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  1. Hue most likely gone now....

    I'm willing to let the FO continue. It's too soon to move on from them, but Hue...? I feel like he's proven he cannot put his players in a position to win, or adapt to his players' strengths/weaknesses, or call plays and be a HC, or manage a game... There are many instances of a new HC turning things around in 1-2 years, but not new FO & HC... If I have to choose, I say bye bye Hue...
  2. Hue most likely gone now....

    Pass attempts: 3rd most in the NFL, 30TH IN YPA (plus 14 INTs, 6 more than the next worst). Rush attempts: 20th in NFL, 15th in YPC Other division leaders: Rams: 18th in pass atps, 7th in rushes, despite ranked 19th in ypc Eagles: 12th in pass atps, 4th in rushes Jags: 27th in pass atps, 1st in rushes This speaks to playcalling. These teams with young QBs STRONGLY emphasize the run game, and throw the ball far less than we do with developing QBs. We should be closer to what the Jags do, but were calling plays like we have Aaron Rodgers. Its very frustrating.
  3. Which school?

    Tennessee DEs Reggie White and Doug Atkins (first player ever inducted in college and pro HOf)
  4. Which school?

    UNC pass rushers Lawrence Taylor & Julius Peppers
  5. No. No. No! IF (big if) Haslman wants to restart... again. He has to do it right. Hire a GM then let him pick the coach, then let him hire his coaching staff. Suggest he keep Williams on D, but other than that, hire your guy at the top, then get the HELL out of the way. Thats the ONLY way it works!!
  6. This team has to throw to set up the run... it's simple. They're playin against 8 man fronts early on and are running right into the teeth of the D, then get killed on 3rd and long. After a few 3 and outs and/or turnovers, they are down and "genius" coach starts chucking it around. Stupid. I called it at least 3 times when Kizer had momentum (especially up to the pick inside the 10) and they finally had a lacks D but instead of pounding it they threw every play in Colts territory against 7-8 in coverage until OF COURSE the rookie threw an INT. Not every big play needs to come from the passing game! And not every game needs to START with 2 runs and a sack. Kizer should start with short passes, easy completions until they back off enough to ram Crowell down their throat. The playcalling is abismall and I am starting to get on the fire Hue or AT LEAST strip him of play calling duties bandwagon. Not the whole FO, JUST Hue... he really sick at this.
  7. Cam Erving disses Browns

    "I believe in myself — I’ve always believed in myself. And I’m in a place now where I feel like I can do what I need to do. I’m just looking forward.” correct... sit on the bench
  8. Final 53....or not...

    Dont forget, you only dress 46... and you have 10 PS plus every other teams PS to bring up during the season
  9. To be fair, let's see who he rolls with Week 1 when it matters...
  10. Mullaney

    Runs a 4.7. Great hands. Had a good year in 2013 at Oregon State along side Brandin Cooks (52 rec, 788 yds, 3 tds). Was hurt in 14. Transferred to Alabama in 15 and didn't live up to the hype (38 rec, 390 yds, 5 tds) and injured. Training camp with Houston and Dallas last year, but didnt make either team (injured again w Houston). History of injuries at just the wrong times. Maybe this is the "breakout" year hes been waiting for since 2013...?
  11. I've seen plenty of over-drafted, hopeful rookie QBs (Quinn, Weeden, Manziel, McCoy) look good late in a preseason game... BUT, I haven't seen a value-drafted rookie QB look like his talent was well above the other 21 on the field late in a preseason game. Color me impressed. I can't wait to see more.
  12. First Depth Chart Released

    The only real surprise is Osweiller at the top
  13. Jeremy Maclin

    The right $$ can change that real fast.
  14. Jeremy Maclin

    It sure would help develop our young QBs if they had his kind of experience to throw to. They might not be "scary" but Britt and Maclin bring a lot of NFL game experience with them to help the young WR room as well. At 29, he still has 4-5 more good years possibly. I'd be calling his agent. What we have now at WR is pathetic.