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  1. blitzz2

    Patrick Peterson requests trade

    Take him in a heartbeat, him dictating or having a dream listπŸ˜„ 2 shut down CB. Makes the front 7 even more efficient
  2. blitzz2

    1 wr choice gone

    Might be a good move for the Cowboys. Get a proven receiver for a #1 or draft a possible Wr at #1. We all know how they look at the college level, and how many actually bring the "worth" of a #1 to the next level, and meet the overall expectations. It's a crap shoot, so with that, I think Dallas probably did the right thing.
  3. blitzz2

    Potential trades

    dIdn't they bring Rishard Matthews in for a workout, and if so what happened with that?
  4. blitzz2

    Navorro Bowman

    So, any update on NB? Think he will be a good stop gap until JS is back. Hell, if he can recapture any of his previous form prior to his injuries I'll take it. Dudes a player.
  5. blitzz2

    Potential trades

    Hell, we have our wide receiver in Duke, like others have said. Keep our draft capital and develop from within.
  6. blitzz2


    I like all the comparisons to Brees, only thing I DON'T Like was Brees left SD for NO..so with that, we need to keep BM if he is our Brees
  7. blitzz2

    Chargers - call your shot

    34-30 Browns, BMayfield leads 2minute drill to secure the win and further his short term legacy and causes Cleveland to go mad with Mayfield hysteria..And winning TD pass to Willies with no time left on the clock....lol
  8. blitzz2

    league is starting to talk about Bake....

    To hell with the comparisons, Let Baker make his own way, and when it's all said and done. They compare the new guys to Baker. When they do that, Then you know we had found our quarterback.
  9. blitzz2

    Do we have it?

    Like what I have seen so far, passion,leadership,arm,IQ. Am I jumping up and down? not quite, we have seen this be4, and like others have said. "wait and see" but I'm more of an optimist than a pessimist. But overall, what I see on the field is a passion for the game, someone not afraid to put the ball in any of his receivers hands. Hopefully this is it. And we won't be talking about a quarterback in the 1st round for years to come. And that will allow us to draft the skill players we need to keep this franchise on the up and up.
  10. blitzz2


    Bring back the "Stick Um"!
  11. Looking forward to it, might be some ups and downs, hopefully a hell of a lot more UPS then downs! Cautiously excited!
  12. Sam Darnold>Foghorn Leghorn I literally died inside!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. blitzz2

    John Dorsey

    I thought he was talking about Mayfield..my bad.
  14. blitzz2

    John Dorsey

    Does it matter? Pull the Safetys' across, opens up underneath and mid routes. Keeps the safetys heads on a swivel and honest.
  15. Seems to me in the 2nd half, they seemed to hold the edge. 1st half they were killing them on the runs to the edge. I was yelling just hold it. 2nd half they seemed to hold it pretty well. Especially the left on the D.