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  1. darren15

    Panic mode

    Now if you would of kept us both there would not be all these arguments ...... everyone would be on the same page pulling in the same direction .......... the direction would be down but at least the board would be united ...
  2. darren15

    Panic mode

    The Browns O line was back at practice today trying to rectify things
  3. darren15

    Overreaction Monday

    He gets better protection from the lawnmower
  4. darren15

    Overreaction Monday

    Yes it was a line of fortifications the Germans just went around when attacking France
  5. darren15

    Overreaction Monday

    Can we call our offensive front the Maginot line ?
  6. darren15

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    The ghost of Hue still haunts First Energy ..... we need an Excorcism
  7. darren15

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    Can we trade Vernon for Zeitler ?
  8. darren15

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    We are the Dolphins with expensive players
  9. darren15

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    Time to trade for Trent William's or Baker wont last until October
  10. darren15

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    I would put a yellow penalty flag in every fucking players locker
  11. darren15

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    New players, new coaches, new hope, new hype, Americas team ...... SAME OLD FUCKING BROWNS He wont do that ....he loves Freddie
  12. darren15

    Prediction Thread

    Why not indeed
  13. People thought I was jewish until they seen me eat 2 bacon rolls in a diner
  14. darren15

    And so it begins, tonight

    Updated Browns Super Bowl odds: 18-1. Their 2019 foes ... 8-1: Patriots 14-1: Rams 22-1: Steelers 33-1: Ravens, Seahawks 40-1: 49ers 66-1: Jets 80-1: Titans, Broncos 100-1: Bills 150-1: Cardinals, Bengals 250-1: Dolphins
  15. darren15

    Lets Freaking Go

    Made me forget Hue, Johnny, Corey Coleman, RG3, Kizer etc for just a few minutes