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  1. blitzz2


    if it's working and it's not broken, don't mess with it. Let Williams run the table, if they play lights out, win out or close to it. Keep him.
  2. blitzz2

    Baker speaking some truth

    Good for Baker, didn't sugar coat it as much as he could of. And as far as them both being gone, good. No point in arguing about the past when the future is upon us. More wins in the past 3 games then Hue had in 2 seasons lmao
  3. blitzz2

    92 Effing yards

    Guess a 6.2 inch Chubb is far better than a 4.7 Saquan Chubb😂
  4. blitzz2

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    Being Toledo is so close to Detroit, we get stuck alot with their crap.
  5. blitzz2

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    Anywhere to stream this? Here in Toledo, we have NE/TENN and Chi/Det. Would have to think that Cleveland/ATL would be a better match up. Must be Disney sticking it to us! lol
  6. blitzz2

    Bruce Arians

    Solid for sure, like the scenario as mentioned above
  7. Maybe the no call on the shot to the head during the sack, what is it now, 2 games in a row with a no call shot to the head? bunch of BS.
  8. blitzz2

    Trade deadline today 4pm ET

    GoldenTate? Would he be worth a mid round pick? Guess that is the asking price in Detroit.
  9. blitzz2


    Just want 1 with LEADERSHIP abilities. Don't care if it's Lincoln,Beeniemy,Harbaugh,etc. Keep it on a professional level. Hue blurred that line. More of a players friend than a HC.
  10. blitzz2

    wtf do we do at WR?

    Don't know why we don't use Devalve more, guy can catch, not a fancy name like N joke on U.
  11. 1st Ty Lue, then Hue...it can't get any better than that!
  12. blitzz2

    Patrick Peterson requests trade

    Take him in a heartbeat, him dictating or having a dream list😄 2 shut down CB. Makes the front 7 even more efficient
  13. blitzz2

    1 wr choice gone

    Might be a good move for the Cowboys. Get a proven receiver for a #1 or draft a possible Wr at #1. We all know how they look at the college level, and how many actually bring the "worth" of a #1 to the next level, and meet the overall expectations. It's a crap shoot, so with that, I think Dallas probably did the right thing.
  14. blitzz2

    Potential trades

    dIdn't they bring Rishard Matthews in for a workout, and if so what happened with that?
  15. blitzz2

    Navorro Bowman

    So, any update on NB? Think he will be a good stop gap until JS is back. Hell, if he can recapture any of his previous form prior to his injuries I'll take it. Dudes a player.