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  1. hoorta

    Regular Season Schedule

    Both the first two are winnable Tour. That happens, the train starts a rollin'. Don't see 0-4 after that... I agree playing the 49ers on MNF, and then a real short week to play the Seahawks coming off a bye in Cleveland, the schedule makers didn't exactly do us a favor there...
  2. hoorta

    Mueller report

    Hey, we agree for once Cal. Grand Jury testimony isn't to be made public, that's why it was redacted.
  3. It was brought up before. Normal human beings weren't meant to weigh 300+ pounds, that can't be healthy. Thomas had to almost force feed himself to maintain weight. I've met Doug Dieken a couple times, and you'd never guess he used to be a NFL OT, with all the weight he lost once he stopped playing... Here's an article from NFL.com.... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001023164/article/how-did-joe-thomas-drop-all-that-playing-weight PS- I talked about this once with my family Doctor, and we both got a laugh out of it. If you went by those BMI (body mass index) charts they use for us normal folks, every offensive lineman in the NFL would be considered morbidly obese. And as Doc Warren pointed out- the worst example of why BMI is BS for pro athletes is professional body builders, who probably have less than 3% body fat when they're competing. 5'6" 230 pounds of all muscle.
  4. hoorta


    Aw, and now the prosecutors want to make the videos pixelated. Spoil sports.
  5. hoorta


    Sure was the real item. Not as sturdy as it looks to be. However, not beyond the skill of a good jewelry repair (or auto body shop, LOL) to iron out the dent. They can always get them a new one if Kraft is POed about it.
  6. hoorta

    Regular Season Schedule

    That will be up to Z, Mark, and the Brits which week they prefer. The original tentative plan was for the opener- which is the Titans. Either game is OK by me. Yup, December road trip to Glendale doesn't sound too hateful....
  7. hoorta

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Hah, I was going to say news flash! Dorsey has traded up to pick #22 in the first round!! Except that pick is currently held by the Ravens.
  8. hoorta

    Regular Season Schedule

    According to the article, last year the schedule came out April 19th. Expect a similar time frame this year.
  9. hoorta

    The official Terry Pluto thread

    Baseball- now instead of the "National Past time" just passes time until football starts- and it starts the end of the month with the draft.
  10. hoorta

    Jags trade theorhetical

    You're positing a trade that's never going to happen. We could use a DB like Ramsey, but it would kill any remaining cap space. And we don't need Fournett. Chubb + Hunt we're set at RB.
  11. hoorta

    Regular Season Schedule

    They - don't - know - that - YET. Cards already tell the schedule guys that's who they're drafting? & If they want to give Baker that Thursday night game, I can think of better options. If that's how it turns out, it is what it is.
  12. hoorta

    Regular Season Schedule

    Well Thanksgiving Thursday night would probably kill any potential Arizona trip. But why would the league want the first pick in the draft team showcased in the El Primo Thursday night game of the season? Not really keen about driving to NY for a potential season opener either.
  13. hoorta

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    Ya know, that's not only been tried here (Zombo allowed Ghoolie one thread a week- that he was told to stay in once Z relented and was let back on) it failed. There was another Browns Forum (I forget the name) where Ghoolie and his pal Rich4Eagle (Rich is a decent guy in person, doesn't post here anymore, tends to get out of control) and they got their very own sub-forum where they could talk to one another on how the rest of the world just didn't understand their vast football acumen. Sorry, we just don't need anymore o-line are a dime a dozen fatasses, and Joe Thomas sucks comments. Drags the rest of the conversation down.
  14. hoorta

    It Could Of Been Zeitler The Viking

    OK, Saquon- a first, low third, and a Jabril Peppers level player. Maybe not even that much- MHO. Around draft time players on rosters tend to be devaluated. Would anyone want to give up that much? He might be a generational player, but I argued with PO and Ghoolie for months "generational" running backs aren't necessarily the ticket to the Promised Land. Just ask Adrian Peterson, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Barry Sanders about that. Regarding Rosen- the #17 the Giants got from the Browns sounds like fair value. If the Cardinals draft Murray, there's no place on the roster for Josh- and keeping him is a locker room nightmare waiting to happen.
  15. hoorta

    Regular Season Schedule

    Well, since you put it that way... The teams are the ones who make the travel plans though. The players basically just need to show up at the airport. But if it's the Jets as the MNF opener, there goes one potential road trip I won't be making. Ah, the schedule should be out with much fanfare by next week at the latest.