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  1. hoorta

    Q inauguration day

    What the "Dark Side" may be largely depends on your POV Steve. I prefer living in reality, instead of the alternate reality one former president lives in.
  2. hoorta

    Q inauguration day

    What happened Vambo is they may be crazy- but not crazy enough to get shot by the National Guard trying to pull the same stunt. LOL, now they're claiming Q never said that. As I said- I hope they eat themselves alive with conspiracy. https://www.newsweek.com/qanon-turn-shills-pushed-march-4-theory-latest-prophecy-fails-1573984 "However, just like in the wake of the humiliation they received following the lack of any "storm" at Biden's swearing-in ceremony, many QAnon followers now appear to be questioning the entire radical movement and asking if they have been lied to."
  3. I knew off of the top of my head many stars are so large, Saturn's orbit would fit very comfortably inside them. Here's an image of the largest star we know about. In the dim constellation Scutum, 20 degrees north of Sagittarius. As to telescopes I actually own- an old 6" f\10 reflector I built 50 years ago. And a Meade 4" Schmidt-Cassegrain- the biggest 'scope that will fit in an overhead bin of an airplane. Handy when you go on solar eclipse trips. But you rapidly get spoiled when you have access to the local astronomy club's 16" reflector, or head out to star parties at dark sky sites where guys who are really into it haul their 24" and larger telescopes there on trailers. Jupiter was so bright looking through one of those 24" scopes, it almost hurt your eyes to look at it. PS- it's a waste of money having one of those big scopes, unless you live somewhere way out in the country. With the ever increasing light pollution and sky glow, looking for- as I like to call them "the dim fuzzies" is like trying to spot a polar bear in a blizzard.
  4. hoorta

    Q inauguration day

    Thanks for making my point. Insurrection.com huh? Or did you get that from I_Hate_Democrats.com? Too bad, so sad- you have at least 46 more months to bitch. Do keep on worshiping the "Made in China" Golden Trumpie- truth. LOL!!! So you've now had four months rummaging through the weeds trying to dig up "massive election fraud". I'll go by the unbiased independently verified count saying it's more like a couple hundred votes. But keep up the good work- or massive waste of time. It's not going to change anything. And tough shit Tariff Trump- they're going away. Your "Make America Great" was more like "Make America stand Alone". Another dumb ass Trump idea bites the dust. Those tariffs hurt farmers- and plenty of other AMERICANS. So much for helping "the little guy". https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/10/27/trump-trade-wars-farmers/ Going to open a bottle of my French Bordeaux tonight to celebrate. https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-and-eu-suspend-boeing-airbus-tariffs-for-four-months-eu-says-11614966302?fbclid=IwAR2SRlxpx48W4HBZbj6eUDc7lviPyiJGzSlIJXjRNHNWvWmHEPMFpP8uPYY
  5. Nah- if Baker was back in the Austin area- it's almost 400 miles to the Space X launch pad in Boca Chica. Unlikely..
  6. hoorta

    Q inauguration day

    Could it be because Trump loves him some right wing nutjobs Steve? Or the Q Cult who loves him? Well, it's March 5th , the sun has come up, and contrary to DHB's belief Joe Biden is still the President. Really- I hope this is the death knell of the Q goobers. But they'll probably just dig up something even more outlandish. Yup, millions keep on believing the Big Lie (despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary that it wasn't) that the election was rigged. You guys can believe Trump- or the Supreme Court. Easy choice for me. I'll let you guys have fun in your Blaze- Red State- NewsMax- OAN alternate reality for the time being....
  7. Me and Orion are both astronomers.... the bug bear to interstellar travel is this nasty thing called the speed of light. Only way to get from point A to point B in our galaxy is hope wormholes exist. Fer instance- even IF you could build a spaceship capable of travelling at the speed of light- (that's 186,000 miles per second, you can get to the Moon in a second and change) it would still take you 4 years to get to our nearest neighboring star, Alpha Centauri. I always love to point out this reduction in scale example. Shrink the universe down to- the Sun is a dot, and the Earth is an atom sized speck orbiting it one inch away. On that scale Alpha Centauri is 4 miles away. Our nearest neighbor Andromeda Galaxy would be 10 times more distant than the Moon.
  8. Yeah, lots of "Unidentified Flying Objects ", until someone identifies them as something mundane. As a lifetime amateur astronomer, I've spent thousands of hours looking at the night sky, and haven't seen one yet. Usually planes or bright meteors are the culprit. The planet Venus frequently gets mistaken too. FWIW, the latest Space X did take off to about 6 miles up, and then came back and landed on a test flight. Spectacularly blew up on the ground about 5 minutes later. Easily could have been mistaken for a UFO. https://www.space.com/spacex-starship-sn10-test-launch-landing-explosion
  9. hoorta

    Q inauguration day

    Trump loves the Q...
  10. hoorta

    Q inauguration day

    Oh, not out of my mind Steve- there's a BIG difference in keeping track of right wing nutjobs, and obsessing over them. In this case, ignorance is not bliss- the extreme members of this cult ARE dangerous. To the point- the House took to heart that Intelligence agencies were hearing Internet chatter that they couldn't rule out the possibility of another January 6th attack on the Capitol. https://www.forbes.com/sites/vidhichoudhary/2020/08/10/facebook-reportedly-has-over-3-million-qanon-users-earned-12000-from-qanon-ads-over-past-30-days/?sh=3c1059b157f8 There's at LEAST 3 MILLION of these Q nutjobs out there. We're not talking groups of the even more dangerous Ohio Militia, Wolverine Watchmen, or Oath Keepers. Collectively, they probably only number in the thousands, or tens of thousands at most. Followers of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory believe a “deep state” of federal bureaucrats, Democratic politicians and Hollywood celebrities are plotting against President Trump and his supporters while also running an international sex-trafficking ring (an FBI memo released last year warned QAnon’s followers could be possible “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists”). I previously mentioned the goober who just got out jail running into a Pizza joint with a gun trying to bust up a nonexistent pedophile trafficking ring. BTW, Trumpie loves them. BECAUSE, according to Q, since March 4th was the initial presidential inauguration day. Grant was the last president inaugurated on March 4th, ergo, any president that wasn't after that date doesn't count. (LOL, how's that for some serious nuttiness?) So according to Q and the true believers- Trump is going to be "inaugurated" today, March 4th, and will be the "official" president. 16th or whatever Supposedly a few unspecified Democrats are going to be executed on top of it. (Pelosi is probably at the top of their list)
  11. hoorta

    Free Agent Tracker

    FWIW, Greg Rosenthal's FA rankings, a lengthy list... https://www.nfl.com/news/top-101-nfl-free-agents-of-2021-who-are-the-best-players-available
  12. hoorta

    Gordon and Manziel team up again

    At least Gordon has managed to stay out of jail....
  13. hoorta

    Pres Trump WOWS CPAC crowd

    We'll find out November of 2022 which direction the Republican party is going to go. Are we going to see more of the Marjorie Taylor Greens and Laura Boberts? Or will some semblance of sanity return to the party? MHO is you either believe the Big Lie that the election was stolen- or you don't. FWIW, I don't- however plenty of people do. Outside of DT's hard core believers- folks are abandoning the GQP in droves. He lost the election by 7 million votes- and I'd bet if you had a re-do after the events of January 6th, the margin would be even bigger. His enablers are doing their damndest to rewrite the history of that day. Don't believe what your eyes saw- MAGA hats and Trump flags inside the Capitol, and arrestees saying they were there because of Trump. Just believe our alternate reality. Not buying it for a second Steve. Yup, I saw from some of the recent thread titles here- and as I predicted- this election fraud stuff is never going to go away. To the detriment of the democratic process. Keep on digging- you may eventually find that golden needle inside the haystack. Ah, believe what you want. Q-day is tomorrow. I'm sincerely hoping millions of Q-Balls are going to be disappointed and turn in their conspiracy cards.
  14. hoorta

    Pres Trump WOWS CPAC crowd

    You have BDS and not a word to criticize your phony gold Cheetos (who started a riot at the Capitol) that you worship. I can start with Joe invoking the Defense production act to speed up vaccine production- should I go on? How can we explain the GOP's failure to reject Trump? How can we explain the failure of so many Christian churches and Christian individuals to reject Trump? Winston Churchill said of appeasers: "Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last." Unfortunately, many Christians have not stood on principle with Trump, which would be to reject him immediately. Rather, their attitude seems to have been, "Well, if he attacks other people and leaves me alone, I can live with him." But that is what millions of Germans thought about Hitler, as expressed in the famous Holocaust poem by a German pastor that says, "First they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew ..." The pastor, who initially supported Hitler, ended up in a concentration camp. Men like Hitler do not stop when their initial victims have been vanquished; their lust for money, fame, power and glory is never sated. Napoleon explained the problem metaphorically when he said that power was his mistress and he was unable to resist her. There is no reason to believe that Trump would stop if he were able to deport and ban millions of Hispanics and Muslims. Someone else would be next on his list, and eventually he would get down to us, since we are vastly inferior to Trump in his exalted opinion of himself. Trump only wants people who agree with him, who obey him, and who worship the ground he walks on. He has made that "perfectly clear," to borrow a phrase from Tricky Dick Nixon, the president Trump most resembles (except that Nixon falls far short of Trump on the "crazy meter"). Trump only wants people who agree with him, got that Cal? And if they don't- I'll show THEM (Liz Cheney) who's boss.
  15. hoorta

    Pres Trump WOWS CPAC crowd

    We'll just see about that. And when it doesn't happen- I sincerely hope QAnon finally goes away for good. Not a chance of that happening, the brainwashing in some folks is far too advanced to correct.. Of course, should Trump hold a phony Inauguration Ceremony at Mar-a-Lago, the true believers will accept it as official. MHO? If he tries that stunt, call for the men in the White Coats pronto.