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  1. hoorta

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    Lucky Dog. I'm heading out in nice 34 degree weather. Involving 12 assorted pieces of clothing. It was really nice 20 years ago in January at the Winter Star Party down in the Florida Keys (I dragged the bike along) being able to use summer cycling clothes.....
  2. Well, since it made it to NFL.com I suppose it's not off topic.... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001099079/article/nfl-community-honors-late-nba-legend-kobe-bryant
  3. hoorta

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter accident

    Confirmed by CNN.... It was his own helicopter....
  4. hoorta

    Antonio Brown..off the rails..

    To use a Zombo term, the guy is batshit crazy.....
  5. FWIW Flugs- my brother lives in the the area where that bar incident happened, and his wife knows the guy who owns the bar. Seems the Wickliffe Police are Browns fans, and didn't see anything worth mentioning.
  6. On that we can agree. Not necessarily how they look though. They can start using them for fertilizer like they used to do in the early 1800s when they were so plentiful, they'd wash up on shore. hoorta Rule #1. If it came out of the water, I don't eat it. Had a truly exceptional filet tonight with Pine Club leftover lyonaise potatoes ( hash browns + onions if you've not heard of them) and a bottle of California Oberon Cabernet.
  7. hoorta

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Um, Cousins' contract is puny compared to the fully guaranteed money top MLB players are currently hauling in.....
  8. I believe in Ohio, possession of a small amount of weed is just a misdemeanor on the level of jaywalking. Not saying Hunt should be smoking in the off season. I mean really, recreational weed is already legal in a bunch of states. Take it to the bank, the next League agreement with the NFLPA marijuana is coming off the list as a banned substance. And if this happened to be Joe Blow NFL practice squad player and not Hunt- it's a non-story.
  9. hoorta

    Survey Thursday January 22

    Yeah, it wouldn't affect me, but if you broke it down into sub categories, the wife is very interested in swimming (former competitive swimmer) and figure skating. E-sports? How in the world can you call that a sport? Misnomer, may as well call World Championship Poker, or chess a "sport". To my mind a sport has to involve a certain minimal amount of physical activity, and playing on a computer doesn't rate. Call it an E-GAME and I'm good with it. Adding on to mjp's list not to be sexist, but there's women's lacrosse and ice hockey. I did forget one sport of mine that I watch once a year - professional men's cycling. I'll watch hours of the Tour de France every year. If you ride a lot, it's mind boggling how good those guys are. Average schmucks couldn't keep up with them for 5 minutes. Even on the last day of the Tour in the first hour of the ride when they're just screwing around drinking champagne, you'd have to be at least a Class A rider (average 18 mph+ over 100 miles) to be able to keep up.
  10. To make it simple Gipper those numbers are what you'd win on a $100 bet. +1,600 is 16:1 odds. A minus number say -140 means you'd have to wager $140 to win back your money and an extra $100. Got it? While you're at it you could bet $5 bucks on the Browns winning the 2021 Super Bowl. I'm sure there's already odds on every team....
  11. hoorta

    Quarterback Carousel

    Regarding the Bengals and Dalton. You're correct that he's not a free agent. However the reports from Cinci are Andy has pretty much worn out his welcome in Bungle-land. It's a 95%+ certainty he's played his last game with the Stripers. The way his contract is structured, he can be traded or cut with no dead money involved. He's he's got one year left on his contract at $17 million. In the current QB market- about middle of the pack for a one year rent-a-player. All Dalton's guaranteed money has already been paid, so I'm not certain the Bengals would be obligated to pay it should they flat-out cut him. They'll try to get a low round pick in a trade before they go that route though. And though you don't want to admit it, Joe Burrow is going to be his replacement. Yeah, the Bengals just said they'll listen to offers for the #1 overall pick- but it's going to have to be something totally insane to get them to move it. The bidding will start at three first round picks and a lot more.... The only team realistically in a position to do so is the Dolphins, and they're reported to be content to sit right where they are and take Tua Tags instead.
  12. hoorta

    why I hope it's not Stefansky....

    Yeah, Mostert did get his start with the Browns. And he also did nothing with three other teams (including the Ravens) before the 49ers picked him up. Is this year a fluke? Certainly can't blame the Browns on this one.
  13. hoorta

    Roll Call

    That's just guys who saw this thread. I know we have one more from the Dayton area, two from England (howie and gareth) and one for Scotland (Keith). One from Atlanta.
  14. hoorta

    HC/GM/Position Coach tracker

    Ha, concensus. Berry- Paton. Paton- Berry. We can't agree. The Homeless Guy is available. Done.