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  1. Biden and Cooper didn't social distance- because they were both tested negative earlier in the day.... Joe even wore his mask when he first walked on stage... Guess FOX missed the memo. Sort of like everyone who comes within 10 feet of Trump, ya know?
  2. hoorta

    Protest Thread

    I'll keep my personal politics out of this, but Dutch made some mighty good points. It's all fine as long as what the other person is saying happens to agree with your POV- but if it's isn't... Just wow. Besides there being entrenched positions- that aren't going to be changed by any amount of reasoning- or unreasoning, the middle ground is rapidly becoming extinct. The sheer number of conspiracy theories out there, and people willing to believe them is plain getting out of hand. The general voting public seems to be getting dumber every day....
  3. hoorta

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    LOL, true that. Some have called to ask the Supreme Leader shut it down, I understand its barely tolerated. You don't like my political POV, I'm ok with that. I'm not ok with you repeatedly calling me a f**king idiot because you don't agree. There would be plenty of kiddie time outs and warning points to be had if the standards of the Browns forum were applied. Its Steve's show over there, and the inmates run the asylum. Enter at your own risk.
  4. hoorta

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    OK, cleaned up most of the political nonsense... There's one thread for that on this forum.. Take it there please... And if it was up to me it wouldn't even be here... Or head over to the poli board instead...
  5. hoorta

    Protest Thread

    Got a suggestion for ya Gorka.... I've been out of the loop entertaining family from out of town for the past week.... Got some catching up to do... So take this to heart- Z and me make the rules on this forum, so why don't you just run back to your little MAGA cesspool "safe space" where you can insult other posters with impunity? I don't put up with 1\10th of the crap here Steve lets fly under the radar there...
  6. hoorta

    Anyone Else Pick Up On This?

    Tyrod looked predictably mediocre the entire game, and I saw most of it....
  7. hoorta

    Bungle Week

    Regarding the bold I disagree... saw the last 10 minutes of the game at a bar. Green clearly pushed off to get separation.... Yeah, most times that doesn't get called in the last two minutes. But MHO- it was the right call.... And did a little victory jig when their kicker shanked the tying FG with no time left....
  8. Bengals should fire their kicker too, missed a last second one that would have sent the game into OT.... Siebert didn't have just "good" college numbers- he had "great" college numbers. Won the Groza award as the best college kicker..... Gone the way of another College kicking phenom Martin Grammatica, who was drafted even higher.....
  9. hoorta

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    I was pretty sure of a blowout... 4th and 41? Special... Can we keep them under 50? I agree with others, that was a very unfair draw 1st week of the season. The bright side? 16 team are going to be 0-1 after Monday night..
  10. hoorta

    Mask lovers

    OK, sure Steve. I'm on the high side of 2,000 miles on the bike- and I see folks wearing masks on the trails. Do I think that's necessary? Not at all.... Well, the drug companies came out and said Trump can go to hell if he thinks he's going to pressure them into releasing a vaccine until it's cleared as safe and effective. If- as I saw somewhere- just 50% effective passes muster- I'll probably pass... And then you have the crazies who think it's all a plot by Bill Gates to plant microchips in them.... That's not how it gets transmitted 95% of the time. Even the Fearless Leader said- "it goes through the air".... Inhalation. Ebola is contact . You're denying this is a true "pandemic"? The WHO, any epidemiologists who aren't sniffing Trump butt gas, and virtually every country in the world disagrees with you..... Closing on 1,000,000 deaths, but believe whatever you want to.....
  11. 1) That's the #1 reason with a bullet why I voted for Trump- I had serious reservations otherwise. I wouldn't have voted for Hillary if you had offered me $1,000 bucks to do so.... It's also the reason Trump won.... 2) Depends on how you want to look at it Cal... I'm saying this as politely as I can from my Moderator POV. My yard sign? "VOTE ADULT" DT will never earn my respect until he starts acting like a president, instead of a grade school bully.... Please don't start with the "10 million wonderful things he's done for America" either... Oh, I'm well aware of them by now. Yeah- Barak did a couple good things too, but you're never going to admit it because of your ODS, so don't even try starting with more psychobabble spin. That only has a basis in your reality- not the rest of the world's.... I'll give you the FaceBook and Twitter treatment of a post like that, instead of flat out deleting it if you try...
  12. Thanks, I really needed that meme- you'll find out soon enough why....
  13. hoorta


    Uh huh- such a Patriot Donnie... you forget under your watch, we're having a 9\11 every 3 or so days? Talk is cheap... Maybe this time you're even being 1\2 sincere...
  14. And if you're unemployed, and out of market- you can't afford the near $300 bucks Direct is charging for Sunday Ticket either.... FWIW, I dropped ST- however if you have Direct- the first week of ST is a freebie....
  15. Total denial and spin- I'd hate to do it in Steve's forum- but you go off topic- bringing up your damn ODS yet again in a thread that has nothing to do with him... I'll delete your bullshit.... FWIW, you sound like a right wing loony with obsessive compulsive disorder. It's over Cal- and has been for the last 4 years, so drop it already...