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  1. MudratDetector

    Uh Oh The Browns Lost To A Team With Superior Talent

    the only people wanting to fire shurmur and run mccoy out of town are those who thought that we were going to go 13-3. people have already forgotten that we didn't really have an off-season and we are going through a complete transformation on both sides of the ball. as well, this team is a youth movement.
  2. MudratDetector

    Positives And Negitives Thread

    momass is playing well. i think that he, cribbs, and little should be our core 3 wr.
  3. MudratDetector

    We Got Our Guy!

    maybe zastudil will heal up and we can resign him
  4. MudratDetector

    Visiting Team Friendliness?

    last year was my first browns vs steelers game and i've never seen such lower class individuals that the steeler fans in attendance
  5. MudratDetector

    Michael Jenkins Was Cut By Falcons

    salary cap and probably are betting that julio jones is gonna be a monster.
  6. MudratDetector

    Eric Wright Is A Lion

    yep. that sealed the game for us and it was an incredible play.
  7. MudratDetector

    Eric Wright Is A Lion

    i kinda saw this coming but didn't at the same time. looks like we're gonna have to make a move at CB.
  8. MudratDetector

    Breaston And Rice Gone

    i have a feeling cmitch will blow people away at camp this year. don't know why because i haven't been one of his endless fluffers but i just have a feeling.
  9. MudratDetector

    Why Is Everyone Optimistic About Robiskie?

    robiskie played well when given a chance last year.
  10. MudratDetector

    Jim Tressel Tenders Resignation

    just curious, how did all of you OSU homers feel about the carroll situation at USC? lots of bruises and broken bones down here in southern ohio today with all of the fairweathers falling off of the bandwagon.
  11. MudratDetector

    Jim Tressel Tenders Resignation

    you can't blame pryor. this is 100% on tressel. he alone made the decision to cover up the misdeeds.
  12. MudratDetector

    Colt Organizes Workouts In Atx With Teammates

    austin is a pretty hip place. it isn't crackerville like most of texas. i think that what colt is doing is incredible and signals to me that he is assuming the role of leader of the team. exciting things are happening in brownsland. let's just hope that it produces at the very least a .500 season in 2011.
  13. MudratDetector

    The Official Cleveland Browns Nfl Draft Thread

    too much uncertainty with bowers, quinn, or fairley to draft them with #6 overall, imo. if we can't get petersen or aj green, i say that we swap picks with the skins and draft julio jones.
  14. MudratDetector

    What Games Are You Coming To See This Year?

    gonna try to make the opener, but i'm moving to athens in august so between trying to buy a house and trying to find a good job, i don't know if i'll make it. at least i'll be moving out of steeler country.
  15. MudratDetector

    Browns Re-Sign Quarterback Seneca Wallace

    keep delhomme as an offensive assistant and let him get his coaching feet wet. after the buffalo game last year, it's pretty clear that there is no gas left in the tank.