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  1. Carlos Hyde is a Brown

    Apparently I missed the news that the Bills are picking at 12 now due to a trade with Cincinnati. Trading back to 12 not nearly as bad. With most recent FA moves, I really think it is QB at 1 and with Fitzpatrick, Chubb, or trade down at 4 to pick up another DB.
  2. Carlos Hyde is a Brown

    We have a completely different front office now, so I wouldn't expect the #1 pick to be traded. That #4 pick is going to be nearly as valuable as the #1 pick because it is likely their will be a run on QBs, leaving just 1 top-tier QB of the 4 when pick 4 rolls around. Possible teams that would want to pick a QB: Dolphins at 11, Redskins at 13, Cardinals at 15, Chargers at 17, Bills at 21. If it's the Bills, they will have to give a boatload up to the Browns to move up that high.
  3. Carlos Hyde is a Brown

    Ah, yep. That drove me nuts with Crowell. Good upgrade then. Wonder if they might still take an RB with 2nd or 3rd round pick.
  4. Carlos Hyde is a Brown

    Probably means we are drafting Fitzpatrick or Chubb at 4. Trading out/down is possible, too, but this team really needs to add some blue-chip talent, so I'd prefer they stay put or at least in the top 10. That said, my guess, pick 4 is going to become extremely valuable because picks 1, 2, and 3 could very well go QB. Everyone talks about 4 QBs being first-rounders (Rosen, Mayfield, Darnold, Allen). With a run on QB, that's going to leave just 1 top-tier QB left, we could have a bidding war for that #4 pick. Isn't Carlos Hyde a very similar back to Crowell?
  5. Sashi fired

    Yep, his draft record was better than what we had previously.
  6. Sashi fired

    So, can someone explain to me how this is going to go any differently than every other reset the team has had? I get firing Sashi, a sacrificial lamb is needed. I think the core plan of turning over an aging and under-performing roster and loading up on draft picks was the right move, but they took it to illogical extremes (namely not retaining the young homegrown talent like Gipson, Schwartz, and Benjamin, and trading out instead of picking Wentz) that made it impossible to win. It will be interesting to see how the team responds on the field to this for the remainder of the season.
  7. Deshone Kizer

    Yeah and who was the hot assistant coach the year the Browns hired Hue Jackson? It was Hue Jackson. The Rams have not been as historically bad as the Browns. The new Rams coach has more to work with than Hue. You all keep comparing the Browns with other teams and their new coaches but that's comparing apples with a rotten orange. No other team has seventeen years of ineptitude to crawl out of. No other team tore the house down to the studs, and nobody is going to ride in on a white horse to turn around this team in one year. Only way this franchise gets turned around is by sticking with it for the long haul, not by repeating the insanity of the past seventeen years.
  8. Fantasy Football

    Okay, I'll post since I'm owning my league right now. Standings (League V) Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves 1 Hot Diggity Dawgs 8-1-0 809.77 658.70 W-6 8 15 2 Westingson Welkerson 7-2-0 888.11 685.38 L-1 2 8 3 870 Express 6-3-0 898.96 787.17 W-3 4 5 4 Flyin J's 4-5-0 819.98 796.65 W-1 3 12 5 MOPOWER TO YA! 😎 4-5-0 711.98 720.62 L-3 5 5 6 Brownsfan Barry 3-6-0 799.61 933.54 W-2 6 26 7 1 21 JJ WATTS 2-7-0 704.56 907.76 L-5 7 6 8 Campbell's Soupermen 2-7-0 675.36 818.51 L-2 1 24 Last standings update: Mon Nov 13 02:57am EST
  9. Deshone Kizer

    No coach (or GM, or other FO people) who has any other choice is going to come to Cleveland because Cleveland has a reputation of flushing the whole program down the toilet before it's had time to be seen through. So you can either allow the current administration to make their mistakes and get better, or you can fire them all, bring in a new green administration, and have to let them make all the same mistakes over again.
  10. Browns vs Lions

    Of course now he is injured. Browns are most snakebitten team in sports.
  11. Browns vs Lions

    If only we came away with at least 3pts at the end of the half like 31 other teams would've done in that scenario we'd now be leading.
  12. Browns vs Lions

    My 9 year old kid who plays Madden knows better than that. I'll get the popcorn ready for the presser when Hue tries to explain that one. Honestly I've been one of his biggest defenders for the sake of continuity but after that, we need an OC or someone with responsibility in clock management.
  13. Browns vs Lions

    How the eff do you call a QB sneak with no timeouts.
  14. NFL Rulebook http://operations.nfl.com/media/2646/2017-playing-rules.pdf Search for the sentences in the quote you posted. They don't exist.