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  1. thenew23

    We are going to eat Darnold's lunch Thursday

    If you're not excited about, at least, our defense then you need to reconsider your expectations. The yardage stats aren't great #21 in tot yds, #22 pass D, #20 run D. However, we are #12 in PPG, #1 in TOs and #1 in TO differential. Add the context, Saints and Steelers in 2017 were #4 and #8 respectively in PPG and #2 and #3 in total yards, and #9 and #11 in fewest giveaways. If this D can keep up their performance thus far, and we can get our offense going AT ALL... we are going to be a tough team to beat. I like our chances tomorrow, but I have a rule against picking the Browns to win, so I will just sit back and hopefully enjoy a good game.
  2. thenew23

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    I've seen multiple "experts" picking Saints v. Steelers in the SB, or at least both teams in their respective championship games. After week 1, neither team looked great but these are teams that will get better as the season goes on. That's what good teams do... Having said that, this coming week will tell us a TON about our team. The Saints just got embarrassed at home by a supposedly "crappy" team. Sean Peyton will have his team ready to play, and the players will be eager to take their frustration out on the Browns. Will we be able to match their intensity? If the Browns don't realize they need to come ready for a fight right out of the gate, then they're in trouble. No weather, no injuries... just good 'ol head-to-head football. If they can compete for 4 quarters, then we're looking at a different Browns team. If they can tie or better, then we're looking at, dare I say, a potentially good football team...
  3. thenew23

    5 Observations from "The Tie"

    Agreed. Only gave up 21 to the Steelers AND forced 7 turnovers. I was frustrated at times, but overall they played well against what will be one of the best offenses in football... Sorry, but this team was 0-16 last year yet you want them to come out and DOMINATE?... lol For your own health, you might want to lower expectations. A lot of football left this season, and I'm sure it won't be all Browns dominating. But believe me, I want the same thing but I understand where this team is and what it is going to take for them to become a contender... and it will take a lot of edging out ugly wins to get them going...
  4. #1) First and foremost, the top reason I feel optimistic about this team AFTER this game is the fact that they were down 21-7 almost halfway through the 4th quarter, and they just turned it over on downs. At this point, if your a Browns fan, you'd be lying if you didn't think this game was over, and had the same feeling we've all had countless times over the past two decades. Yet this team didn't quit. They buckled down and gave us 7 1/2 minutes of football we all should be proud of. Regardless the outcome, that was not what we are all accustomed to. I was expecting a 31 or 35 to 7 final score at that point. Just being honest. #2) The O-Line is a work in progress... to put it nicely. The false starts on Harrison stood out, but overall he played like you'd expect from a talented rookie in his first NFL game. My biggest concern is Hubbard. Watt had 4 sacks, granted not all of them were on Hubbard, but overall I didn't think he looked very good. Surprised he was given that RT spot from day 1, especially with all of Hue's talk of "earning" the job. Hopefully, this group gets better because 7 sacks is just unacceptable. #3) Less worried about Tyrod's poor performance than Haley's, and also Njoku. First Haley, no attempt to establish the run early (10 of first 11 plays were passes), and some shotty play-calling throughout. Despite the national praise he gets, if you talk to Steelers fans they were not very sad to see him go. Second, Njoku had 2 big drops. This cannot continue if he's going to have a breakout year, which we really need from him. Time to focus. As far as QB, I'll allow some slack due to the weather. TT's QBR/Rating was 42.6/51.8, while pro bowler Ben's was 22.8/60.5. I look forward to seeing Taylor play in the dome next week, no excuses. #4) Defensive playmaking was outstanding. It's early, but it looks like they got 2 first round picks right for a change in Garrett and Ward. They need to shore up the run D, but overall this group looks like they have a chance to be really good. I expect them to get better as the season goes on, for a change. #5) I hate to say it, but the team they just played was no pushover. Many "experts" are predicting the Steelers to go as far as the AFC championship. They have a good O-Line, weapons galore, and of course a QB. Their D is somewhat questionable, but they have a few playmakers on that side of the ball as well. We didn't pull off the W, but it sure was one hell of a game, sloppy albeit.
  5. thenew23

    Cuts and Pickups Thread

    Dorsey and his team are working hard this weekend. Similar to the draft, except maybe more challenging. Over 1,100 players being cut in the next <48 hours. And we have 1 and 5 in waiver priority. I expect the bottom 3-5 to be reshuffled by next week. A linebacker (or 2), o-lineman (maybe), wide out, and possibly a new FB or CB
  6. thenew23

    *GAMEDAY THREADS* Eagles & Lions

    Browns inactives tonight: QB Taylor; RB Hyde, Johnson, Vitale; WR Gordon, Landry; TE Njoku, DeValve; OL Bitonio, Tretter, Hubbard DL Garrett, Ogbah, Coley, Meder, Ogunjobi; LB Kirksey, Schobert, Collins, Avery; DB Ward, Mitchell, Randall, Peppers, Boddy-Calhoun, Kindred, Gaines, Carrie Reading between the lines, that's 28 guys who are on the 53. Add 3 STs players, Baker and Stanton, Chubb, Callaway, Higgins, Corbett, and Zeitler... that brings it up to 38. Im sure there are a couple more that are "locks" but that leaves 15 spots.
  7. thenew23

    Our Strongest Position

    LB then CB. The defense should be solid. Honorable mentions: DL, RB, and WR
  8. thenew23


    Well, considering when he returned from injury he was immediately running with the first team at SS tells me, maybe he has flashed enough to "distinguish" himself...
  9. thenew23

    Flash Is Back

    Just watched Gordon's highlights again. He has top 10 WR... EVER talent. Not sure if I feel excited, saddened, or sick to my stomach, but I know I'm hopeful... My only concern is he has been most productive with big arm QBs chucking it deep and he goes and gets it... less productive with short pass QBs... will Tyrod be able to get the most out of him? Not sure...
  10. thenew23


    Yes. A typo. Fixed
  11. thenew23

    Updating the Depth Chart

    1) DeValve IS PS eligible... only 2 years under his belt 2) Reiter is the backup C. I'm 90% sure he'll be on the roster. Drango seems like the backup G and has great versatility. . I think the only battle left is for backup T - which is a good one
  12. thenew23


    Whoa! Slow down there partner. Peppers is a great talent and is a sure tackler. Remember, the kid still has never had a set position but I think they have him in the right place now, and he should be a solid starter at SS for years to come... Definitely no hurry to move on...
  13. thenew23

    Avery and Nassib should be our LDE rotation

    Orchard had a pretty bad game last week. He seriously needs to show off some pass rushing abilities, like quick, or he is on the way out. Guy can't make an open field tackle, and sets the edge pretty poorly. My guess is he is on his way out.
  14. thenew23

    Updating the Depth Chart

    That is going to be a very difficult decision for the Browns, and an intriguing story line. DeValve was drafted out of Princeton and has played in the NFL the past 2 years and has amassed 43 catches for 522 yards and 3 TDs. He has been hurt this offseason which is definitely not helping. Cajuste was not drafted out of Stanford and has not even taken a snap in the NFL. They are both 25. Cajuste looks like a viable ST player, and based on what I see on Hard Knocks he seems like a 100% effort guy. Same can be said for DeValve, but I'm not sure he has the same pedigree (Princeton coaching vs. Stanford... that's an easy one). Both are eligible for the PS so you might be able to keep both around but I think, because of HK exposure, Cajuste would draw more interest and you may lose him to another team's active roster. Or you just keep 4 TEs... certainly another possibility.
  15. thenew23

    Updating the Depth Chart

    I gotta believe all of the following have secured a roster spot at this point: QB- Taylor, Mayfield, Stanton RB- Hyde, Johnson, Chubb WR- Landry, Gordon, Callaway, Higgins TE- Njoku, Fells OL- Bitonio, Corbett, Tretter, Zeitler, Hubbard, Drango DT - Coley, Meder, Ogunjobi, Brantley DE- Garrett, Ogbah, C.Smith LB- Schobert, Kirksey, Collins, Kendricks, Avery DB- Ward, Mitchell, Gaines, Carrie, Randall, Peppers, Kirksey, BBC ST- Hughlett, Colquitt That's 40. Add a kicker and we have 41. That still leaves 12 open spots. IMHO we still need receiver help and could use depth at DE. The leaders for those last spots are probably: Burgess LB, Nassib DE, Janis WR, C.Thomas DE, Vitale FB, Ratley WR, Reiter C/G, Jordan DB, DeValve TE, Coleman OL, S.Thomas DB, Orchard DE Which isn't too bad for the bottom of a depth chart. However, I fully expect 4-5 of those spots to go to players that aren't currently with the Browns, including Dez Bryant.