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  1. That meme is exactly why Trump is losing votes by the thousands every day.... Disgusting....
  2. Here ya go Cal- 1890 map of Oklahoma AKA" Indian Territory". So who took what away? IIRC the entire state was supposed of be one big king sized Indian Reservation....
  3. Yes, I know that- the question is why is Trump so opposed to it, all of a sudden there's going to be "massive voter fraud". ???
  4. I'm going to register my cat Norman- and tell him to vote pro cat. Free lifetime vet care, and supply of Fancy Feast... They're just loving to use these outliers to prove it's a widespread problem- which if you believe real sources, it's not. It's OK for Trump to vote by mail, but apparently not OK for anyone else.... F'n hypocrite...
  5. hoorta

    A Profile in Courage

    Brainwashed right wing nut job.... Maybe our MAGAs want to comment on this while we're at it... Fair and Balanced- I suspected there would be crickets from that corner when anything ever reflects badly on their hero.... https://time.com/5864434/tulsa-trump-rally-coronavirus-surge/?fbclid=IwAR2PimFN_AgPtc_yA6d8zqe4tpC4GnBhNBTtE5HP8whlWXYRKqHfelxjaj4
  6. hoorta

    A Profile in Courage

    Call me shocked that this is a Bernie Sanders "improved" special, not the Democrats per se. It has zero chance of getting approved as it stands. The original proposal was for $1,200. So go get hysterical like Peggy, why don't you?
  7. hoorta

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    Last things first. Njoku has zero leverage to demand a trade. Looking at his contract, he still has no leverage. Vag is right, after last season, trading him gives you pennies on the dollar. All up to Berry and Stef if he's going to be a distraction or not. Regarding the season, they're certainly going to try and play it- BUT. The Ravens took the lead, and I suspect all other NFL teams will fall in line. We got our letter from the Browns yesterday. The short of it was: You can keep your tickets, with no guarantees. Or ask for a refund, or credit your payment to 2021 tickets. You keep your seats and seniority. We took the last option. If there is no season, time for the owners to start talking to the NFLPA (and not bury their heads in the sand) about what if scenarios. I doubt the Chiefs would be very happy to pay Mahomes $50 million to go fishing for 9 months. It may wind up like MLS or Premier League with no fans in the stands. There's big problems if a top qb or 1\2 the team comes down with covid. I'll take this as a sign of things to come, the Big 10 just canceled all out of conference games.
  8. hoorta

    Washington Redskins

    I would doubt "Indian" is offensive to Native Americans- unless they're on the Omar-AOC nut job fringe. https://www.cleveland.com/tribe/2020/07/the-cleveland-indians-changing-their-name-i-dont-like-it-i-also-understand-it-i-guess-terry-pluto.html Virtually every religious based school I'm aware of that teaches Native Americans has the word "Indian" in it. St. Joseph's (Lakota Sioux), St. Stephens (Arapaho), St Bonaventure (Navajo), St Labre (Northern Cheyenne)... Then there's the Wind River Indian Reservation & many others..... Um, some other name you'd like us to call you instead? Sorry- changing the Indians name is going overboard on the PC scale- we got rid of Chief Wahoo to appease the radicals....
  9. I do get what you're saying between California and New York- Biden is going to get spotted 84 electoral votes right off the bat....
  10. I wouldn't even go that low- probably 90% of Democrats think this woman is mentally ill. But I will admit- if you take the Democratic platform to it's ultimate end- you wind up with nut jobs like Omar and Bernie. I may not like Trump, but folks like Omar and her ilk scare the mortal shit out of me....
  11. We dont agree on much- but exactly who is brain dead enough to actually vote for a socialist like this? Old McDonald had a Farm, and he's oppressing his chickens ei-ei-o. So let them get better working conditions... Suddenly I feel really oppressed Omar, I need my SS check doubled please, please help.
  12. hoorta

    Covid deaths decline

    Well, Mike De(s-wine) went full panic mode again, declaring 7 Ohio counties (including mine) bad, bad people... Yup Steve- 2134 cases and 31 deaths = a 0.15% death rate, and it's a lot lower than that when we likely throw in the extra 10X asymptomatic cases . And bet a lot of the positives are inner city Dayton, not from out in the 'burbs.... https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/continuing-coverage/coronavirus/gov-dewine-issues-order-making-masks-mandatory-in-high-risk-counties OK, I'll play your game, (not indefinitely) I have my mask- if it makes you feel better Mike....
  13. hoorta

    Covid deaths decline

    And our freinds isn Spain just reported antibodies levels are dropping off a cliff- herd immunity may not be possible... And f**k all you President Quack ass kissers.. Fair enough?
  14. hoorta

    Apology accepted

    Congrats, at least you realize Trump is a womanizer at best. Got any comments how FOX "accidentaly" cropped that picture of Trump palling it up with Epstein and Maxwell? Now bite me Biden? How about listing all of Mile Pence's terrific accomplishments? Other than having to cover up any of Trump's major boo-boos. Donald (Nero) Quack Trump is fiddlin' away while the number of covid cases in the USA increase burn to record numbers, some cities are shutting down again. So much for hydroxy is going the be a game changer, and the virus is just going to go away. That alone is enough to tell the guy to take a hike. Us medical people take a dim view of phonies spouting stuff out their ass with no basis in fact. His latest "no big deal"- tell that to someone who had a relative die of it. I couldn't even attend the funeral 6 weeks ago of a good friend's wife because of this crap. What do I want to see? My fellow Americans- the number of cases are increasing so here's what were going to do. What do I hear? Nasty people tearing down statues..... Bite me Donnie- you had better fear greatly the Silent Majority has figured out your act.... America will have their say in November- and DT has a major mountain to climb to catch "Sleepy Joe". Can I say that's yet another reason people don't like him- juvenile name calling? But it appeals to his base. Just like Trump never heard that guy yell "WHITE POWER" sure, whatever Donnie- I for one, and a lot of other folks believe that as far as we could throw your fat ass....
  15. hoorta

    Apology accepted

    You'll be better off when you realize Trump lives in an alternate reality- as well as those who somehow think he's a Saint by comparison to his predecessors...