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  1. Baker Mayfield Thread

    ^^^, or can Darnold fix his mechanics and fumbelitis, Allen his accuracy, and sorry Tour- I worry about Rosen's ability to stay healthy. Mayfield- Darnold, Darnold- Mayfield Thursday night. The others need not apply. I can live with Rosen if that's the choice. Just no to Allen- & I hope Lamar Jackson isn't in the discussion.
  2. Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh either. But my dislike of Allen as a prospect has nothing to do with Cal. It involves watching 5 complete games of his, and a hard view of the stats saying the odds are stacked against Josh to be another Elway. If he gets there, great. But the possibility of him winding up in the Boller or Ponder class of busts is far higher.
  3. Dorsey pre-draft presser

    Could it be the "control freak" learned something when he got booted out of KC? Or is it the leopard can't change his spots? Stay tuned.
  4. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    Ditto being a season ticket holder (and a traveling one on top of that- Houston & Indy last year) Mike & Steve but I have a different view of the parade. Sure the players got their feelings hurt, they were trying as hard as they could. Try harder this year, and rub a few $100 dollar bills on your bruised egos. Sorry, your best wasn't good enough, not even close. Don't want another parade? Win some games this year.
  5. Baker Mayfield Thread

    You haven't seen Po's 50 pages worth- in three different threads- of Barkley love and board rebuttal? There's hundreds of dollars and other miscellaneous bets he won't take that Barkley will not be the Browns pick at #1. Get your top QB first, and if Saquon isn't there at #4- it's no big deal. You take the best defensive player on the board instead- Chubb...
  6. Browns Schedule Thread

    Probably will make the trip again Gip. The Space City BB set things up pretty well. I'll assume they're booking the same hotel, if it was any closer to the stadium, it would be in the parking lot. Was pretty reasonable too.
  7. Browns Schedule Thread

    WHY? They gave the Steelers a bye the first game...
  8. #1 Overall Pick Trivia (Short)

    Sorry Gip, I'm not going back to the days of Jay Berwanger.... I doubt anyone else will either. #1 overall SB MVP Aikman? There, I'm done.
  9. Well, as the original board wino, I had a vacu-vin once upon a time, didn't like it. Here's why. When you create a vacuum on top of wine, it sucks all those nice volatile aromas out of the wine into the vacuum too. LOL, most bottles don't last long enough around here for me to do multiple tastings out of them. If I was going to try and preserve a great wine, I'd get a can of compressed nitrogen (same principle as those really pricey Cruvinets). The really old (20+ y.o.) wines I have start changing the minute you open them. I do have a bottle of Kenwood Sonoma chardonnay that's been sitting in the 'fridge for a week or two. I don't worry about the everyday swill $10 Cline Old Vine zinfandel I keep lying around when the wife wants something to drink while she's watching House Hunters International. Draft Day I'll probably stick with some 2013 Napa Cellars "V" (their top of the line) Cabernet I got at a massive post off sale. Nothing like getting an $80 wine for $25 bucks- and it tastes like a $80 cab. If I hear any QBs name that isn't Allen or (unlikely) Jackson at #1, it will be time to break out the Diplomatico or Lagavullin.
  10. Tank Carder Question

    Had to think for a minute, but way back our training camp sensation Ben Gay.....
  11. Twilight Zone (Spring 2018)

    I'll take this sequence- 7, 11, 13.
  12. Bucky Brooks, Walter Football other offenders in that regard. "Dorsey likes big, big armed QBs". Right, just like Tyrod Taylor.
  13. Another mock (CBS Sports) with this brilliant (not) insight. The Browns will draft Josh Allen at #1 because last year Dorsey drafted another cannon arm quarterback in Pat Mahomes....
  14. Pick Six

    Hmmmm....Eli Manning didn't want to go to the Chargers either....