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  1. Magico234

    Slow Days Waiting For The Season

    Ewww... No love for D'qwell jackson? My favorite would be Jaball sheard or Phil Taylor.
  2. Magico234

    Browns Final Roster

    With the whole o-line thing, I though it was implied that the rest would be non factor spot holders, EXCEPT for the UDFAs which, yeah I should have listed.
  3. Magico234


    So, this will be the topic for boxing and MMA, if anyone's into that. I'm more of an MMA guy, so I'll probably only post boxing stuff if it's a big deal. ( Not hating on boxing, just saying what I feel ) Which brings to my first topic. Manny Pacquiao got FUCKING ROBBED. More strikes landed, fought the better fight. No one had that scored against Manny except the judges, who HAD to be payed off. Here's what will happen. Manny will have a rematch with Bradley, which will end by some sort of stoppage (KO) in favor of Pacquiao, which will then set the stage for the super fight between him and mayweather. The loss was all for hype, and all for show. Not saying Manny is a part of this, I'm just saying professional fighting that's left to judges scorecards always seems to come out shady. Happens in MMA too, but not as high profile as this was. Thoughts? I know I'm reaching by putting a pro fighting topic on a Cleveland sports forum, but any feedback or new discussions would be appreciated.
  4. Magico234

    Anyone Watch The Pacquiao/bradley Fight?

    As a fan of MMA, I could just say that boxing is just two dudes punching each other over and over wearing pussy ass gloves. But then I would sound like an idiot, just like you sound like when you say MMA is just two guys rolling around looking like theyre trying to fuck each other.
  5. Magico234

    Camp Battles

    1. Weeden will most definitely start, you're right in saying this one's over. 2. I'm predicting Pinkston at LG and Miller at RG, just because Lauvao wasn't good last year. 3. I still think Emmanuel Acho should start while fujita serves his suspension, but that's probably because i'm biased towards UT players. Realistically, Johnson will start in place of Fujita. 4.The browns have already pencikled in Hagg as starter, but there's still time for Young. 5.I think Marcieic will still be starter come Opening Day, but Smelley will eventually be moved to starter when Marcieic dosen't deliver. Marcieic played Lineback in college, if I remeber correctly, so maybe another name added to our backup linebackers. 6.Paxson will be a spot starter until Hughes/Winn get more expirience. 7.I See Cooper getting this job because of his familiarity with Weeden. 8. Since Sheldon Brown may move to Safety, I say Patterson gets the starter spot alongside Joe Haden. 9.Nothing to say about this one, I haven't seen these guys play.
  6. Magico234

    Browns Final Roster

    Don't know if there has been a topic like this before, but this is a topic for listing out who YOU think should be on The roster. For corner back and other positions, I listed strings such as Joe Haden Being Paired with Dimitri Patterson and such. OFFENSE QUARTERBACK 1. Brandon Weeden (BW3!) 2. Colt Mccoy 3. Seneca Wallace/Thad Lewis RUNNINGBACK 1. Trent Richardson (of course) 2. Brandon Jackson 3. Chris Ogbonnya/ Montario Hardesty WIDE-RECIEVER 1. Greg Little 2. Josh Cribbs 3. Jordan Norwood 4. Josh Cooper/Travis Benjamin 5. Josh Cooper/Travis Benjamin 6. MoMass/Carlton Mitchell TIGHT END 1. Evan Moore 2. Ben Watson 3. Jordan Cameron 4. Alex Smith O-LINE LT-Joe Thomas LG-Jason Pinkston C-Alex Mack RG-Ryan Miller/Shaun Luavo RT-Mitchell Schwartz Fullback 1. Owen Marcieic(Until he dosen't deliver) 2. Brad Smelley DEFENSE CORNERBACK 1. Joe Haden/Dimitri Patterson 2. Trevin Wade/Buster Skrine/Sheldon Brown (Possible move to safety) LINEBACKERS MLB-D'qwell Jackson ROLB-Scott Fujita/Emmanuel Ocho(I believe Ocho will earn the permanent starting spot while Fujita serves his suspension) LOLB-Chris Gocong/Kaluka Maiva SAFETY 1. SS T.J. Ward/FS Eric Hagg 2. Sheldon Brown/ Usama Young D-LINE DE 1.Jaball Sheard/ Frostee Rucker 2.Marcus Bernard/ Juqua Parker/Billy Winn/ Emmanuel Stephens DT 1.Athyba Rubin/ John Hughes (Would be Phil Taylor) 2.Scott Paxson/ Brian Schaffering PLAYERS OF NOTE NO LONGER ON TEAM Montario Hardesty-Too injury Prone, too underperforming. MoMass-Too inconsistent and unreliable Seneca Wallace-Too big of a contract for third string If I made any mistakes in Names, or you don't agree with my roster, please reply below.
  7. Magico234

    Hardesty`s A Beast...

    Don't we have Brandon Jackson as well?
  8. Magico234

    Brandon Weeden Needs A Nickname. Suggest

    VERY surprised no one has said weed wackier yet. Not saying I like it, just surprised. I personally like ginger ninja.
  9. Magico234

    How Do You Feel About The Fa So Far?

    In my opinion, It was a good idea to let Hillis walk. Seperate the team from the drama, get a runningback who wants to play.
  10. Magico234

    How Do You Feel About The Fa So Far?

    I disagree with D'qwell Jackson and Dimitri Patterson being overpaid, they have both proved, especially Jackson, that they deserve the money that they are being paid. I think that the Browns definitely need to seek out more high-profile FAs (although not many realistic choices are left.) I don't know why we franchised Phil Dawson AGAIN, but that's the only extreme misfire I can think of.