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  1. John.R.Brown1968

    Great Zomboni on the run

    Be safe, man!!!
  2. John.R.Brown1968

    Great Zomboni on the run

    I live in Austin, and we got the outer edge of Harvey. Me & the wife live in a valley, but on the top of a hill, on the 4th (top) floor of our building. It was like listening to a freight train all weekend. I can only imagine what it was like in the gulf. We've lived here 2 years and it's flooded about 3 times. Can't stand the weather here. We're either going back to Monterey, maybe SoCal, or preferably Oahu. LOL
  3. John.R.Brown1968

    Roll Call... Who's Looking at Attending Oct. 15 @ HOU?

    If the Browns draft Garrett, we plan to be there. If they don't draft him, I'm not sure if I'll survive a brain aneurysm. ? That said, we're driving down from Austin day of the game, returning home same day, etc. That game is day after my birthday (which is normally a good thing - they have won a lot around my birthday). Considering all ticket options at this point. Would be great to meet up with some of you.
  4. John.R.Brown1968

    Browns trade for BROCK OSWEILER

    Agreed. Hell, even if they turned around and swapped Brock to a QB starved team for a low round pick, it's still a good move. Sashi is becoming a wheeler dealer.
  5. John.R.Brown1968

    Browns trade for BROCK OSWEILER

    There's speculation on Twitter that BO & the picks were acquired to swap for Jimmy G.
  6. John.R.Brown1968

    What would you think of our top 3-4 picks going D

    Depends on who we have as DC. If we're still 3-4, I want Allen (stack him with Shelton & Des Bryant), and I really like Adams (he could probably even rover to LB at times), though I'd prefer Foster or Cunningham. But if we're 4-3, then YES, absofuckinlutely Garrett, Adams, Baker, best avail CB. Four defensive picks. "If I'm curt with you it's because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast, and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So, pretty please... with sugar on top. Fix the fucking defense." Gregg "The Wolf" Williams
  7. John.R.Brown1968

    Best Dark Horse 2017 Draft

    Met his old man, former Cowboys LB Robert Jones, at dinner one night, here in Austin. Had a great talk. Super nice dude. As soon as he said he played for the Cowboys, I said "I liked you up to that point." But we talked about Zay ... and so I've followed him a bit this year. Kid looks like a player.
  8. John.R.Brown1968

    Best Dark Horse 2017 Draft

    If not taken in the 2nd round, safety Justin Evans from A&M. I'm hoping we take Evans in the 2nd round. (I personally want all defensive players in the first 4 picks.)
  9. John.R.Brown1968

    those wanting garoppolo

    Wow ... I missed the boat on those trades. For some reason, I keep thinking Smith to KC was a free agent. But yeah, some great numbers to support your argument, Z. Though, didn't they go to teams who were already in good position to succeed? Trading for a guy now .. He would be wasted while they build all the other pieces around him. Then he's 5 years down the road, if he stays healthy that long, before the team is ready to compete .. But then you're looking for a franchise QB all over again. I wanted Garrapolo coming out of college. Just don't like the idea of giving up a high pick on an unknown commodity ... But now that I think about it, all college draft picks are unknown commodity. The words 'Courtney Brown' come to mind. With 2 high picks, in a defense deep 1st round, we could get 2 difference makers for the front 7. Garrett opposite Ogbah? Then an impact linebacker? And IF (big if) they can lock up Collins, the defense is immediately better. (again, if the draft picks live up to their billing) Then in round 2, add an OLine, and maybe a good, all around TE, and you start to improve the offense. ( Or maybe even a safety or CB. ) Hey, I want a franchise guy too, but nothing about Jimmy G. or the first 3 guys off the board (Trubisky, Watson, Kizer) ... Jump out and say franchise. Who knows anymore ... We all want the team to be better .. Infinitely better, and we don't care how they do it .... Just want them to get it done. I just wish it was a quick fix. Thank God I'm right at the half century mark ... Might see a Super Bowl appearance in my life. Lol
  10. John.R.Brown1968

    those wanting garoppolo

    I don't remember if he did or not .. I know Glanville didn't want him, and said no way in hell he would ever play him. Lol
  11. John.R.Brown1968

    those wanting garoppolo

    Unless it's a future 1st round pick, beyond 2017, no way. With 2 top 10 picks, the Browns can get 2 defensive studs, some combination of : 1. Garrett or Allen and 2. Foster/Cunningham/Williams/Adams Hell, seen some rumblings that project some of the QBs dropping to the 2nd round. So we know as much about the current draft eligible QBs as we do about Jimmy G. Nobody knows it's they're worth reaching for. Trading away a high pick for a QB, regardless of his talent, and putting him behind that offensive line, is a waste. He'll end up in the hospital in preseason. Side note : Last backup QB I can think of that got traded for a high pick, and ended up being worth anything, was Favre (who was a 2nd round draft pick), when GB gave Atlanta a 1st ... And I think at that time, he hadn't played for Atlanta at all and not much was known about his NFL potential.
  12. John.R.Brown1968

    ***Official Browns Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread***

    I wore my Buckeye gear to a Longhorns game and got people yelling "O-H!" ... except one person booed and said she was from up north. I told her everyone has flaws.
  13. John.R.Brown1968

    ***Official Browns Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread***

    I hate that they use predictable personnel for specific plays. Here comes the fullback ... that's like a red flag saying "we're going to run!"
  14. John.R.Brown1968

    ***Official Browns Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread***

    I live in Austin, Texas. Have lived all over the US. I get the same reactions. I have had people point and laugh. People down here LOVED to comment while we had Johnny Drunkball.
  15. John.R.Brown1968

    ***Official Browns Vs. New York Giants Game Day Thread***

    I wear my Browns gear like a badge of honor ... It means we're tough ( even if means you can question our taste in football teams ), and it also means we're loyal. I've been a fan for 40 years ... and will continue to be so. I know people who've jumped off the Browns to other teams, to include the fuckheads in yellow and black. I'm Browns or nothing. I had a doctor appt a few weeks ago, and my doctor said "Is that a Browns cap? God bless you." And I said "I don't need pity. I cheer for this team because I want to." I've told all my friends who are Bungles fans, as well as the friend of mind who jumped from Cleveland to Pittsburgh ... "I'll cheer for 0-16 Cleveland before I ever cheer for Cinci or Pittsburgh."