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  1. So, before the first regular season game, my account showed payment due for POSSIBLE playoff seats implying that I'm risking my PSL if I don't buy them. Are they actually charging your credit card now? I thought the league banned collecting money for playoff seats until it is a CERTAINTY a team has made the playoffs.
  2. SirLuck

    Super Bowl Tickets

    They could still put a few pair into a lottery. I can't swing $3600 for tix plus airfare and room.
  3. SirLuck

    Super Bowl Tickets

    So I got curious on how tickets are distributed and just read an article claiming that non particpating teams each get 1.1% (about 748). So I called the browns and asked how many of these tickets go into a lottery among season tickets holders. The answer? Zero. I got to say, that sucks much.
  4. SirLuck

    Fantasy Football 2012 Style

    There's an opening for League V. I can't get home from work for the new draft time (5 pm) so I have withdrawn. Good luck all, and have fun.
  5. I'm selling some of my Browns tickets. I have 2 seats for: Buffalo Bills, Sept 23 - $100 each Cincinatti Bengals Oct 14 - $100 each Kansas City Chiefs Dec 9 - $75 each Washington Redskins Dec 16 - $75 each Attached is the view from these seats
  6. SirLuck

    Weeden And Many Starters Will Sit Finale

    Wow, I'm just shocked with this decision. The last pre-season is a chance to work on fundamentals and after the SLOP we displayed against the Eagles, I think we need the practice.
  7. SirLuck

    The Undefeated Browns!

    Yep, and haven't played the Eagles since 2004. I hope Weeden has all the rust out by gametime. I'm sure he'll do better once we whittle out all these rookies.
  8. SirLuck

    The Undefeated Browns!

    Okay, how about now? Still too early to trash talk the "experts" who rated the Browns so poorly? 8 days til the Eagles, whooohooo!
  9. SirLuck

    Injury Update Thread

    Lord I hope we don't ditch Colt yet. Weeden isn't proven by any means. He failed to impress in the first pre-season game. I think Colt would be an awesome backup even if Weeden starts excelling.
  10. SirLuck

    Browns/lions Game

    Amen on the Tim Tebow comment. Man is he over-rated. He's a hard core member of the SuxMuch club. He does draw the psuedo-Christians though. You can't deny his fame. I was interested in the reports that occured about 6-8 weeks after he got traded to the Jets. I heard he had gained 20 pounds since transferring. Supposedly all muscle. Is that even possible? ...cough, cough, steroids, cough, cough. Still, it's a little sad how quickly the religious right will embrace someone without any substance proven. Next we will hear "My crack dealer believes in traditional marriage. He's a family values guy"; "Our abortionist goes to church faithfully and won't work on the Sabath. He's a role model".
  11. SirLuck

    Need Browns/eagles Tix!

    That's per ticket. They're front row seats.
  12. SirLuck

    The Undefeated Browns!

    Hehe, is it too early to slam all the "experts" who said we will win one game at best?
  13. SirLuck

    Browns Vs Lions Thread

    but all's well that ends well.
  14. SirLuck

    The Undefeated Browns!

    Whoot , whoot!! Apparentlyit pays to have 3rd and 4th string quarterbacks.
  15. SirLuck

    Weeden Trounces Colt, Wins Job

    "Get rid of Colt, hurry, get rid of Colt". Ummm, who says he won't be a good back up QB? Injuries do happen. I'm not at all in favor of ditching, especially when Weeden is NOT proven yet. Can we at least wait until the end of pre-season to start chanting this premature demand? What if Weeden gets a season ending injury?