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  1. Ghoolie is an idiot.
  2. kvozel

    Safety at Sports Venues

    Explain please. What should we expect for the Browns game at Twickenham?
  3. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    My tickets were delivered to my contact in London. All over but the waiting.
  4. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    There will be two of us.
  5. kvozel

    London Calling ...

  6. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    The club has been talking about getting together at the Hippodrome Casino on Saturday as well.
  7. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    Most excellent !
  8. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    Just purchased my airfare. Woof Woof !
  9. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    Any details on how many of us are actually going? I see 4 with Tour and +1 and myself with a +1. Although my +1 is not a spousal unit
  10. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    I plan to purchase airline tickets tomorrow. They have actually dropped a bit.
  11. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    Trying to determine if the prices from Dayton/Cincinnati will go up or down. Always the crap shoot. Current round trip = $1225; Leave Thursday return Tuesday.
  12. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    Just got 3 tickets in U50. Nosebleed, but that's nothing new. Next step... Airfare and hotel.
  13. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    Anything special required on the site to find the tixs? Maybe I'm just slide this morning but the London game doesn't appear.
  14. kvozel

    Rule change idea to reward aggressive offense.

    I like that hoorta. Maybe even narrow the posts.