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    Defense did win the championship however don't forget two number one overall QBs were playing against one another. Great game though the defenses on both sides came to play
  2. mdmusch

    Draft thread

    DeForest Buckner would be my choice over Bosa. PFF ranks him number 1 in all of college football I've watched all but one of the Duck's games and this guy just pops off the screen. He is the best 5-Tech in the draft.
  3. mdmusch

    Joe Thomas trade rumors

    There are other factors here... Age, contract, probability of another accepted contract extension, etc. Joe Thomas is a hall of famer for sure, could be the best technician of all time, however you have to consider ROI. I want Mack gone because he's probably gone after this year or next at the latest. Mingo is the same thing, do you really think he'd sign an extension with a team that uses him as a special teams ace. Joe Thomas really deserves better than to have a new coach and system every two years (often we change year to year). Get a first when you can and we'll all sadly say goodbye. I want him to be here for a winner but I'm not sure that's bound to happen with McCown, Johnny, or any 2016 draft pick.
  4. mdmusch

    Joe Thomas trade rumors

    I'm for it. These "elite" players just aren't making a difference in the win column. I'd be all for getting Haden out too (love the guys buts he's always been overrated), but his play and injuries severely diminish his value at this deadline
  5. mdmusch

    On to St. Louis!

    I'm driving down from SE Minnesota for this game. Really excited to finally see a regular season Browns game.
  6. mdmusch

    Keys to Victory over Denver

    My keys: 1) OLB - Bryant and Kruger rotate and rush 90% of their snaps. Mingo plays opposite and played 70% of snaps. He's able to be a 3-down Sam backer. Rotate Orchard on both sides; at this point, in coverage, I trust Mingo and Orchard only. 2) Continue using the quick screen/passes to motion or slot receivers. Pats and the Pack do this and I fully expect the league to make the (eager) downfield blocking an emphasis for next season. We need to use it while we can. 3) Commit to giving Duke 15 carries primarily in late 2nd through the end. Mix in varied runs. Hammer Turbin and Crowell in the 1st - 2nd. 4) Play the ball aggressively on defense. Peyton's arm is shot. Limited power and sporadic accuracy = turnovers. Peyton will still beat us on anticipation, but they need to take advantage on his deficiencies. Also blitz more when Manning is not in his comfort zone (shotgun) 5) Bryant and Bryant need to see the field more than their peers. Those two put forth much higher effort and it shows in their production.
  7. mdmusch

    Prediction time Part 2 Major Awards

    Defensive Rookie of the Year: Shane Ray Offensive Rookie of the Year: Amari Cooper Defensive Player of the Year: Khalil Mack Offensive Player of the Year: Julio Jones Most Valuable Player: Sam Bradford Coach of the Year: Chip Kelly Comeback Player of the Year: Sam Bradford
  8. mdmusch

    Barkevious Mingo out for a month

    I really think Mingo is incredibly valuable. Very solid in coverage, if healthy he could still be 6-8 sacks it seems, he lives in the backfield when rushed He's a different type of player then we expected. Not the straight pass rushing fiend but a more well rounded player. For the 6th pick you'd ideally like 15 sack production, but I'm happy with Mingo. Let Orchard turn into the pure pass rushing guy, IMO. Don't have Orchard drop back
  9. mdmusch

    Terrelle Pryor Claimed By Browns

    His long speed/build reminds me a lot of Gordon Both have a long stride, effortless motion, and quick turnover that allow them to outrun most Pryor gives value to the team as a 5th receiver (slot), 3rd TE and emergency QB. Get him coached up to be a gunner and you have a valuable player
  10. mdmusch

    Courtney Brown

    This guy was a phenomenal prospect. I'm not sure why his name doesn't get thrown around with the likes of Peppers, Williams, and Clowney, as he had triangle numbers very similar to them. His production was off the charts too with 33 sacks and 70 TFL in his college career. This also comes from the time when traditional running offenses dominated the college scene
  11. mdmusch

    First 2015 Depth Chart - 54 man

    Duke is a capable return man. That's one of his best attributes
  12. mdmusch

    Browns rookie jersey #'s

    Not a fan of the NFL allowing LB's to be in the 40's
  13. mdmusch

    Who's next?

    Hopefully we can snag DeAndre Smelter in the 6th (would be IR in Year 1)
  14. mdmusch

    Who's next?

    I like how Mayle Plays and we are seeing a trend here with the receiver additions this off season. All three additions are 6-2+ I think this is a great idea with Manziel and also the commitment to running the ball
  15. mdmusch

    Who's next?

    Would love Pruitt as a FB/TE Very similar to Marcel Reece who Flip utilized in Oakland