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  1. NOT ONLY AM I THE ONLY DUEL CHAMPION IN BOARD HISTORY, IVE DONE IT TWICE! I deserve a trophy beside my name till someone can match my remarkable feat!
  2. The Phil Dawson league is league #4. And hes our all time leading scorer. And hes not Zane Gonzalez...
  3. I think the front office is trying to send a message. They want guys who will work their butt off and give 110% to this team. They dont want guys with a lack of respect or appreciation for the oppurtunity they have. Thats the lackadaisical attitude a lot of our team has had over the years that dont have that drive to get better or realize the importance of how their attitude impact the young guys on this roster. Things are changing for this team and its definitely for the better.
  4. League 4 is officially full. As fine a thread this is lol, it can now be deleted or merged.
  5. Flyin J


    If a guy is great at multiple rolls then thats when you see them being moved around to play what benefits the team most in certain situations. Maybe Peppers is better than our backup FS and in a cover 1 situation they could slide him over when Randalls out and play Kindred at SS. I think he'll stick to SS until he gets better at coverage, but hes a very young player in another new position. He'll get better.
  6. Flyin J


    SS in the NFL is more often than not a LB/DB hybrid. Theres Chancellor/McDonald, Keanu Neal, Jonathan Cyprien, Harrison Smith, Reshad Jones, Landon Collins, Kenny Vaccaro, TJ Ward. A SS has to be able to play in the box, and play a 2 deep. They need to cover TEs, and maybe a RB. Theyre usually the guy on a D that will bring the big hit. A FS has to be a great center fielder and generally stick to deep zones except when theres a heavy blitz and they man up.
  7. Flyin J


    Well lets look at SS on Greg Williams defense on the Rams....TJ McDonald, who is more of a LB than Kam Chancellor.
  8. Flyin J


    I think a lot of people here are confused that there is in fact a difference between FS and SS. Its the difference between Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.
  9. What we need is a list of everyone playing. Im pretty sure theres only like 25-30 people max and we have like 6 leagues.
  10. Flyin J

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    There hasnt been an episode posted. If you know anyone with HBO, you can download HBO Go and use their cable credentials to log in.
  11. His team name is Slobberknockers. Haha tell me about it, People act like its some huge time commitment to play fantasy football. Id play, how much is it?
  12. Yeah, hes in. Browns57 made 10 and Unsympathetic wants in but we need another player for an even 12 to make that happen.