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  1. Garrett Hurt Already

    Yup, I do agree that Kizer should he flop, will be the end of Hue in Cleveland. Please- there are winnable games after the Bengals. Get back to me after the Stripers get killed this Sunday up in Green Bay. Eifert probably won't play, and the Bengals offense will consist of Dalton chucking the ball up to Green who will be triple covered. That's what you get when you let your #2 & #3 Wrs walk out in free agency, and make no effort to replace them. (just like letting your two best OL leave this year) The Jets are "Sucking for Sam" (Darnold). Bears? Don't get an orgasm ove the possibility of Trubisky starting for them Christmas Eve. BTW, I don't see the Browns being 0-4 this year.
  2. Ghoolie Style Bragging Thread

    Yeah I waste too much time arguing with a guy who when he's dead wrong, or trolling just goes LALALALALA.
  3. Josh Gordon

    If he gets reinstated- he doesn't have a choice this season. It would be stupid for the Browns to cut him. He's only due $1 million on his rookie deal- and that probably would get prorated considering he's going to miss some games regardless. That's dirt cheap for the talent level he's flashed in the past. BTW, he's only a RFA in 2018- meaning if he wants to get paid that year- (or go elsewhere) he had damn well better not dog it this year. If he gets on the field, and shows his old form, the Browns would doubtless slap a first round tender on him. Some other team offers him $10 million- the Browns can say thank you very much, we'll take the first round pick and have three first rounders (not counting the three second round picks) in the 2018 draft. Happy now?
  4. PFF Week 3 Power Rankings

    HAHAHA More ignorance from the troll. Why don't you give it up? Your crap is getting so lame it's actually funny. Probably don't even know who the HC of the Colts is. LOL it's going to be a close call who gets fired first- Pagano or Lewis. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2017/9/12/16291658/nfl-coaching-mistakes-2017-week-1-chuck-pagano-colts-challenge-sean-payton
  5. PFF Week 3 Power Rankings

    Doubt I ever said the Browns would sweep the Bengals last year- fact check. If fact, I picked the Bengals to beat the Browns first time around in the Survivor League and would have picked them second time around except you couldn't use the same team twice. And just deny reality when I keep posting stuff from objective commentators the reason the Bungles haven't scored a touchdown yet is because their o-line sucks the big one. Better than the Browns? Marginally last year. Lets look at their 6-9-1 record shall we? Beat a lousy Jets team by one point on the road. Beat the Dolphins- that the Browns should also have beaten if not for a just signed place kicker missing an easy game winning FG as time was running out. Browns gifted them 2 of their wins. Their only "quality" wins if you want to call them that- were against the 7-9 Eagles and the 8-8 Ravens, man I'm SO impressed. Well, when you're the worst team in the NFL as the Browns have been the last few years, it's not that hard to be "better". I suppose mediocre is an improvement over terrible. You have your head so far up your ass about the Bungles, you can't see daylight. https://www.sbnation.com/2017/9/15/16314930/andy-dalton-marvin-lewis-cincinnati-bengals-2018-rebuild-offense http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/cincinnati-bengals-andy-dalton-marvin-lewis-aj-mccarron-quarterback/15156wtz775ic18ys9ez6qm05o http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/09/nfl-bengals-andy-dalton-a-j-mccarron-ravens Think I don't know what I'm talking about? This one sure as hell proves I DO. Read it and weep. Dalton had a WORSE game against the Ravens than Kizer did. Want to ignore that factoid? http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2732507-andy-dalton-bengals-continue-regression-with-embarrassing-week-1-dud PS Blowhard, the Browns are superior statistically than the Colts, both offensively and defensively.
  6. Josh Gordon

    It was 0.09 Gip. Enough to get you sent to drunk school. Thing is, a lot of people don't think they're over the limit at that level, but they are. From my ER experience, once you get to the 0.15+ level, certainly 0.2+ that's when you ARE a danger on the road, and serious crashes are almost inevitable, unless you're a major alky that's built up a tolerance. I've mentioned in the past the highest BAC I saw from a driver (accident of course) was 0.43 . According to the book, he should have been unconscious, not driving a car.
  7. PFF Week 3 Power Rankings

    I did forget about Tyler Eifert on O, and Geno Atkins on D. But I'm not going to feed the troll any further.
  8. Josh Gordon

    That's splitting hairs on a technical definition of percent. I never took statistics BTW. Point is even if you're at 0.081 it's still illegal, though it's a lot easier to argue in court about machine error, if you have a good lawyer. Well Josh is probably out by now, the saga continues....
  9. PFF Week 3 Power Rankings

    If that #20 is a homer ranking, well the Natives are getting mighty restless here in SW Ohio. We "supposedly" have all that talent, and we're not winning. If Ghoolie thinks Hue Jackson is a bad coach, he's a Bill Bellichick compared to Marvin Lewis. If it wasn't for Mike Brown, Marvin would have been fired by any other team years ago. My prediction? Browns will have more wins than the Bungles this year. Marvin Lewis will finally be 🔥 fired.
  10. Garrett Hurt Already

    We're not the only team that's happened to. The Bengals lost #1 KiJana Carter permanently to an injury. Bo Jackson got a potential HOF career prematurely derailed by a fluke, and I do mean fluke injury. In the days before HIPPA, our sports medicine doc got the details at a conference, and I heard what happened.
  11. Browns @ Colts Practice Reports

    ^^^ Not to pull a Ghoolie- that should be a new term around here- regarding not even wasting a game spot on Kessler. "Just trust me on this one" Quote: Hue Jackson.
  12. PFF Week 3 Power Rankings

    That's one "Power Ranking" make that "Beauty Contest" out of many pal. The above particular one thinks Whoopi Goldberg is better looking than Scarlett Johansson, or Charlize Theron for that matter. Let me enlighten you about what the rest of the sporting world thinks. The Bungles have an average quarterback who won't make it through the season the way he's getting killed behind the (now) sieve of an OL. In case you haven't heard, some of the local Bungle fans are already yapping to have the Red Peashooter benched, and bring in McCarron. They have one playmaker obviously superior to anything the Browns have- AJ Green, and that will change should Gordon get reinstated. So just keep dreaming OL doesn't matter. When you've got to make excuses, or harp on outliers- you've already lost. SB Nation LOL, the exact opposite Browns #20, Bungles #32 NFL.com- Browns #28, Bungles #30 USA Today - Browns #27, Bungles #31 CBS Sports- Browns #28, Bungles #27 Sporting News- Browns #27, Bungles #30 ESPN- Browns #29, Bungles #28 So the consensus is: hold your breath- Browns #28.2, Bungles #28.2 equally sucky.
  13. Ghoolie Style Bragging Thread

    Notice my hobbies? I once climbed Mount Everest blindfolded, and beat Lance Armstrong in a time trial.
  14. Josh Gordon

    1) Said it once already- I used to do blood alcohols for a living PO. Your math is off. 0.01% of 0.08 is 0.08008- not 0.09. You can argue if you want that's too low, it used to be 0.1 for most states, until Mothers Against Drunk Driving got involved. 2) He's a victim of the circumstances he created for himself. PERIOD. No one put a gun to his head and told him to drive after he had been drinking, or light up a fattie when he knew the consequences of that action could get him suspended. Or get nailed for Purple Drank when he didn't have a prescription for it. (BTW, it's the best cough medicine in the world- if you're using it legitimately, not swilling a bottle of it and washing it down with a pint of vodka to get a hellacious buzz). Guys that have a drinking or drug problem often point the finger of blame for their actions at everyone and everything but themselves. Sorry, but the "victim of circumstances" doesn't fly with me. I'm sure Josh isn't a "bad" guy. One of the nicest guys I've ever met was a recovering alcoholic who had been tossed in jail 4 times, (the last for 6 months) for umpteen DUIs and driving on a revoked license. Re-read this thread PO, and notice the company he's been keeping. One of the first things they're going to tell you in AA is if you want to stay clean, you need to find better friends to hang out with. I sincerely hope Josh makes it this time- he's already flushed millions of dollars down the drain making BAD decisions off the field.
  15. Josh Gordon

    Exactly Ag. MHO is the odds are around 50%. Goodell may give him another chance- but it will be his LAST chance before he's suspended for life. It's not happening at 4 PM tomorrow. Roger the Dodger will have to look at the rehab facilities report, and have a face to face with Josh (doubtless a stern lecture will be involved) before he even thinks about reinstating Gordon. I'll put the timline at a week to 10 days, and maybe a lot more.