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  1. Hah, neither of you actually read the article posted. First line: "Residents get 6 votes each in suburban NY election." Not that only Hispanic residents get six votes each, but that every voter gets six votes, black, white, purple or otherwise. On the system itself: If half the town is Hispanic and there has never been a Hispanic elected, it may have something to do with shitty candidates rather than the voting system. But there is nothing unfair about giving everybody six votes, it is just a little weird.
  2. PB&J


    Yes, it is the flu. But the flu shot can do a lot to prevent a person from getting the virus. An aspect to the H1N1 that everyone overlooks is that most people have no immunity to it. People shouldn't be worried about dying from it, but if the infection rates are as high as they are predicted then a huge part of the workforce will miss work and/or have decreased productivity.And it isn't like the seasonal flu where old people and babies are at highest risk, it is younger people that make up a lot of the workforce. With the economy as bad as it is, you really don't want to pile on even more.
  3. PB&J


    Possibly. But for a condition so rare as dystonia, should the average person not get a flu shot for fear of it?
  4. PB&J


    To say she got dystonia because of a flu shot is the equivalent of "balloon boy" medicine." That would be a first. Not a reason to not get a flu shot.
  5. PB&J

    D'Qwell Jackson out for season

    This is really, really bad. As much hate as some like to throw at DQ, he is a beast and makes lots of plays. I wonder if this means we start seeing a lot more of David and Kaluka, or if we see Bowens inside and more Hall/Trusnik outside.
  6. PB&J

    Survey Monday

    As much as I enjoyed the VA sites, the Shilo battlefield is near and dear to my heart.It is so isolated from development and so unspoiled. A lot different to the manassass battlefield with rte. 66 running through the middle.
  7. PB&J

    Survey Monday

    1. -- 2. Kilkenny football, Manchester City 3. Probably dead 4. Last: Maryland/Virginia Civil War sites. Next: Russia 5. Me: KSU. Grandparents: KSU. Uncles: KSU. Mother: KSU. Father: University College Dublin. Lady Friend: Case.
  8. PB&J

    One chicago public school

    Oh, come on now. It isn't caused by "liberal attitudes." If that were true, how do you explain the ten states with the highest teen birth rates, many of them are so-called "red states" and are considered to be very religious. http://www.statehealthfacts.org/comparemap...nd=37&cat=2 It is called being human, and if anything a more progressive sex-ed that teaches about safe sex would push down the pregnancy rate.
  9. PB&J

    This guy is hysterical

    Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.
  10. PB&J

    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    Philosophy student, Kent State.
  11. PB&J

    Over/Under on BE drops tonight

    Holy shit, look at that catch!
  12. PB&J

    Over/Under on BE drops tonight

    I hope Braylon plays absolutely out of his mind tonight, and the rest of the season. I mean a shit ton of touchdowns and 5+ receptions every game. We get the second rounder, and I hope he drops every other ball for the rest of his career just like he did in Cleveland.
  13. PB&J

    4 Great Plays Made this Game Today

    I liked when TO ran the crossing route on third down and Mike Adams got him from behind a yard short of the first down.
  14. PB&J

    We Won

    If the Bills beat themselves, does that mean they win?
  15. PB&J

    Jerome Harrison

    NO back in the nfl will last 6 games of 26 carries in the NFL. Every year, hardly any backs even average over 20 carries per game. Harrison was pretty gassed out there on sunday not because he doesn't have what it takes, but because he played four quarters of offense and both kick coverage and returns. Take the starting running back off of returns and coverage and he might not be hurting so much of monday and tuesday.