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  1. darren15

    Fire Freddy

    Monken had a high powered offense in Tampa ...spraying the ball about to receivers and scoring lots of points, it is obvious he is being subdued by fat Fred ..... Monken may as well sell the beer in the stands, as he would be of more benefit ..... if they dont fire Kitchens they should at least take the play calling away from him
  2. darren15

    ***Browns @ Broncos Game Day Thread***

    If the draft ever came to Cleveland and we had the number 1 pick in front of thousands of screaming fans, with a sure fire stud waiting to be selected we would forget to put the card in ....its what we do
  3. darren15

    Fire Freddy

    Fire Freddie
  4. 1 game ahead of the Dolphins ....2 of the Bengals .... With the first pick in the 2020 NFL the Cleveland Browns select ........
  5. darren15

    ***Browns @ Broncos Game Day Thread***

    We made a 3rd string QB making his NFL debut look like Tom Brady .....
  6. darren15

    Fire Freddy

    Next coach will be Mike McCarthy ....not sure if it will be before the end of the season or black monday
  7. I managed to get a hold of Josh Gordon's playbook when he becomes a HC
  8. darren15

    Fire Freddy

    We won 2 games in a season ....Hue could never do that
  9. darren15

    ***Patriots VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    Even tho I have gone my spirit will always be here driving Freddie and future coaches on ....
  10. According to John Clayton Andrew Fillipponi @ThePoniExpress ยท Oct 16 .@JohnClaytonNFL reporting on Browns dyfunction: "I was there on Sunday. There was a lot of talk that Freddie Kitchens was almost fired after that Seattle loss."
  11. darren15

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    He has gone from failing to stop Myles in practice to failing to stop Aaron Donald ....
  12. darren15

    Jalen Ramsey traded

    To Rams .... 2 first round picks and a 4th rounder
  13. darren15

    Baltimore Sucks

    Freddie's presser had a surprise guest
  14. darren15

    Njoku Out

    Njoku has gone on IR and we have re-signed Safety Justin Burris
  15. He has been released more times than a habitual criminal .....