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  1. ODS..... You sure have a fixation on a guy who's been out of office for years.... Let me give YOU a definition Cal since you're confused about it- and it applies perfectly to Trump..... A quack is a "fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, qualification or credentials they do not possess; a charlatan or snake oil salesman". ... In the Middle Ages the term quack meant "shouting". ROTFLMAO... Trump apparently got his medical degree from Trump University- you know, the one that got shut down? Man DT surpasses Lincoln in honesty- um.. not exactly .... "Trump University was also the subject of two class actions in federal court. The lawsuits centered around allegations that Trump University defrauded its students by using misleading marketing practices and engaging in aggressive sales tactics. The company and the lawsuits against it received renewed interest due to Trump's candidacy in the 2016 presidential election. Despite repeatedly insisting he would not settle, Trump settled all three lawsuits in November 2016 for a total of $25 million after being elected president." He sure does shout a lot of medical baloney though... You can inject that lysol anytime DT.....
  2. Already did twice. You think its crap, I'm not wasting my time posting it again, so I'm not going to bother (and not in the mood) listening to you spew the same ODS again. Your problem is you can't admit Obama ever did anything good for the country.
  3. Keep reading Cal.... I'll take Gorka's MAGA BS point by point. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm listed in a published scientific article, regarding human plasma. So I can detect crap when I see it. #1 The Henry Ford study. You f**king don't argue the validity of your study in the local news. They even so much as admitted Fauci was right as rain to question their study. #2 The Texan? No double blind, and we may have submitted a paper for review. We gave workers at risk of covid hydroxy. You probably missed the distinction between the meaning of "may", "does", or "will". I however, didn't. #3 Reno Dr Fong says it works in HIS opinion. Nevada Community Health Department says he's touting a limited sample size at best, and is full of crap at worst. But. But, but you didn't try my exact protocol. Sorry, but we did. About zero luck there. Nope, no emotions Cal. The science says Trump is a Quack. The bar moves as the science moves. It won't hurt people to take it, but prescribing aspirin will be about as effective in 95%+ of all cases. But you Quacker Backers still hold to the tweeting of Cheetos Jesus, while the deaths increase, and DT would rather play golf instead of actually dealing with the problem. PS, the medical community says remsdivir has some use in treating covid, so why isn't President Hydroxy demanding it's production be ramped up? Wasn't his brilliant idea?
  4. Could it possibly be people aren't interested because when you come right down to it- it's a phony season, protests or not? I found plenty of alternate things to do Sundays in "The Dark 3 Years" of no Browns football back in the late 90s. Can count the number of NFL games I watched in that time frame on my fingers. The same may well be happening now.... My not so bold prediction. NFL viewership will be down by a ton if they try and play this fall. I'm seriously thinking of cancelling my Sunday Ticket to watch whatever the Browns may dish up this year, and hope the local OTA guys carry several games. Or hope my financially secure pal doesn't cancel, and invites me over to watch the games....
  5. Well DUH- ya know I read the John Hopkins data too.... Let's see a five day moving average before you cream your pants, or on your Trump poster...
  6. A few studies. wow.... With no double blind follow up.. but keep grasping at the outliers, just like Trump. That's all they (and you) got at this point... I certainly am not in the mood to quote all the gold standard studies saying that's a bunch of hooey.... And now Fauci has an agenda too? The conspiracy runs deep among MAGAs.... Regarding early treatment- I've already said- show me the double blind where those early treatment folks wouldn't have recovered anyway using um- aspirin, or I'll get fancy- furosemide.
  7. I'll be as straight forward and as objective as I can, I'll let Tex chime in if he feels necessary. I can't read Trump's mind- but it goes back to what I already posted. DT can't admit that he's ever wrong- about anything. Well he's wrong- and this is getting so bad, it's near time to invoke the 25th, and call for the guys in the white coats. Frankly, it's getting embarrassing. Again- I can't post it because the video won't copy- but it's damn documented- DT has said at least 22 times "it's just going to go away". Even if I allow you all the right wing conspiracy crap that "the numbers are inflated"- any person who has a 1\2 objective view of the covid situation knows "it's NOT just going away". In reality, it's getting a lot worse- and Fauci just said so. Because of the millions of asymptomatic carriers we now have running around in the country. There's a thing called "Magical Thinking", and that's what Trump is currently doing. (and has been for months) I have no idea why he latched onto some backwater papers and ran with it full steam ahead. It's going to work, because I think it's going to work. Whoops, I didn't know Dr. Alien was a Quack... Please Gorka, get a dose of reality. There's a litany of Trump excuses. "I was just kidding", "I didn't know" "I never heard it" White Power anyone? Blame China, blame anyone, except- the thing that might make some Lincoln Project fans soften their view against President Quack- two words that aren't in his vocabulary. "I'm Sorry". I'll hearken back to "it would be a beautiful thing if we had the Churches open for Easter". Now it's "opening up the schools would be a good thing" in the face of going on 5 million covid cases, 155k deaths and counting. The man lives in the alternate reality world of Trump- and it's dangerous- to my health, and yours.....
  8. Because there's morons (how many millions on his Twitter feed?) out there who still actually believe Trump knows what he's spouting regarding hydroxy? It has zero to do with TDS, and everything to do with following the reccomendations of Doctors like Fauci and Birx, instead of the Quack in Chief, who fancies his medical knowledge surpasses theirs. Nah, the only person who's "PATHETIC" is President Hydroxy, not Birx for telling the truth Quackie doesn't want to hear. If we're doing a good job leading the world by 2X the number of cases per 100k, I'd hate to see what a bad job is. Keep on kissing your Trump poster though. Is Devil sperm for sale? It's a yet untapped market.
  9. 1) I'm certainly aware there may be financial incentives to up the covid body count, and not saying it doesn't happen.... Having worked in the Medical Field for years- the reimbursement game is something hospitals and insurance companies have been playing for decades... If the hospitals are getting more $$ blaming it on a (iffy) covid death, you think they're not going to do it? 2) That's the major problem with this bug- the spectrum of what happens with infected individuals. Anywhere from- you don't even know you have it- to dead... PS- glad you recovered. That pericardial sac around your heart doesn't have much give in it- as I'm sure the doc told you- build up enough fluid in it, and it can squeeze your heart hard enough so it stops beating....
  10. hoorta

    Speaking Of Opening Up Schools

    Fortunately, it appears most School Board Superintendents have more sense.... DT is confusing "immunity" with "less severe, or asymptomatic". Let's get those asymptomatic kids back in school, so they can go home and kill Mom & Dad or Grandpa & Grandma...
  11. True, but he's still pushing it even though the evidence shows it's largely ineffective. But do site Doctor Devil Sperm Aliens Donnie, so who exactly is the idiot? You're running out of straws to grasp DT. EDIT: I've said it before- that's Trump's major flaw- he can never, ever admit he's wrong about anything. Despite very circumstantial original evidence (based on SARS\MERS), he pushed hydroxy as being a "game changer"- and doing so, sent the medical community off on a wild goose chase wasting valuable research time to see if he was actually right. For the record- he wasn't.
  12. Got a link? As I mentioned to Steve, just keep on keeping up the conspiracy crap. I'll even spot you 50% of the deaths are "phony" which they're not. That's still more than the body count in the Vietnam war.
  13. Brother Steve, it's all relative. Sort of depends on your POV, no? There's conspiracy theories on both sides of the fence. If you're not a hard core MAGA, Trump makes himself a very easy target to take pot shots at.... What I don't believe is those covid numbers and other related virus stuff is all just a left wing plot to take Trump down in November. I'll even spot the righties 50% of the corona deaths are overstated- that's still more deaths than in the VietNam war.... Honestly, I was a little amused earlier in the day walking into my local Kroger's, and I saw a guy coming out shouting a string of F-Bombs because the security guard made him go back to his car to get his mask.... At least until we have a vaccine, in a lot of places it's no mask, no service... From your standpoint- I agree that a few bad apples not following the rules forced that 10 PM curfew on booze. Our local biker bar a mile from my house being a pretty good example...
  14. You'd be saying AGAIN it's all BS ( I apparently have a better memory than you do) about the stuff you think about Obama's GREAT accomplishments - so why should I go down your right wing rabbit hole AGAIN. Been there once, BUT IT'S A DAMN WASTE OF MY TIME doing it AGAIN with someone with a severe case of ODS.... Believe me, I got your message loud and clear months ago- and it's not going to change... FREAKING BROKEN RECORD... OBAMA, BAD, TRUMP, GOOD... Yeah- I don't like wasting my time.... Yeah- I don't like wasting my time.... Yeah- I don't like wasting my time.... (finally got it?) talking to brick walls that love conspiracy theories- just like Trump.
  15. MAGAs getting pretty desperate around here....
  16. Sometimes I have to wonder why I even bother responding to a broken record. Hundreds of wonderful things Trump has done? I'm surprised you didn't list getting out of bed in the morning, and watching Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity kiss his ass on Fox.... But go ahead and have selective MAGA-VISION on why he's in big trouble in November. His dozens of nicey-nicey things he's done don't cancel out his epic failures in several areas. Yeah- add in a fair percentage of the population who think his "wonderful things" suck out loud, and are opposed to them. I've already heard your apologetics for a bunch of them- and I'm not about to waste my time again beating a dead horse over it.... I really liked his response to Hannity about his vision for the next for years though- "Why, you get four more wonderful years of ME!!!!!" How's that 30%+ economic downturn sitting with your wonderful things Cal? Needs a bit of updating- but blame China for it. Yup, you always got excuses- just like Trump. Regarding the Constitution- I have my doubts Trumpie has ever read it. Or you already forget his change the election date ramble? That he can't do without Congressional approval- and even his Republican pals told him to STFU about that idea.... EDIT: And why won't I list Obama's accomplishments? Because I already went down that rabbit hole once, be it Obamacare, or the environment- I've already heard your right wing Google enhanced spew about it. I don't need to hear it a second time.... Hey- Google "Trump Asshole" and see what comes up- it's pretty easy to do. As easy to spew unfounded undocumented Obama hate....
  17. Fish lives matter...
  18. Since you haven't responded with some knee-jerk crap, and bring up good points, I'll respond in kind.... THE absolute major problem is Trump loves himself (pick X number times) more than he loves America. That means you and me. And he can never, ever admit he's wrong- about anything. Fauci has. Now he's got support from a Witch Doctor (thanks to a million views) who wants you to believe Devil sperm is a problem on top of covid.... Some radicals want to defund the police (sure enough)- which Trump is playing up for everything it's worth. Funny how we need to send in the Feds in Portland- but it's A-OK for armed righties to protest in Lansing, saying the Governor should be hanged, and open up the state. Michigan is now open- and you have the freedom to die MAGAs. Your assault weapons don't stop covid- though Trump may want you to believe that... So give me a break there. The abortion thing is problematical for a bunch of us moderates.... BUT any MAGA who wants to claim Trump has the high moral ground against Biden has been snorting too much of Donnie's butt gas. Trump is 100% phony on abortion- look up where he did his switcheroo.... What kind of country do I want? One where the President will admit there's a pandemic going on that's killing people by the thousands, and not retweet some voodoo medicine... Where's your plan Donnie? Other than "it's just going to go away"? The guy is a total quack in that regard, and it's going to cost him big time in November. Oh- one where the president isn't a racist either- Biden is on to something. Three former presidents were at John Lewis' funeral. Trump? Nah- I got better things to do with my time. Couldn't even take 30 minutes out of his busy day to (at least) pay his respects when his body was at the Capitol... Speaks volumes... My 0.02? He well could be a closet racist playing to his White Supremacist pals, (aw, I never heard that from the Silver MAGA Parade in Florida) or he's a vindictive small minded toad going tit for tat because Lewis didn't attend his Inauguration.
  19. I'll start it- since it's started. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001102223/article/browns-new-gm-cuts-cb-tj-carrie-three-others https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/02/browns-first-cuts-what-they-mean-who-they-help-and-whats-next.html
  20. I know it hurts your MAGA feelings SO bad when anyone points out a few negative things about DT. Oh, there's a growing opinion on pure evil, and it currently resides in the White House.
  21. I'm glad it did. MHO is the drug is cheap and readily available. In malaria endemic areas in Africa you can even buy it OTC. If you contract covid, and want to take hydroxy, by all means do so. Just realize it probably won't help much.
  22. Weak. And definitely on topic because Vambo thought it was nasty Grandpa Joe hugging kids. Haven't heard of Biden paying off porn stars though. Want me to post a picture of Donnie with Ghlisaine and Epstein? Trump wishes her well, probably because she knows something Trump would rather not be made public.
  23. And it's possible massive doses of Vitamin C could have had the same result. Glad you recovered, but the whole thrust of that "paper" was early use of hydroxy + azithromycin had positive results. OK, great. Where's your double blind telling me those folks wouldn't have recovered anyway if they had been given sugar pills instead? If you bothered to wade through all the Newsweek comments (I did) there were plenty of folks with equal credentials calling him out for lone wolf unsubstantiated BS. You have to go by preponderance of evidence. BTW, Harvey's specialty is CANCER epidemiology. So go site some uncontrolled instance in Brazil Harvey- damn miracle. If it was so great, one of the world's covid hot spots (outside of the United States) should have been totally under control by now. But they're not, I wonder why. It's called grasping at straws- that means you Red State. When 49 out of 50 studies say it doesn't work, just harp on the one outlier that says it does. Trump even retweeted (until everyone took it down) the Witch Doctor devil sperm chick who said hydroxy cured 300+ of her patients, and you don't need masks either. Tell that to Herman Cain. Whoops, can't- he's dead.
  24. Antifa + yep, more conspiracy. Gotta watch out for those Right Wing guys posing as antifa. Doesn't happen? Better wake up. Biden "defund the police" Trump would want you to believe it... Because Barr is now a Trump puppet? 150 1k deaths- and Trumpie is in D-Nile Big Time... Let me give you a little history according to Donald- and you think Biden is addled?????
  25. I guess those politicians who used to kiss babies are all pedophiles too.... More than one way to take those photos.... Hi Stormy- Hi Ghislaine...