB, so I'll let him decide on what's acceptable & who stays and who goes.
  16. Regarding prayer. If you're going to grant Christian prayer, I suppose you'd have to give equal time to the Koran, or the Hindu Upanishads. I think Woody's confusing homophobia with disapproval of a certain lifestyle. Sure, I've known at least one gay guy, and several lesbians. They're OK as people, but I don't particularly agree it's right, or normal. I'm sorry if I happen to think mutilating yourself because you think you're the wrong sex is pretty mentally ill. That parents would actually encourage it is scary.
  17. LOL, it took you this long to come to that conclusion? I had him pegged after a couple of his responses to my posts.
  18. OK, you're being rational, there's damn little of that around here. I give Trump an A+ for getting two conservatives on the Supreme Court. Everything else? Meh, to bah humbug. One word on tax cuts- great if you're a millionaire, and don't give two shits on how it's ballooning the national debt. Hmmm, all of a sudden crickets chirping on that front. And about that Infrastructure promise? When he stomps out of a meeting with Pelosi like a two year old because he can't get his way on something else? Seems the only infrastructure he's fixated on is his stinking border wall. Grow the F up already Donald. Regarding the 2016 election, MHO is that's the only reason Trump was elected. Donald was the more palatable of two horrible options. (there were around five other Republican candidates I liked way better) If the Dems had put up anyone besides Clinton or crackpot Bernie- they likely would have won. MY POV is Trump has deeply divided- if not outright destroyed the Republican party- and he's in big trouble come 2020. Unless- the Dems come up with a chicken in every pot platform, like free college for all, and Medicare for all- without talking about the tax price tag (can we say a trillion or so?) that's going to entail. To show you my level of disgust with Trump- I've been a contributor to the RNC since 2000, when Hillary was running for the Senate in NY. They're not getting another dime out of me until DT (yeah, sometimes his antics remind me of a guy having dts) is gone.
  19. I say you MAGAS are a waste of my time. Why I'll take a temporary exit from this political nut house of Trump butt sniffers. So far to the right here apparently moderate Republicans who aren't overlooking Trump's many flaws aren't welcome.
  20. Nice religious talk there Diehard. LOL, takes one to know one. Did I hurt your feelings pointing out Trump's little affair with Stormy was against God's law? One of the reasons I don't post here much- too much name calling, and MAGAs who think Trump can do no wrong. If I wanted to bother, I can dig up plenty of Old Testament stuff in Leviticus about sin offerings and such. The Israelites weren't the only cultures way back that offered animal sacrifices. The cult of Moloch even had adults sacrificing their kids, in case you didn't know- it's where our word immolation comes from. I can go toe to toe with anyone when it comes to religious debate, but then again, I try not to wear my religion on my sleeve. Waste of my time.
  21. Keep in mind, this is Jesus Christ saying this–in the Bible that all Christians own and cherish. Don’t take my word for it; look it up–it’s all there. So now that we understand that he fully supported what’s in the Old Testament, let’s take a look at what he actually just commanded us to uphold. Yup, got it. If you want to be hard core about it, I'll let you look up what Jesus said about adultery. If we hold to Old testament Law, probably 30%+ of the adult population in the United States should be taken out and stoned to death. & ROTFLMAO we can start with one Donald Trump.
  22. Exactly Cal- there's a truckload of Old Testament "laws" that are obsolete. Except for some religious cults, even the Jews don't sacrifice animals anymore. Tons of Sabbath laws that don't hold water anymore- some may recall Jesus upbraided the Pharisees when they complained his disciples were picking grain on the Sabbath against Rabbinic law.
  23. It depends on how aggressive (or not) this issue is dealt with Woody. Regarding that UN stuff- it's background noise that no one is hopefully going to take seriously. The folks on the right in denial are grasping at any straws they can find to contradict the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. So let 'em believe whatever they want- I've said it before. MHO is Cal's being hopelessly optimistic about the world's carbon reserves. I'd bet at current consumption rates, they'll be gone inside of 100 years. Really- we're already offshore drilling in two mile deep water, and up in the Arctic. The oil hungry anti-environmentalists want to drill in the AWR, where it's a godforsaken swamp in the summer, and a dark 40 below zero pit in the winter.
  24. Cal- that's not what I'm saying. The extreme Greeners are a joke in my book too. I just don't see this as a democrat\republican issue. The market will correct itself eventually, by force. Carbon fuels aren't limitless. I always take the long view. It took hundreds of millions of years to lay that stuff down, and at the rate we're going, it's going to be used up in less than a millennia, a mere blip in the cosmic time stage. For sure, the Ice Age happened before humans got involved in the equation. What happened there? WE DON"T KNOW. I did posit an asteroid hit that hasn't been tracked down could well have caused an "ice age". Sure, CO2 levels are part of the equation- but are they the only part of the equation? Do we have to do something now, like the end of civilization as we know it people are saying? MY POV is it doesn't hurt to take some steps to mitigate what we're doing. Not just throw all the financial burden on the USA. Don't put words in my mouth guy. Go pound salt on that one. I find it hilarious that you'd bother posting something feebly attempting to prove something "scientific" from your POV from a guy with an agenda that's one step away from a flat earther. I've said it before, believe whatever the hell you want to- it's not going to affect me, or change in the slightest whatever may, or may not happen in the next 50 years.
  25. We had a lot more plants millions of year ago, but guys just love bulldozing rain forests so they can plant crops.