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  1. WVBrownsfan

    2009 Fantasy Football Follies

    Great job everyone !!
  2. WVBrownsfan

    Current sports trivia

    #2 is Steelers & Penguins from last season (2008).
  3. WVBrownsfan

    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    Worked for 18+ years in the home remodeling industry, mainly as a kitchen & bath designer and sales. Most recently worked for an appraisal - title management company and currently looking for a new position.
  4. WVBrownsfan

    Over/Under on BE drops tonight

    At least Braylon is still winless this year.
  5. WVBrownsfan

    Jamal Lewis

    Against a defence like the Steelers you're going to need a tough grind it out back like Jamal. I agree that this is probably his last season here but he can still give you those tough 2-3 yds. for a first down to keep a drive alive. This horse is still running so I'm not going to put him out to pasture yet - Go get 'em Jamal !
  6. WVBrownsfan

    LAB (Life After Braylon)

    It's odd to say that after losing one of your teams star players that you'd be looking forward to the next game - but I am. I really want to see what the receiving corp can do now without having that ego line up next to them. My only problem is that I'm in the Pittsburgh market and I'll only get the Stillers/Lions game.
  7. WVBrownsfan

    KW - DQJ Wallpaper

    That pic is from a few years ago, DQ wore #58 his fist two seasons I believe and then switched to #52.
  8. WVBrownsfan

    KW - DQJ Wallpaper

    I made a new wallpaper for myself of Wimbley and Jackson and thought I'd share it if anyone wants to use it. It's made for my screen resolution though (1600x900). Wimbley-Jackson Wallpaper
  9. WVBrownsfan

    Braylon Edwards Traded to the Jets

    Damn and I just signed up for the B-Easy fan club ! http://www.braylonedwards.com/
  10. WVBrownsfan

    Braylon Edwards Traded to the Jets

    I was thinking the same thing, there goes Sanchez's chance at rookie of the year ! Good move by Mangini, BE didn't produce last year and looks to be the same story this season. Plus now he can hang out with Plexico in the NY bars after he gets out on good behavior.
  11. WVBrownsfan

    What kind of dog do you own?

    We have a two year old Shetland Sheepdog named Dasher. The trophy he won was for best purebred at a contest the local animal shelter had for a fundraiser. It's more of a joke because it's actually a leftover dancing trophy a local dance school donated, but my wife still likes to call him our award winning dog.
  12. WVBrownsfan

    Jim Brown Jersey for Sale

    Actually that is correct for the Jim Brown era jersey not to have the name on the back. And they did wear the long sleeves a lot then also.
  13. WVBrownsfan

    fantasy question

    Sipe was so good that even though he's been retired for over 20 yrs., he can still get you 20+ pts. every week on your fantasy team !
  14. WVBrownsfan

    I Guarantee a Browns win on Sunday

    Hey, why not ? The Ravens have a big game next week against the Pats and may get caught looking ahead to that one. Browns win with an offensive explosion of two TD's. Browns - 20 Ravens - 17