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  1. So they finally found someone who would take the job..
  2. per twitter, John Defillipo is new OC..sources tell Fox, he is 36 years old and was Raiders QB coach
  3. Per multiple reports Kyle and Browns have parted ways!!!
  4. b86b

    Haslam tweets Pettines 100% staying!

    And he'll be 100% gone after next year..
  5. b86b

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Per Twitter he was fined for being late to rehab for hamstring.. Glad he's taking things serious now.
  6. b86b

    Pettine The Right Coach For The Browns

    I think it's still wait and see with Pettine.. This team has only beat 2 teams with a winning record and could finish the season 1-6. His specialty is defense, 21st in the league and the rush def is 31st. Next year they won't have the luxury of playing the AFC/NFC south all year, switches to the AFC/NFC West..
  7. b86b

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Depends on how long it takes the FO to realize that JH really screwed them and its time to move on..If they keep throwing him out there just because, then yes it will be the EOW.
  8. b86b

    F Brian "Garbage" Hoyer

    Hoyer the last two weeks 24/58 41% 432 yrds 1td 1int. He's trending in the wrong direction
  9. b86b

    Current WR Corps

    You're right it doesn't look horrible, its god awful... Burleson and his broken arm and Hawkins all 5'7" of him are the only NFL WR i see on that list. Feel sorry for Hoyer & JFF
  10. b86b

    The 2014 Schedule is Set

    last 5 of 6..
  11. b86b

    The 2014 Schedule is Set

    brutal start to the season...
  12. and Dilfer, Johnson, Rypien,Williams, Hostetler all won super bowls..FYI SF went to NFC championship with Alex smith so they were "great" before Colin. Wilson is far from a great QB he has a great running game and good defense and they don't ask him to do to much. Look at the Ratbirds they won SB with Flacco, lose Boldin and some defense pieces and they look awful. Pats* won 11 games w/o Brady. Great teams win SB not Great QBs.. Drafting a QB to just draft a QB lands you Weeden, McCoy, Couch, Ponder, Gabbert, Locker,Leaf, Leinart..
  13. b86b

    Free agency! Now the draft?

    you aint shittin, they must not want to pay Cam.. Think they could go another route though