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  1. hoorta

    Elf come back?

    Well, look who's on the Season Ticket Id's & the pass they're handing out for freebies..
  2. hoorta

    I'd take 5-11 this year..

    You're only going to get $5 beers at bars outside the stadium. Beers were $10 last year at First Energy. I heard Jerrah was charging $100 for parking when the SB was in Dallas.
  3. No way in hell, as others have said. He wants double what any other RB is making this year. He wants more than a bunch of QBs, and every top DE\pass rusher. I'll give you a different scenario. Think the Texans would trade Clowney or Watt to the Steelers (who both make far less) for Bell straight up? Heehee. Just fun to talk about a guy who has an extremely inflated value of what he thinks he's worth. The Steelers problems should make you very happy Gip.
  4. hoorta

    You Missed this, No?

    LOL, actually- not when they're playing the World Cup. I figured something was screwy when they announced the locale. Summer in the desert? Oh boy- wanna play soccer in Qatar then? I looked, normal high 93 degrees, frequently 110+. But in December- low humidity- rarely gets much over 75.
  5. hoorta

    You Missed this, No?

    I will find you a very nice Riesling or Gewurztraminer. Watched a lot of the final. That kid Mbape is going to be something special.
  6. hoorta

    You Missed this, No?

    Seems there was a stunning lack of interest in trivia this time Gip. So I guess it wasn't missed much.
  7. This is from ESPN earlier in the year Gip- MHO Le'veon has an extremely inflated notion of his "value". Last July, Bell turned down a long-term contract that reports said was worth up to $30 million in the first two years because he felt the team didn't value his full skill set. Asked what the Steelers should do this off season, Bell said simply: "Value me." "Just get the numbers straight, exactly where we want them. I'm not going to settle for anything," Bell said. "I know what I do and what I bring to the table. I'm not going out here getting the ball 400 times if I'm not getting what I feel I'm valued at." Looking at those Spotrac salaries, there's probably at least 10 guys making less than Bell I'd pick for my roster if given the chance. PS- maybe the Steelers should have signed him to that cap busting salary- a plus for the Browns when they get in cap hell.
  8. If Bell thinks a team is going to hand him a $70 million contract with $30 million guaranteed next year, both him and his agent are nuts. EDIT: Here's the #s from Spotrac. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/base/ Bell thinks he's worth Aaron Rodgers money, and a lot more than Ben.
  9. hoorta

    Steelers writer Ed Bouchette

    Nope, he's a RFA next year. He plays like he did in his breakout year, doubtless first round tender. Browns may even try to work out a long term deal with a lot of conditions that can void the contract- like failing another drug test.
  10. And should you blow out a knee, you're screwed Le'veon. Steelers don't overpay. They were kicking this around on Fox Sports, and he would have been better off taking a long term deal with more guaranteed money than playing under the franchise tag.
  11. Wild turkeys are making a comeback. I've seen them a couple of times on my bike rides south of Dayton. Regarding shooting 'em- a .22 with a scope is a nice quiet solution. (Regarding a .22, I have a story about that one later.) One thing that we've done too good a job of is restoring the Canadian goose population. Back in the late 50s and early 60s- they were rare. Now, there's bike paths along our Great Miami River I won't use- unless there's been a heavy rain to wash away the unavoidable one per square foot crap the flying poop machines have deposited. They won't even get out of my way 1\2 the time. (I've debated with my wife what would happen if I deliberately hit one with my bike) My brother and I used to have a standing joke about "the quality goose gun", an over\under 10 gauge magnum shotgun. I swear, sometimes they're so thick, I bet I could nail 5-6 of 'em with one pull of the trigger. As far as small wild game, I've pretty much tried it all (except goose), and don't much like it. Pheasant is tolerable, but just no to rabbit, squirrel, and duck (yuck). Venison isn't high on my list either. I decided if I'm not going to eat it, I'm not going to kill it. Getting back to my story of the last critter I shot. My pal used to have a farm down near the Ohio River in Indiana with no closed season and no daily bag limit. Went down there with Grandpa's .22 Browning semi-auto that I had just put a 9X 'scope on and I was going to sight it in. Went out back, set a bunch of cans on top of a fence, backed off 100 feet, and was going to plink them off. Just getting ready to shoot- I can't freaking believe it. A quail decides to land on the fence. Ready, aim, fire. Guess I'm sighted in OK. Had Quentin the Quail for Thanksgiving dinner.
  12. hoorta

    Steelers writer Ed Bouchette

    I'm not trying to get out of it, but it will be an indication of how much interest in soccer has increased in the intervening 4 years in the US. I say it's a lot.
  13. hoorta

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    Come on Gip, NFL teams do tank- they're just less obvious about it. Can you agree the Sashi Browns set the bar on tanking? EDIT: How fast we forget the Colts "Suck for Luck".
  14. hoorta

    Steelers writer Ed Bouchette

    Gip knows damn little about foot-ball. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44809493 I'll even predict I'm gonna lose a bottle of wine over this. If the Brits had made the final- I'd like my odds. FWIW, the underdog Croats have 5 guys that play on major European teams- including Real Madrid. PS: Just found out the next World Cup in Quatar is gonna be in December. Talk about a f-ck up. 10X worse than having Winter Olympic hockey. Can you imagine the NFL having to shut down for a month or two mid season so their guys could play in a tournament? Exactly what will happen in 4 years.
  15. hoorta

    CB Sam Beal worth a 2019 draft pick?

    Yeah, after reading the article, saw how the Giants jumped us in the supplemental draft. Didn't know they reshuffled the order. Going on record, the Browns should have had the first pick in each round.