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  1. hoorta

    Browns sign Strong

    Big guy. played very little... 6' 2" 220. Only started thee games in two years. No risk signing... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001018472/article/roundup-browns-sign-wide-receiver-jaelen-strong
  2. hoorta

    Antonio Brown

    NFL.com agrees with me- will the Steelers be willing to pay that roster bonus... they're talking a third round pick gets it done. & now Antonio wants more guaranteed money on top of a trade? Let some other team deal with him.. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001018427/article/steelers-gm-antonio-brown-trade-must-benefit-team
  3. hoorta

    You know what's really going to suck???

    Well, well, all this Steeler drama for nothing. Bell isn't going to get tagged. (of course, Browns not interested)... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001018424/article/pittsburgh-steelers-will-not-use-any-tag-on-leveon-bell And as I posited, Vag is full of it if he thinks a high pick is in play for Brown... NFL.com agrees with me.... distressed goods with a lot of baggage... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001018427/article/steelers-gm-antonio-brown-trade-must-benefit-team
  4. hoorta

    Looking back on Bill

    I'll just leave it at that- we just see things a little differently. There's no denying something (in fact a lot of "things") were lost when Modell pulled the rug out from under us... The NFL was unhappy the Panthers and Jaguars got too good, too fast- so they pretty much stuck it to the Browns when they came back. Bad management, with little time to prepare. The young 'uns may not remember Kurt Warner was available to the Browns in the '99 expansion draft- the first of many glaring draft gaffes over the next 20 years. The primary reason the Browns sucked big time in that time span. In fact- the Gilbert\ Manziel fiasco is in serious discussion as the worst first round screw up in history... The new stadium was like a church most of that time and overrun by opposing teams fans. It wasn't until this past season the crowd noise level started approaching what it was in the old place. So let's hope that's all in the past, it's past time for the Browns to make a playoff push...
  5. hoorta

    Cap Space Predictions ....

    That's why I'm saying be judicious spending. We'll be in the same position when Garrett, Mayfield and others start coming off their rookie contracts.
  6. hoorta

    Looking back on Bill

    I think he might have gotten into some trouble over it- nothing major.... I'm sure it's been done plenty of other times, without the fanfare....
  7. hoorta

    Looking back on Bill

    We'll just let Flugs believe the franchise moved, he's hopeless... The analogy I used way back was your corner McDonald's. Building is still there, but owner moved his equipment and employees over to a new Micky D's franchise on the other side of town.. So the corporation took over the old place, and sold it to a new owner- who renovated it, filled it with new equipment and employees... Modell "I had no choice"= lie. He could have sold out to Al Lerner then and there. Nope, he wanted the glory of still being an NFL owner, and passing the team down to his cigar chompin' kid. Nothing short of Divine Justice that he ended up with neither... However, a guy peed on Modell's grave after he died and put it on YouTube... . Should have left some dog poop there while he was at it. So the more irate Cleveland fans got their revenge in the end too... I said when he passed on the family should have had him cremated, because it was bound to happen sooner or later...
  8. hoorta

    Cap Space Predictions ....

    ??? Who you talking about- Zietler? No way. 2020 his cap hit is 1\2 of what it is this year...
  9. hoorta

    Cap Space Predictions ....

    If we're wise, no more than say $30 million. Have to save cap room down the road when all those first round rookie contracts are up.
  10. hoorta

    Looking back on Bill

    At least someone gets where me & Gip are coming from. The young 'uns may not be aware of how hard some of us worked when Modell pulled the rug out from under us (this was before the Internet really took off) jamming the NFL's Fax machines, picketing their office in New York to at least get table scraps. Modell got plenty of death threats, bet that made him think twice about going out in public for awhile. Some Browns fans recognized him eating in a restaurant in (I believe it was) West Palm shortly after, and gave him a full fledged barrage of profanity before they were asked to leave, letting him know on a personal level exactly how the fans felt. Our name, our colors. Best lawyers in Cleveland donated their time to make it happen.
  11. hoorta

    Looking back on Bill

    Then you guys should be glad we not only got our team and new players back, because if it wasn't for those legal semantics- you'd be rooting for the Baltimore Browns or the Cleveland Bulldogs.
  12. hoorta

    Looking back on Bill

    To some here, it's obviously just semantics. But to some of us the semantics make a mighty important difference as to what happened legally . Me and Gipper dealt with Baltimorons for years who didn't know the difference, and now apparently some Browns fans aren't willing to admit there is a difference either....
  13. hoorta

    Looking back on Bill

    And we corrected your error Flugs... Modell tried to take the franchise with him. And failed. Players are not the franchise. Coaches aren't the franchise. Modell had the NFL rights to the the Browns franchise but was forced to relinquish it to the City of Cleveland and the NFL to settle the lawsuit Cleveland slapped him with. Cities like Baltimore, San Diego, St. Louis, and Oakland aren't so lucky. Other NFL cities learned a valuable lesson from the Cleveland fiasco- and when they shell out damn near a billion today to build an NFL owner a pleasure palace, they put a specific performance clause poison pill in the stadium lease that makes is difficult, if not impossible for an owner to break. See Jacksonville as a prime example. They would have been long gone to greener pastures otherwise.
  14. hoorta

    Antonio Brown

    Probably know in under a month. Brown is due a $2.5 million roster bonus 3\17.
  15. hoorta

    Looking back on Bill

    We're not denying some players moved to Baltimore... Players come and go, coaches come and go, Front offices come and go. And in the case of the Ravens and Browns even owners come and go. But the legal entity of "The Cleveland Browns" isn't the players, coaches, or owner. It's "The Franchise" which was granted to- who was it originally- Mickey McBride? By the NFL. In response to Flugels- sure, Modell initially tried to take the franchise along with him to Baltimore- but thanks to legalities (for those who would bother to listen) he couldn't. At least not until his lease with Cleveland ran out. He was obligated by the specific performance clause that he could move everything to Baltimore- but had to play his games in Cleveland. Period. Rather than agree to that scenario- Modell caved in. And relinquished the Browns franchise to the NFL to be held in trust, while he got his new shiny Baltimore Ravens Franchise. So thank goodness for legalities- or the few Cleveland NFL fans that would have remained would have been rooting for the Baltimore Browns.... Maybe had that happened- the NFL would have played nine-nice and granted Cleveland the expansion franchise- the Cleveland Bulldogs. Would you have supported them? I know I wouldn't have.... That's the history- guys. If you don't believe it- I really don't care, but believe anything else- you're buying into revisionist- or misinformed history...