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  1. darren15

    Survey Wednesday 1/23/19

    Here is this week's survey....give your answers: 1. Who wins the Super Bowl Rams or Pats? Pats on a bullshit ref call 2. Is there a particular Browns player that you would like to see the Browns NOT bring back next year, and why? Collins for cap room and that he takes 50% of his plays off 3. Whose career would you have rather had.....Joe Montana or Tom Brady Brady .... not seen Montana's Mrs 4. The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 7th. Should the Cavs trade the likes of Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love or anyone else? Dont Care Basketball sucks 5. The MLB Hall of Fame selections have been made: Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Roy Halladay, and Mike Mussina got in. (Bonds and Clemens still out). Who should be in the Baseball HOF who is not in yet? See answer to question 4 but insert baseball for basketball
  2. darren15

    cut predictions afc

    Collins is more likely to be cut than Stanton .....
  3. darren15

    um Josh Gordon question

    He will only pawn it for a 12 pack of Bud and an ounce of grass
  4. darren15

    The Missed Call in NFC Champ. Game

    Agreed ..... Refs determine too many games whether its a missed call or a bullshit penalty ..... red flags needs to be extended .... all plays reviewable whether its in the 1st 2 minutes or the last 2
  5. darren15

    Team of the Decade 2010s

    The Browns have been my team all through that decade so they should get at least a point for that
  6. Nice of Brady to lend him one of his personal assistants for the photo
  7. darren15

    A Cap Primer for Board "Spendthrifts"...

    So basically we are doomed and have the same amount of cap room as the Steelers .....
  8. darren15

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    I hope we dont get any bad calls when we play the Patriots this time next year
  9. darren15

    Conference Finals live Chat room

    Extra time toss up ...officials to Pats captain... heads or heads using a 2 headed coin
  10. darren15

    Freddie's Staff searches

    Control's Quality
  11. darren15

    Freddie's Staff searches

  12. HELL IN THE DESERT NFLTradeRumors.co‏ @nfltrade_rumors 10m10 minutes ago More Cardinals Interview Hue Jackson For Offensive Coordinator Job http://bit.ly/2DleO7g
  13. darren15

    Freddie's Staff searches

    Oh dear .....I have put him straight Evan Silva‏Verified account @evansilva 10m10 minutes ago More 2012: Monken's Oklahoma State offense is so dominant #Browns are convinced to draft Okla State QB Brandon Weeden in the first round. 2014: #Browns cut Weeden. 2019: #Browns hire Monken as offensive coordinator.