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  1. It will be a very red Bordeaux, Nero. Something along the lines of a 1986 Chateau Rausan-Segla or 1982 Cos d' Estournel. I suppose in Spain, you have an equivalent of Thanksgiving sometime? LOL, Spanish wines started me off on my good wine kick. A few cases of Bodegas Franco Espanolas 1968 shared with friends it was. Dirt cheap at the time- less than a buck a bottle. I love Rioja wines, have a bunch of them in my cellar. Vina Ardanza Riserva et al. Toro is fine, ditto Priorat. Wish I could afford Pesquera. One of my very favorites is a wine from the Jumilla region, Clio. Spanish wine from French grapes made in an Australian style, if you follow. Between me and one other guy we have bottles of every vintage they've ever produced going back to 2002. After dinner, a nice glass of Lustau Oloroso sherry. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm one of the board's resident winos. None of the above Gip. You probably know (from our trip to Nashville) about my very limited diet. Nothing from the squash family, and I don't care for sweet potatoes either. & if it came out of the water- I don't eat that either. If you want generic, I'll go pecan pie. I have a couple pie recipes from the wine group when I'm in the mood to spend hours in the kitchen. A killer chocolate cream that has unbelievable intensity (100% cacao is the base ingredient) and a personal fave I whip up once in awhile- White chocolate amaretto cream. Pretty much describes the main ingredients. Used to be one of the signature deserts at one of the restaurants here, but they dropped it because it's too time consuming to make on a commercial scale. You're standing over a double boiler for an hour stirring waiting for it to thicken up.
  2. If there were more folks like me around, the world would be overrun with turkeys. Bury a small slice under some cranberry sauce. Cows of the world are in danger. Hoorta's Thanksgiving dinner consists of a grilled NY strip on the grill, baked potato, salad & veggies. Old Bordeaux for the wine, vintage TBD. Watch my secondary team the Lions. Been to Detroit several times on Turkey Day when they were playing the Browns- of course Cleveland lost, it's sort of their Super Bowl. Whatever you put on the table, Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  3. Darnold vs rosen

    Cal's a wantin' a certain QB ridin' the range in Laramie.... A FYI, if you want to get another look at Rosen (and not in a hot tub) UCLA- Cal this Friday 24th 10:30 PM EST FS1. Already got it in my record que.
  4. The Process Poll

    I have to hope this is a bunch of unsubstantiated Grossi BS. Mr. Poison Pen at work.... Tyrod Taylor or AJ McCarron might push me over the edge. Draft Rosen anyway, let the chips fall where they may....
  5. The Process Poll

    I agree with Tour on #1, all of the above except the players. PO it's not going to happen. Hue said as much. Only way Hogan sees the field is if Kizer gets hurt. I mostly agree I've seen enough of Kizer to think he's not the answer- Hue and the gang must think so too, or they wouldn't have made an effort to overpay for McCarron. However, everyone but you thinks there's nothing to be gained by playing Kevin he has a limited skill set. I doubt Hue would ever take a demotion. I'm on board with Tour's suggestion that Jackson is trying to do too damn much, & that will be addressed in the off season- one way or another.
  6. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Har, the odds of the Browns winning all six are about the same as the earth getting hit by an asteroid.
  7. Camp Mayfield

    Yeah, right now Baker is listed as anywhere 1st (Daniel Jeremiah) http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000875152/article/scouting-baker-mayfield-vs-tcu-qb-worthy-of-firstround-pick to 3rd round..... I've heard that- it's going to depend (assuming he declares) on interviews and workouts....
  8. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    LOL, seeing that picture notice any similarity?
  9. Didn't scroll down far enough. LOL Tour, you really think the Giants going to wait until the sixth round? Assuming we take Rosen. Round 1, pick #3 should he declare- Sam Darnold. No brainer. PS I agree on a OT, but McGlinchey is getting more press as the #1 prospect there.
  10. Like your picks, but the Giants will definitely draft their qbotf.
  11. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    It's not the only ranking out there Gip. Still way early, but Rosen is better than #18. Walter Football which runs a pretty good mock BTW, has him going #3 to the Giants.
  12. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Gip, I hope you noticed that ranking is so skewed, it's ridiculous. They have a bunch of guys rated lower at their position ranked higher. I could probably come up with something that makes more sense.
  13. Camp Mayfield

    don't worry You'll get a chance to see him in the FBS playoff... Cal, just keep up the Mayfield bashing. Here's what you should do- start rooting for the Texans- they won't draft anyone with a criminal record...
  14. LOL off with you to the pit of misery... It could be Brownie, Brownie... I agree it's a stupid commercial...
  15. No kidding??????

    Okayyyyy... I get your POV. Hue said "just trust me on the WHITE guy- Kessler. Know what that tells me TC? Don't get touchy about the race card. With a few exceptions, we've all gotten past that. You think I hate Kizer because he's the wrong color? WRONG. I hate him because he SUCKS, and we never should have drafted this bum in the first place. Hue can't tell qb talent if it walked up to him and it bit him in the a$$. I don't have a crystal ball Tim. But I do know my draft prognostications since 1999 have been a damsite better than anything the Browns have done since then. At least in the first round- and that's 90% of the picks that matter. Just MHO Tim- Jackson isn't going to be the next Warren Moon.