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  1. blitzz2

    Browns Win-Loss predictions

    As long as the progress is on a sharp incline, Baker probably will have some more growing pains. But with the additions of OBJ,Hunt, sure it will lesson them. Like someone else said, see what the draft brings, and the rest of free agency. Vegas sayin14-1 odds now? Thats just crazy. All i'm hoping and looking for is game to game improvement,the O AND D to be cohesive, and for Baker to keep this ship straight on course, and to squash any "me or I" Bs that arises.
  2. blitzz2

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    DAMN! YOU can't stretch the field anymore than this! OBJ,Calloway,Landry. Chubb/Hunt out of the back field...A Fucking nightmare for a D. Shit happens when you get a football mind running the team! Excited for 19!
  3. blitzz2

    NFL Team Cuts

    Could be a good move, but kicking in a dome, compared to the elements and wind. Like to see some stats comparing his dome/outside efficiency
  4. That Texas receiver who exploded during the OU game.Collin Johnson, he had size 6'4 180 had hands and seemed to run pretty good routes. Caught the ball at it's highest point, etc etc.
  5. When a OC steps in thats never called plays and develops a re pore with the players the way he did. There just has to be something special to Kitchens. As noted time and time again, the players responded, Baker Exploded, and Browns football became fun and relevant once again. If Haslam can't see this, then he is a (or is) a fool.(Hopefully he doesn't devote to much time to his new partnership with the Columbus Crew) As for Williams, sometimes 2nd chances are all you need. He's been down the road once be4 and has a perfect opportunity in Cleveland to leave a huge mark. Seems the players really respond to this staff, and with a few more pieces (DT, A Cerebral LB, CB) They will have all the pieces to succeed for years to come.
  6. blitzz2

    Kitchens And Williams

    Saw that too, and right below that article was another talking about keeping Williams and the coaching staff. To me, it's all speculation just to have a story out there. Their all just digging for a bone. When I see the presser on Monday, then, and only then will we have some sort of idea what direction the Browns are headed in.
  7. Think I would shut down Ward, missed what, last 2 games? And we know how the Concussion Protocol in the NFL works(wink wink) I just don't see a concussion as a 2 week heal, give that head a good time to rest. Mayfield, keep him playing, hopefully he gets to see a good old Northeast Ohio snow storm and play in it. Or just the bitter cold coming off the lake.
  8. blitzz2


    if it's working and it's not broken, don't mess with it. Let Williams run the table, if they play lights out, win out or close to it. Keep him.
  9. blitzz2

    Baker speaking some truth

    Good for Baker, didn't sugar coat it as much as he could of. And as far as them both being gone, good. No point in arguing about the past when the future is upon us. More wins in the past 3 games then Hue had in 2 seasons lmao
  10. blitzz2

    92 Effing yards

    Guess a 6.2 inch Chubb is far better than a 4.7 Saquan Chubb😂
  11. blitzz2

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    Being Toledo is so close to Detroit, we get stuck alot with their crap.
  12. blitzz2

    ***Official Browns Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread***

    Anywhere to stream this? Here in Toledo, we have NE/TENN and Chi/Det. Would have to think that Cleveland/ATL would be a better match up. Must be Disney sticking it to us! lol
  13. blitzz2

    Bruce Arians

    Solid for sure, like the scenario as mentioned above
  14. Maybe the no call on the shot to the head during the sack, what is it now, 2 games in a row with a no call shot to the head? bunch of BS.
  15. blitzz2

    Trade deadline today 4pm ET

    GoldenTate? Would he be worth a mid round pick? Guess that is the asking price in Detroit.