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  1. Booker

    'bama Gets In

    I totally agree with you. Hopefully we are blessed with at least ONE TOUCHDOWN this time around.
  2. Booker

    Not The Worst Team In History

    C'mon guys. I know of the technicalities that allow us to claim the history of the team that moved to Baltimore, but that technicality is disingenuous to all of us who consider ourselves Cleveland football fans. We don't root for a team that has played professional football for 65 years. We root for a team that has been in the NFL for 13 and has done nothing but disappoint. We have acquired a form of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to showing faith to this incarnation of the Browns. Gipper, you have a lot of enthusiasm for this team. However, pulling the sheet over your eyes makes you look like a fool. I'm not going to tell you how to root for the Browns, but it has gotten to the point where I can only stomach going to one game a year to end up making the walk of shame up W 3rd with the 30,000 other fans who stuck it out all four quarters. Maybe I'm just tilted. Tilted by the fact that the team I grew up watching and having moderate success moved to Baltimore. That team has all the history, not technically of course, and it kills me every single time I see them.
  3. Booker

    Not The Worst Team In History

    No dude, these Zombie Browns have nothing to do with the once proud franchise that moved to Baltimore.
  4. Booker

    Favorite TV/Radio Announcers for NFL

    I like Jaws. He's pretty solid. TV: Kevin Harlan, Gus Johnson, Jaws Radio: Greg Papa, Kevin Harlan
  5. You have some home/away games mixed up with out of division opponents. The Rams, Cardinals, Jags, and Titans will be coming to Cleveland. The Browns will travel to play the Colts, Texans, 49ers, and Seahawks.
  6. Booker

    Youth Jets fan injured after game

    This story is definitely fishy. 1. Why didn't the guy fight back? If it were my kid, I would have killed the guy? 2. Why wouldn't you seek police assistance? 3. Cops are everywhere. 4. Would other fans really let this happen? 5. Why is the mom telling the story? His account is second hand and not very reliable.
  7. Booker

    stadium security

    What's the deal with stadium security? I've been to about a dozen games over the past 5 years and I would always enter the stadium 30 minutes before the game without waiting too long to enter the stadium, 5-10 minutes MAX. During the Jets game, I must have waited for about 30 minutes. Is this a result of the Browns winning 2 in a row and bandwagon fans showing up right before kickoff, or are they ramping up their efforts?
  8. Booker

    Primetime games

    Like I said, I wouldn't mind a Sunday night game. Even a 4:00 start wouldn't be too terrible. I just wanted to point out that Monday night and Thursday night games are the worst. When it comes to tailgating, I'm not an early riser. If I tailgate, we usually get there at 9:30 and get the grill going for a few hours. Hell, on Saturday I didn't get to bed until 6:00 A.M. I needed the 3 hours of sleep in order cheer the 5 quarters of football we saw.
  9. Booker

    Primetime games

    I loved this season's schedule. Every game at 1:00 except fro Halloween (bye). How autoplay is that? Monday night and Thursday night games are the worst. Fighting regular weekday traffic and getting to the stadium can be a hassle. Also, you have less time to get drunk before the game if you have to work until 5. I wouldn't mind a Sunday night game. P.S. xxxx the Steelers being on primetime 3 weeks in a row. It makes me sick. I'm just glad they went 1-2.
  10. Booker

    Survey Monday All Saints Day

    1. Were you named after a Saint? Which one(s)? Archie Manning 2. Did you dress up for Halloween? As what? George W. Bush 3. Assume for a moment that political correctness went wild and the Browns (who allegedly are named for the African-American race) and the Indians ( who are named for the Native American race) were both "ordered" to change their names. What new names for these teams would you choose? Browns - Oranges Indians - Natives 4. The MLS is now in the midst of their playoffs. Should the MLS, Soccer, now be given the designation as the "5th Major League" along with the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL? Bring back roller derby. 5. LeBron James in his new commercial asks "What should I do"? What, in your opinion, should he do?
  11. Booker

    Moss Waived by Vikings

    Too bad the trading deadline is over. It would be awesome for a terrible team to claim him and auction him off to the highest bidder.
  12. Booker

    Cleveland more manly than Shitsburgh

    There are too many gheys in Columbus for it be #2 in the country in MANLINESS!
  13. Booker

    Best #7

    This has to be the xxxxing dumbest thread I've ever seen.
  14. Booker

    Interest In Mitchell

    I got real excited about the Browns bringing FredEx out of retirement.
  15. Booker

    Watson visiting wednesday

    Ben Watson, the greatest week 1 fantasy football sleeper TE OF ALL TIME.