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  1. hoorta

    NFL exec tells it like it is.

    I happen to agree with 95% of that. With the top college coaches making as much or more as any NFL HC, and even some assistants getting paid $1+ million, but the players get free tuition and room and board. The NCAA thinks that's enough. Even the Olympics got rid of sh-amurisim a long time ago. Only question is how much of a stipend do you pay the top football players. It's sort of unfair- because college football (and to a lesser extent basketball) pays the bills for a lot of other collegiate sports, and some of those aren't even scholarship level. Chew on this one for a second... "The NCAA's new March Madness TV deal will make them a billion dollars a year" https://www.sbnation.com/college-basketball/2016/4/12/11415764/ncaa-tournament-tv-broadcast-rights-money-payout-cbs-turner Regarding college ticket prices- yup. Nutso. I have a friend who has season tickets to the Buckeyes- and not only are her seats (which aren't as good as my Browns tickets) about the same price, she has to pony up a couple thousand every year to the athletic department for the privilege of buying her tickets. I wouldn't doubt for a second OSU's joke of between the 40s "club seats" cost the wealthy few $25,000 every year to renew them.
  2. hoorta

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Want a raise to beat what Browns got? I'd expect nothing less. $15 million is relatively peanuts....
  3. hoorta

    Trading Up Predictions

    Dorsey did quite well with Callaway in the 4th round, and Avery in the 5th.
  4. hoorta

    Justin Houston Released

    Colts could afford him- we really couldn't after we added Vernon and OBJ. They were #1 in cap space and nobody else was close...
  5. hoorta

    Browns starting corner opposite Denzel

    I don't think even the resident Debbie Downers on this Board have the Browns finishing as low as 6-10. I hope you're being sarcastic about Gilbert- because he's on the Josh Gordon level as a waste of talent. Getting cut by the Steelers- who were desperate for CB help, is all you need to know about his "dedication" to using his talent. Then he gets suspended for drugs.
  6. Thank you Mr. Super Scout... Walter Football doesn't think much of Layne- #35 rated... Justin Layne*, CB, Michigan State Height: 6-3. Weight: 185. Projected 40 Time: 4.50. (4.50) Projected Round (2019): 5-7. 3/16/19: Layne started out his collegiate career as a wide receiver before being switched to cornerback. The junior totaled 72 tackles with 15 passes broken up and an interception in 2018. He recorded 40 tackles with eight breakups and an interception in 2017. Here's Johnson #17. Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston Height: 6-2. Weight: 207. Arm: 33.63. Hand: 8.25. (he'd never make it as a QB) Projected 40 Time: 4.58. Projected Round (2019): 3-5. 3/16/19: In 2018, Johnson recorded 66 tackles with seven passes broken up and two interceptions. He is a tall corner who may have to move to safety in the NFL. As a junior, Johnson totaled 45 tackles with seven passes broken up and two interceptions. Johnson helped himself with a fast 40 at the combine. (4.40)
  7. hoorta

    So who wants Burfict?

    Idiots who didn't want a guy who hasn't played in all 16 games in six years due to injuries and suspensions, and is a problem on and off the field? He fits in well with the Raiders. The Bengals tired of his BS, so we should pick up where they left off? NAH!!!
  8. hoorta

    Trading Up Predictions

    Not enough. Draft value chart says it will cost the Browns their third, fourth, and a fifth- just to get to the bottom of the second....
  9. hoorta

    Trading Up Predictions

    As Gunz said- a LOT more.
  10. hoorta

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Sorry- we're only a little over 1\2 way to 1,000 pages. You know what's here Mike, so don't read it if it bothers you that much.
  11. hoorta

    Trading Up Predictions

    Regarding Smith. You can bet the ranch he won't play this season. May be career over. His leg was shattered, he still had an ilzarov device on months after the injury.
  12. hoorta

    Free agency begins March 11

    Gaines resigned...
  13. hoorta

    OBJ tweet today

    Seriously- the guy was on vacation IN EUROPE. Any of you want to be fielding dozens of calls and a few hundred texts when you're on vacation? Didn't think so.
  14. hoorta

    Nice article re: "Bandwagon Fans"

    I told my friend and co season ticket holder (his health isn't the greatest) selling his share of the tickets on StubHub or NFL Ticket Exchange just got a hell of a lot easier. Back in the 0-16 season a few games or 20 yard line seats didn't sell, and it got so bad ticket exchange let Browns fans list tickets for less than face value. Several games that did sell he got 30 cents on the dollar for them. And personally- I'm tired of being surrounded by fans of other teams because other season ticket holders weren't even bothering to show up for the games...
  15. Exactly what I was trying to tell JG when he still thought we could continue the spending spree on Lang and possibly others. Our cap space in 2020 is not going to be good. One thing I will say is in the article, he might be conservative at how much Baker could demand when he comes off his rookie deal. Hopefully, he'll be like Brady and take a sub-market deal to pay the rest of the team. Rodgers is already getting $30 million+ this year.