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  1. hoorta

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    As they pointed out on NFL.com, the Bengals have had really bad luck of late (and not so late- in my book, Ki-Jana Carter is one of the all time first round injury busts in NFL history) with their first round picks getting hurt. Price and Ross both missed significant time their rookie years. What this means is Cordy Glenn will move back to his old LT spot. The were going to move him inside to LG.
  2. hoorta

    Personal Conduct

    The report button does have it's uses, like if there happened to be a bot attack to the board. I haven't seen one of those for a long while- but way back- we did have some cyber smarties hack the board for kicks. I think we've mentioned- DONT use the report button unless it's something extremely serious. Not only will all the Mods see it- but so will Kathy, and she takes a pretty dim view of people running to the Mods because they got their feelings hurt. Might get you banned. If you have an issue, PM one of the Mods first. Think before you hit "report".
  3. hoorta

    President Trump, for eternity!

    Seriously, how much carbon do cars spew into the air every day?
  4. hoorta

    President Trump, for eternity!

    Agreed about the energy. What I worry about is all the spent nuclear fuel we're accumulating. That stuff is hot for something like 4,000 years. It will be future generations problem if it starts leaking out.
  5. You tired of getting your ass whipped by guys who are actually objective? Jesus wasn't Gay, but are you? It would explain a lot....
  6. You don't believe in the Bible? I don't believe from the very bottom of my being, that people are "born gay". Go join a Gay Pride Group, I sure as hell won't care. The alt couples I know are that way more due to social interaction with the opposite sex (or lack thereof) far more than any of your supposed genetic tendencies. OBF answered your objection. They weren't born black kiddo. Now if they're black\homosexual\Muslim we got a triple whammy of discrimination in your book. Don't f'n equate race with sexual orientation- it's BS, but libs like to make the same correlation. Like we "need" to make reparations to black dudes because their great-great- grandpappy might have been a slave. Despite their "tendencies" they chose in the majority of instances to be gay- and want to force someone (make that everyone) to agree with them. It's the opposite side of the same coin. With 4,000 plus years of world history if everyone was gay- lesbian- YOU wouldn't exist to spout your views. Ever think about that one?
  7. On review, some further thought on the subject. I'll direct this to Woody. 1) Say some guys come into that religious photographer's shop and ask him "hey man, we're gonna do a real kinky porno shoot, you interested?" Suppose he shouldn't turn them down either. 2) (the guy was probably too honest to tell the gay guys this) Sorry, I stopped photographing weddings, um- about two weeks ago. 3) Pedo is different from homo because of consent- this photographer was being unwillingly forced into an activity he didn't want to be involved in because of supposed gay rights. By my POV from some militant gay activists with an agenda who had other options. Have no personal problems with the LBGT community- until they try to stuff their view down my throat, and tell me everything we stand for is just hunky-dory.
  8. At the risk of raising some anti-Catholic sentiment. Cysco and a few others. Padre Pio once saw who he thought was his superior abbot, was talking with him- until he smelled sulfur, and said person disappeared. The saintlier the person, the better the disguise. to follow up on the tree of knowledge gambit- you really think Eve would have taken a bite if a Demon looking like that picture told her, don't worry- it's OK, really!!!!
  9. Did you really just write that? Headslap! Someone shouldn't be a photographer for a living because they might run across folks they have issues with? Nope, and no one is forcing that couple to be gay either. To me, there's a difference you're missing. When a gay couple walks into a restaurant- of course they can't be refused service because they're gay, or Muslim, or pick some other minority. I'll add OBF's post because it's my thoughts exactly. This isn't like the 60s (that you're too young to have lived through)- where if you were black, there was no restaurant in town that would serve you- just because you were black. That gay couple could have probably gone to 10 other photographers in town who would have gladly taken their money. Most reasonable people would have said, oh well, this guy doesn't like us, so let's move on to the next photographer. Nope, they had to be a-holes and pull the discrimination card.
  10. And that photographer should be forced to attend a gay marriage, just because it's legal? Dammit, you gotta take our pictures whether you want to or not. I don't give a rats ass about your religious beliefs.
  11. Woody, I'm not saying that at all. In my working years I was a scientist myself. We were meant to seek knowledge. But we're never going to know it all. The rate were learning stuff is truly astounding. In the 1960s if you came down with leukemia, it was a death sentence- and were are we now? One of my Reference Lab duties was to screen donors by DNA analysis for rare blood types. If I had been able to get in a time machine to go back to my 1973 cell biology class and start spouting what I knew- those students would have thought I had just gotten off a space ship from another star system.
  12. Sure, people do bad stuff all on their own. Those 911 guys who flew planes into buildings thought they were doing the will of Allah. But at least to my mind it doesn't preclude the possibility of a real embodiment of evil outside of our senses.
  13. Regarding Catholic priests- just because you happen to be a priest doesn't in and of itself make you a "good person", there have been plenty of bad priests- and even bad Popes throughout history. MHO the failing has been the higher ups who too often took the "be merciful, as your Father is merciful" stance. Now? Toss 'em all in jail where they belong. And you hide behind "my gay rights are more important than your religions beliefs". Should a photographer that finds homosexuality revolting be forced to take pictures at a gay wedding? That's what he wants everyone to believe. Some people think he's this red guy with horns, a tail, and a pitchfork. Way smarter than that. Been known to show up in some pretty convincing disguises as a person they thought they knew.
  14. You don't get it- of course you thinking the possibility of homosexuality not being a sin, and OK tells me all I need to know. May never have been a tree. It was pride. I'm not God, but I want to think I can know as much as God. So effectively, I'll flip him the finger. That's what OBF has been saying.
  15. Oooohhhhh, now you're trying to tell me there's something called a "conscience". Please spare me the BS that just inherently knowing right from wrong came out of nowhere. There's quite a few people throughout history that didn't know, or care about the difference.