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  1. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    LOL, you remember Garo Yepremian saying "I keek a touchdown?" But at least on the pro level, you at least have to have endurance, not to mention some skill. We had a pretty decent soccer team in college and I'd see guys running around our basketball court bouncing the ball off their head continuously. Try that one on for degree of difficulty. Gips protestations there's a lot of standing around is BS. From Wiki- Long games, a massive field and a constantly moving ball add up to serious distance for soccer players. STATS puts the average at 7 miles per game depending on position, and as much as 9.5 miles for some players Tom, I'm 100% with you on golf. But you at least have to be able to walk- if you remember they wouldn't give that guy an exemption to use a cart because he had some weird vascular disorder. It's a repetitive skill. At least driving the ball off a tee, and putting. John Daley doesn't have that athletic look. Though with all due respects, the better golfers today do work out. Hey- Rory McIllroy missed some time on the Tour, got himself hurt playing soccer with his friends. I played competitive tennis in my earlier years- and for sure you have to have some athletic ability- especially now. Back in the 70s you'd see guys hit kill shots once in awhile, now they murder every stroke. As to a repetitive skill- that's how I learned to develop a decent serve. Went out one summer every day with a bucket of tennis balls, and hit serves for a couple hours, until I got good at it.
  2. hoorta

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    And I thought for a second they cut Stephenson. IIRC, they can void his contract for misbehaving....
  3. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    And with the shoe on the other foot, the majority of the rest of the world doesn't give a rat about American football. I agree, basketball is becoming very much a world sport. Not like when the original Dream Team was beating the rest of the world's best by 50, and not even trying too hard. Plenty of foreign stars in the NBA, Nowitzki is a certain first ballot HOFer. It's working the other way around now, the very top American soccer players like Tim Howard, Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey playing in Europe- because the money is way better over there. I've said eventually, us guys will reach a critical mass of top players to make a serious run at a World Cup. FWIW, the US missing out on the World Cup this year losing to Trinidad is the football equivalent of Michigan getting beat by Appalachian State. BTW Z in Third World countries, that's all you need to play soccer, a ball and two sticks for a goal post. LOL- as an aside to Gip, if you're living in a hut with a dirt floor and no running water, you probably don't have a TV and satellite dish (um, no electricity either) to tune into the World Cup, or the viewership would be a lot higher. But I'd bet if we had all grown up in Europe, we'd all be soccer fans.
  4. hoorta

    Mason Rudolph

    Well the Steelers did have Tommy Maddox, Kordell Stewart, and Bubby Brister. Let's hope we finally got it right with Mayfield.
  5. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    1) Gip is always right. 2) If Gip is wrong, refer to #1. To try some co-ckamamie spin that soccer isn't by far the world's #1 sport is just wrong, and I'm not going to bother debating him on it. It's not like I'm a huge fan Z. I do tune into the highlights. LOL, you can usually condense 90 minutes of a match to 30 seconds. I will watch the final in toto.
  6. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    Well if you want to increase the scoring by orders of magnitude- sure. It's the same reason why there's offsides in hockey- and I played the sport Gip. You'd just have a bunch of guys hanging around the goal waiting for (in the case of soccer) a 50 yard pass, or in hockey- why bother to defend, if the object is to score as many goals as quickly as possible? Want to change it to a score-a-thon? They could make MLB a lot more interesting just by changing it to underhand slow pitch- have 50-40 games. It would change the nature of the game, and that's why it will never happen.
  7. hoorta

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    I said it a bunch of times to the guys who wanted us to draft Barkley. RBs don't win championships, at least not many unless they have a great team around them like Emmett Smith. http://www.espn.com/nfl/history/leaders/_/stat/rushlead
  8. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    Gip, no one is arguing that the NFL isn't the #1 major domo sport in the United States. As I pointed out, more than half of the TVs in the USA weren't even tuned into the SB. Just get your head out of your a$$ and admit world wide, interest in the NFL pales in comparison to soccer. Or you forget they folded NFL Europe? Yawn, so in those 200 countries- make that around 100 because the majority of the world doesn't give a $hit about the NFL, the Super Bowl was out viewed by a ratio of around 10-1 as opposed to the World Cup Final.
  9. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    I would hazard a guess the % of televisions tuned into the WC final in the participating countries would far exceed the % of US televisions tuned into the Super Bowl. Or are you going to try and tell me a significant percentage of people in the USA don't give a rat about American football? 48% rating for SB LII, and 103 million viewers, (meaning 52%- the majority- of the TVs weren't watching the Super Bowl). I don't have the world wide rankings. Yawn. But I'll bet you a double magnum of 1982 Chateau Latour (value $13,000) that pales in comparison to the World Cup final EDIT: Don't bother- I looked it up. Last year's Super Bowl was watched by an estimated 160 million viewers worldwide, the bulk of which were in the United States. By comparison, the 2014 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina had a global audience of about 1 billion. 2014 FIFA World Cup reached 3.2 billion viewers. More than one billion fans tuned in to watch the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, with the competition reaching a global in-home television audience of 3.2 billion people, according to final figures from FIFA and Kantar Media I'll also say- and bet you a cheap bottle of wine. The US will beat that 18 million viewers for this years WC final. It's like the tide rolling in Gip- as us old fuddy duddies kick off, soccer will become more and more popular here- it's already happening.
  10. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    I did, Mexico - Germany. You guys must hate hockey too, where there isn't much scoring.
  11. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    Ha, until they changed the rules, the same could be said for pro basketball. Led by the King of the floppers, Bill Laimbeer. There's more action in the first five minutes of a soccer match than an entire baseball game- no wonder a lot of people consider baseball utterly boring, second only to golf. Regarding golf- we hashed this out years ago, and guys are entrenched in their opinions- but personally- I don't consider golf to be a sport- it's a skill. Thanks to MJP's article, US major league soccer has a long way to go to catch up in average salary to the European version- (looks like the equivalent of Class A baseball) probably why most of the top US soccer players play on European teams. We'd need to start filling up 60,000 seat stadiums and get major air time to catch up. Regarding FS' comments about top athletes, completely different skill set as opposed to playing football. Basketball may be close. Top Marathon runners would gas any NFL player in the first mile or two. Regarding football, I'm always fond of recalling Chris Collinsworth's story about the Bengal's soccer match. The Bengals were in a bar, and called the local semi-pro soccer team a bunch of wusses. Got challenged to a soccer match- the soccer guys were up 10-0 when the Bengals quit. So much for the "superior athletes".
  12. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    Maybe, maybe not. If you're good enough, top soccer players make as much as anyone. FWIW, I don't consider golfers top athletes, and you can make millions playing golf.
  13. hoorta

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    Yeah Tom, the new model isn't Joe six pack, it's the guys with money. The NFL will survive with it's current business model, but I don't expect it to retain it's dominance forever. Futball- the soccer kind IS the dominant world sport, the USA was a little slow in recognizing it. Crap, Pele was a curiosity back then. Now? You have more kids in youth soccer than any other sport. Just a matter of time until the US produces a world class super-duper star on the order of Maradona or Reynaldo. We have guys like Altidore and a few others that are stars on the international level, just not enough yet to make us a serious World Cup contender. I said way back, it would take a generation of the kids playing soccer until they moved up to the coaching ranks for us to turn the corner- dead on. I admit- soccer is boring as hell to those that aren't interested in the game. But for one who played competitive hockey, if you think of soccer as a slow motion version of that- you appreciate it. The strategy and rules are similar. So get with the program- you wouldn't see premier league, and major league US soccer on TV if no one was watching. Gip was trying to argue with me- but he has his head up his a$$, the World Cup final is the most watched sporting event- period. World wide viewership makes our NFL Super Bowl minor league by comparison.
  14. hoorta

    Mason Rudolph

    LOL, and the Browns have been doing "value picks" (Frye, McCoy, Weeden, Quinn, Manziel) almost exclusively since 1999. You had better hope the Steelers do better.
  15. hoorta

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    86? So if he pleads CTE, sorry- that doesn't absolve you from knowing right from wrong. Looking at the back story, amazing he wasn't picked up sooner. Multiple felony offences. What 30 year old wants to get it on with grandma?