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  1. thenew23


    I see one of Higgins or Louis making the roster, but the other will need to outperform Janis on ST which may be difficult... Me? I'm still a Higgins fan and think he's got potential. He did score 2 TDs against the Steelers week 17 last year and went 7 for 95 against the Ravens in week 2, so that is something...
  2. thenew23

    Updating the Depth Chart

    QB – T. Taylor, D. Stanton, B. Mayfield, J. Stave RB – C. Hyde, D. Johnson, N. Chubb, M. Dayes, D. Hilliard FB – D. Vitale, M. Williams WR – J. Gordon, J. Landry, C. Coleman, J. Janis, R. Louis, R. Higgins, A. Callaway, D. Ratley, C. Board, , D. Scott, D. Willies, E. Berry TE – D. Njoku, S. DeValve, D. Fells, D. Cajuste, J. Allen OT – C. Hubbard, S. Coleman, D. Stephenson, S. Drango, A. Corbett, R. Johnson, V. Salako, C. Schneider, D. Harrison, C. DiLauro OG – J. Bitonio, K. Zeitler, G. Gray, F. Laurina C – J. Tretter, A. Reiter Offense = 44 DT – T. Coley, L. Ogunjobi, C. Brantley, J. Meder, J. Faulk, T. Thompson, D. Ekuale DE – M. Garrett, E. Ogbah, C. Smith, C. Nassib, N. Orchard, C. Thomas, L. Jones MLB – J. Schobert, T. Carder, B. Bello, A. Calitro, G. Avery OLB – J. Collins, C. Kirksey, J. Burgess, J. Grace CB – T. Carrie, E. Gaines, D. Ward, J. Taylor, B. Boddy-Calhoun, T. Mitchell, M. Jordan, H. Wilson, D. Rice, S. Thomas, M. Meander S – D. Randall, J. Peppers, D. Kindred, J. Currie, D. Smith, M. Hannermann, E. Campbell Defense = 41 K – Z. Gonzalez P – B. Colquitt, M. Carrizosa LS – C. Hughlett Special Teams = 4 89 total players (including unsigned drafted players) Updated 5/7/18
  3. thenew23

    Updating the Depth Chart

    Depth chart? Not so much. None of the sites keep a good one, really; however, the "Roster" section on the Browns website is pretty much kept up to date. Try keeping your own running depth chart based on what you read about practices and things in the media. I try and do that every year. It drives me crazy, especially when injuries start happening in camp and they start signing and waiving players left-and-right, but it is a fun little exercise.
  4. thenew23

    Updating the Depth Chart

    That website is decent for looking at the depth chart, but it is not the end-all-be-all. They do a good job during the season of keeping it up-do-date; however, during the off-season is is typically off (including all 4 things you had above). The best way to stay updated is probably the Browns website, under the "transactions" section. They are usually a day behind, but still remain accurate. You'll see, yesterday we signed 2 new players: Lenny Jones, DL and Julian Allen, TE
  5. thenew23

    Updating the Depth Chart

    Can't help but notice... it seems the Browns only drafted ONE immediate starter this year... I see potential for 5 (Mayfield, Chubb, Callaway, Corbett, Ward), but still that is not super impressive for having 5 picks in the first 2 rounds. I'm okay with Mayfield and Chubb but it seems we could've created a greater impact rather than drafting Corbett and Thomas to "develop"... Just my thoughts...
  6. thenew23

    Updating the Depth Chart

    Well... you're LBs are a little off since Alexander got cut today, and there is no LB named "Grace" on the roster. Overall, here's how I see it: (Bold are newly acquired vets, underlined are rookies, italics are bubble players and players in () are currently OFF my 53-man) QB – T. Taylor, D. Stanton, B. Mayfield RB – C. Hyde, D. Johnson, N. Chubb, (M. Dayes) FB – D. Vitale, (M. Williams) WR – J. Gordon, J. Landry, C. Coleman, J. Janis, A. Callaway, R. Higgins, (R. Louis, D. Ratley) TE – D. Njoku, S. DeValve, D. Fells LT– S. Coleman, S. Drango LG - J. Bitonio, A. Corbett C - J. Tretter, A. Reiter RG - K. Zeitler RT - C. Hubbard, D. Stephenson, (R. Johnson, D. Harrison) *25 offensive players RDE - M. Garrett, C. Thomas, (N. Orchard) RDT - L. Ogunjobi, J. Meder, (T. Thompson) LDT - T. Coley, C. Brantley LDE - E. Ogbah, C. Smith, (C. Nassib) SLB - J. Collins, J. Burgess MLB - J. Schobert, T. Carder, G. Avery WLB - C. Kirksey, D. Nicolas CB – D. Ward, T. Carrie, E. Gaines, B. Boddy-Calhoun, T. Mitchell, M. Jordan, (H. Wilson, D. Rice, S. Thomas) S – D. Randall, J. Peppers, D. Kindred, J. Currie, (E. Campbell, E. Berry) *25 defensive players K – Z. Gonzalez, P - B. Colquitt, LS - C. Hughlett *3 special teams players 53 total 21 new players (40% Turnover)
  7. thenew23

    Overall Draft Reaction... your thoughts?

    You did read the "for the most part" comment, right? Or do you skip parentheses when you read.
  8. thenew23

    Undrafted FA signings

    Trenton Thompson is the steal here so far. If he can stay healthy he should be part of the D-line rotation. Some sites had him as high as 3rd round talent.
  9. Overall, I thought the Browns did well addressing areas of need. I'm disappointed they didn't really add any pass rush, but otherwise did a good job position-wise. I'm not overly impressed with WHO they drafted at those positions. They seemed to go for character and work ethic (for the most part) over explosiveness and play making. Favorite pick: Callaway-WR Could be a MAJOR steal, think Tyreek Hill. Or, vould be the 2nd coming of Josh Gordon... in a not good way. Either way, I like the risk in the 4th round. Honorable mention: Genard Avery-LB Finally, a steal. He should contribute quite a bit and was a great depth pick. Least favorite pick: Chad Thomas-DE I thought we'd look to upgrade the pass rush with a DE, instead we reached for a potentially good run defender... oh well. Honorable mention: Baker Mayfield-QB I don't HATE this pick, but not the guy I thought was best. I REALLY hope he proves me wrong Others thoughts?
  10. thenew23

    Pick Six

    Browns - Darnold Rosen - Bills Allen - Jets Mayfield - Broncos Jackson - Dolphins Rudolph - Saints
  11. thenew23

    Landry to sign extension

    Seems a lot of people are underestimating Landry, and the impact of possession/slot receivers. This has been one of the greatest weaknesses of Browns offenses for the past decade. 2 things, consistency and ability to separate quickly. For a comparison, Brady destroys the league every year with Landry-type recievers (but less talented) and TEs. Best way to keep LBs on their heels is to force them to consider coverage issues. Duke, Landry, and Njoku (if he continues to develop) could be the best benefits to our running game. The "go-deep" and outside WRs are seriously overrated. They may put safeties on their heels but they rarely lead teams to championships. Rant over...
  12. thenew23

    USC QBs Overrated

    This is really a dumb conversation. Tennessee is a good example... how many good QBs were before Manning, or Miami (OH) (Big Ben), Michigan (Brady), Cal (Rodgers), and so on... which college they went to means absolutely nothing...
  13. thenew23

    Blowing up the QB rankings

    Jackson's biggest issue is his mechanics, particularly footwork. It has gotten better but not ideal. He has a very skinny base which you would think will lead to inaccuracy. He seems to overcome it, but Im sure some NFL Defensive minds can conjure up a way to make that an issue. Darnold has a slow delivery, which can cause major issues with the defensive speed of the NFL game, particularly with consistency as he forces himself to be a second faster in his decision making. Allen is all over the place. His arm is strong but there is not much else to like. His footwork needs to improve as does his pocket awareness. His arm talent reminds me of Kizer, in that he forces some throws which cause him to miss the mark. Rosen's body is not ideal. He has good mechanics (you can tell his parents sent him to a bunch of camps growing up) but I wonder about his instincts and intangibles. The sped up NFL game could be overwhelming if he doesnt put in the film work. Mayfield... if he was 2 inches taller he would be a no-brainer 1st pick. I said the EXACT same thing about Russell Wilson a few years ago, and he turned out alright. He didnt play against good D often but when he did, he performed well. Arm is good enough which is all you really need. 1. Mayfield, 2. Rosen, 3. Darnold, 4. Jackson, 5. Allen I think 4 of 5 of those guys have a good shot at being quality starters. I just hope at least one of them is... the one the Browns pick.
  14. thenew23

    Were Going To The Freaking Super Bowl

    Good news... link?
  15. thenew23

    Bridge QB Over Troubled Waters

    He doesn't really have the beat of options. My guess is Denver if they have the $$$. Otherwise, he's picking amongst teams that need him to be the "savior"