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    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    Yeah, it's a pain trying to get rid of his crap on a tablet. Fun stuff tomorrow. A trip to Total Wine to stock up for the Tailgate, then meet Flugs and Russ at Quaker Steak & Lube later to catch the Ohio State game.
  2. hoorta

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    Shhhh... Don't tell Mark. Two years ago I was the runner up in the Survivor Pool picking the team that was playing the Browns. Thinking of going with the team playing the Cardinals the rest of the way out. BTW, I have the Falcons this week, just because it will piss off our banned troll Saquon nut hugger. I'll put as a race to the #1 pick between the Giants and Cards.
  3. hoorta

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    It's a losing proposition trying to talk with him. As I predicted in a reply to Tour he just ups the BS until someone takes the Flamebait. You got hooked. I'm even starting to delete replies, because those who have him on ignore still see his crap when you respond. Pretty sure Zombo kicked him off again. Now he's on a big martyr complex that the nasty Mods are picking on him.
  4. hoorta

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    I've even started deleting replies to the Troll. There's a reason it was 3:1 that the Board wanted him gone, but not surprisingly, he's still here trolling away.
  5. hoorta

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    I only caught the lowlights.... Doubtless Tour was cringing watching his guy put up a major stinker....
  6. hoorta

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    Some folks would disagree about that assessment... And it's a hell of a lot warmer there in the winter than Ohio. Nice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there.
  7. You probably would miss the fact that to be suspended, Gordon would have had to be tested? Right, the Browns would be dumb enough to have him tested right on the spot, so he could get kicked out of the league, essentially for good. After all they had done to keep him on the field. Josh may have dodged the career ending bullet. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. He's gone for good, so get over it, and stop fantasizing over what might have been.
  8. ROTFL- Gordon has been suspended HOW many times, and you want to call him reliable? Hey short attention span, it was just this year Josh skipped training camp "to get his life together". Then he shows up Saturday before a game at meeting (late) and claims he has a hamstring owie when he was fine in practice the day before. And the coaches thought he "was not himself". Read that they thought he was stoned. It was past time to tell Josh to take his act elsewhere.
  9. hoorta

    Potential trades

    Not really- depending on how old you are. You just might have told her to get out of your sight, and see what the lesbians are up to. When\if you ever have friends\relatives that went through a nasty divorce, you'd understand.
  10. hoorta

    Potential trades

    Nah, Dorsey is scanning Hollywood, and is bringing in Atom Ant.
  11. hoorta

    Navorro Bowman

    Regarding the bold Tour- no he wouldn't. After 20+ years, I know his act far too well. Just like his pal Rich4Eagle who (thankfully) doesn't post here anymore- Ghoolie will escalate the BS until someone takes the Bait. I saw some of the residual turds on replies that Mark missed- get ready for more of the same when he comes back (and he will)- and even more strident. I lost a reply Tour, but from now on what I'm going to do if someone quotes him is- the Ghoolie garbage is going to get deleted with the comment "Content deemed inappropriate by Moderation Crew." I understand your position, and I agree. Those MG posts were inaccurate flaming. I'll draw the line where IMHO that poster isn't giving an opinion, but flat out flamebait. Damn, this is one persistent troll. I'd hoped he'd figure it out by now he's wasting his time. Z laid out the ground rules before the season and they're being ignored. He's currently gone, and if he starts up again, he's gone until me & Z get back from Tampa. Sure, there's another guy who thinks we shouldn't have traded Gordon, and Po had a man-crush on Barkley, but that stuff not only had a different tone, but in some cases level of frequency.
  12. hoorta

    Navorro Bowman

    Oh, I agree.... The problem Tour is us Mods can't put him on ignore. Sometimes he throws garbage up there so fast we cant keep up with it, unfortunately. I like Ag's idea- for every post we have to delete, it equals a day timeout. I think I'll PM him with the new rules...
  13. hoorta

    Active Roster WR's

    Some guys just are fixated on Gordon's long past great season. And forget about his numerous suspensions. He's one screw up away from another indefinite ban. Dorsey & Company obviously weighed the pros and cons of hanging on to Josh, and decided it was better to move on. Those screaming we shouldn't have traded him don't know the reasons, and I have to believe they were pretty good ones. Didn't exactly look stelar against KC Sunday night either, 5 catches, 42 yards.
  14. No, you don't have a special set of rules for one player, who apparently can't even follow them. Josh was given more chances than any player I can remember in Browns history, and he ran out of mullgans. Dorsey wants players that are reliable, and Gordon was anything but.
  15. I don't. Actually sort of like the guy. Though he can be a board hog- in a nicer way than you know who. LOL, never met a college QB he didn't like. He's over on "the other place", and I occasionally drop by there for a visit. Oh, I met up with him once- and you wouldn't scoff if you ever saw Shep's daughter. Smoking hot- seconded by my nephew. Several guys I'd welcome with open arms here, and all (AFAIK, or can remember, memory is getting foggy in my old age) of the posters Stan permanently banned here are also long gone over there. BTW, our resident Troll has been kicked off there twice, and the last time, it was for good. Their Mods have a low tolerance for BS.
  16. It's what I've been preaching to the guys who have the hots to make a trade for a WR- any WR. That's the problem with the posters sarcastically making the SB comment. After getting blown out by the Chargers- the Browns are definitely not SB ready, and probably not even playoff ready. OBJ or Cooper aren't enough to push us over the top- MHO. Ten games left, 7-3 at the worst, for those interested in the Browns making a playoff push. Looks like Dorsey isn't much interested in players (Burgess) who can't stay healthy.
  17. hoorta

    Jackson contemplating retooling the OL

    We really don't need another Troll around here Gip. Oh, I've just been doing a little housekeeping in this thread. Cleaning up some of the past turds Ghoolie has dropped stinking up the place. Maybe I can get Zombo to hit the Red Nuclear Button (that I don't yet possess) and with one push- delete everything the Troll has ever posted. If you've been following along- the Mods as a group are tired of his crap, and have been so for a good long time. This is it, Fort Pitt. There's going to be serious consequences if someone can't 1\2 act like a normal human being around here and not a Flamebating Troll. If he wants to call up his buddy and say the Mods have it in for him- well, I happen to have his buddy's cell#, to give him the lowdown.
  18. As Darren just said Breshard Perriman first round pick formerly of the Ravens who had dropitis. If you were referring to Gregg Little.... One of our many second round WR draft busts. Originally drafted in 2011, before you hit this board. Great size, great speed, but couldn't catch a cold. Along with other WR busts Mohammed Massaquoi AKA Massive Drop, Brian Robiski AKA Slowbiski. And a host of others.
  19. You know what I think? None of the above. First, it's going to take at least a couple weeks to get anyone we potentially would bring in up to speed- and that means 1\2 the season is already gone. What? Just to win maybe an extra game or two? Some of those guys are pricey, Dorsey's not going to pay for. Rookies don't get traded by the teams that drafted them unless they positively suck. There has to be a huge Red Flag on Dez Bryant, or some team would have picked him up by now. So, I suppose if you just want a warm body on the roster, he's the best short term solution, on a rest of the year contract.
  20. hoorta

    Jarvis Landry

    Whiny butt is going to be on a short leash when he comes back. In fact, he's going to get a PM from the Mod crew telling him to stop wasting his time posting BS trolling just to get a response. It will be gone the second it's seen. Ditto anything that looks like a profane comment written by a drunk sailor on shore leave. The vote was about 3:1 that the Board wanted him gone, and he's ignored it. There's other great & respected posters that have thought about leaving- solely because they can't stand his crap. I'm not going to let that happen, and if he thinks he can use this board as his private toilet to take a dump on whenever he chooses, were not going to let that happen anymore. As I'm sure all are aware, the only reason he's not permanently banned (as he is on every other Browns forum I know about) is because he begged the Board owner to let him back on- and I really wish he hadn't. This Forum will get along just fine without his pollution.
  21. Well, hell. Never rains but it pours. I might have to change my mind about making a trade. Who's left? They're almost going to have to move Duke out to WR. & for those who say we should have kept Josh- 5 catches 42 yards against a relatively bad KC defense last night.
  22. hoorta

    What would have happened if...

    Expect an official apology from the League office after they review the tape. It's not going to change anything. What's happened is a lot of the long time highly respected officials have retired. But it's been pointed out some of the long time officiating crews (the leftovers when the good guys retired) are the ones most frequently responsible for making some of the bad calls this year, not the new crews.
  23. hoorta

    Potential trades

    Regarding Cooper, he has a fifth year option on his rookie deal for $13 million. Yeah some guys say it's only money. If you watched Hard Knocks, the Browns already have said machine...
  24. hoorta

    A Case For Hue

    I'm happy to report, for a reason I can't explain my Mod Powers have been mysteriously upgraded...... Ghoolie's leash just got a lot shorter.
  25. hoorta

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    STs, bitch, bitch, bitch. There- you happy? Going from atrocious to mediocre is improvement I suppose. And the crisp tacking was unobservable....