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    Kizer vs. Watson

    Texan fan here FWIW, I watched the first half last week of the game against the Jets. Whats missing in the discussion of supporting casts is the contrast in O-lines, Houston's is absolutely in the bottom half if not bottom quarter of the league, the Browns on the other hand are clearly a top ten line. I saw many drop backs where Kizer had all day to throw and he didn't find anyone, his throws were all over the place and he was quite frantic out there. When Hogan came in you could immediately see the difference and how much better he was playing. If you have watched Watson, you see that he seldom gets good protection and he has to move around a lot to buy time. He's often running for his life back there, but still manages to make good decisions for the most part. What stands out about Watson, and what makes him good, and what is hard to quantify and measure is how calm under pressure he is as well as his pocket presence, escapability, and quick decisiveness. He just seems to never lose his cool or get flustered even with guys all over him. Also he isn't looking to run, he is looking to buy time to throw down field. RG3 doesn't compare in this fashion, he was able to succeed because of his ability to run combined with the zone blocking scheme concepts of a Shanahan offense. Its early and he obviously has to keep it up but IMO this isn't a flash in the pan type of deal because of the above mentioned strengths. You can't really dismiss Kizer, he looks like a rookie. DW4 kinda looked like that his first game or so, but has quickly improved to a high level. Also its hard to beat up on the Browns too much when DW4 was the 3rd guy taken and obviously no one thought he would be this good this fast. But there is something about this kid, that is not so easily quantified or measured that sets him apart. I think if they could do it over the Browns would have jumped all over this guy instead of trading the pick, but hindsight is 20/20. He wouldn't have lasted to that pick if everyone knew what we know now. I can't really fault the Browns in their decision making, its just bad luck in a sense.
  2. Yeah, and the Browns won't make the playoffs either most likely but it wont be because of the the CB's. Philly had an O-line coach being the D-coordinator, Asomugha was overrated in some ways because he only can play man, and of course Philly had him playing zone. Cromartie is not in anyway a lock down corner of the same pedigree as Haden and Claiborne. He is a ball hawk and a good returner, but his tackling and coverage is suspect at times. Stud corners don't get traded for conditional 2nd round picks. But the Jets didn't make the playoffs because they can't run the ball like they used to, don't rush the passer with regularity, Mark Sanchez, and a mess of a locker room.
  3. JradMIT

    Trade Down

    I know we are desperate for play makers on offense but picking a RB that high hasn't worked in a very long time. You can find guys later for sure. I am not sold on picking Blackmon either. He isn't megatron, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald. He isn't that tall. He wasn't a factor in the vertical game. He averaged 12 ypc this season. Those are possession receiver numbers. AJ averaged 22 ypc his last year. Fitz 18.2 Megatron 16 in a rushing offense. Blackmon is a Crabtree kind of receiver. If you take a WR that high he has to be able to hit the homerun more consistently. Don't get it me wrong I think he is a great talent, but not worth the number 4. This year is deep in WR's but it doesn't have a giant like some of the previous years. I still think the pick should be Claiborne, its safer he is head and shoulders above the other corners this year and it is a passing league. Pair him with Haden and you might have the best tandem in the league.
  4. I just think shut down corners are hard to come by, and with Haden you can really sell out and send more guys because you know they can be trusted in man. Having two elite corners gives the D coordinator a lot more options. Not to say Richardson isn't nasty, but if you look over the last 10 years when was the last RB picked in the top 5 who lived up to expectations? How many CB's in the top 5 have busted? How many WR's?
  5. Remember Peterson was a super stud but he still fell to 7 or 8. So many guys you can get from later rounds plus the fact the RB's don't typically have long careers. Honestly I think Blackmon is overrated, not that he won't be good, but he is not that big and isn't a threat in the vertical game. Look at his yards per catch, not impressive 12.6 2011, 16.1 2010. I think he is another Crabtree type. If you draft a guy that high he needs to be able to threaten deep, I just don't see it. There is an obvious pick here. A premium position that is hard to find outside of the top picks. The answer is CB and in Morris Claiborne. Stud CB's rarely fall and the ones that are drafted high don't dissapoint as much. With him and Haden the Browns would arguably have the best tandem in the league. I know playmakers are sorely needed on offense, but when you are drafting as high as 4, you have a lot of holes and you need to get the most value out of the pick and that is with Claiborne in my opinion. The draft is deep at WR and Rb's come in all rounds. With the second pick in the 1st round you could look to take Wright/Floyd/Hill or the best offensive player available maybe even one of the tackles if they fall. You got to be looking for the long haul, take the value that is there. If you are close to contending then you can go after need more, but where the Browns are you need to concentrate on getting the most talent.