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  1. kvozel

    Phil Dawson Retiring as a Brownie

    He may still have value.
  2. Signing then retiring. β€œTo have the opportunity to come back home and retire with the organization and the city that I love is incredibly meaningful to me,” Dawson said in a release from the team. β€œIt only seems right to have the opportunity to do this with the fans that have been so good to me and my family.”
  3. Larry, you are so far behind I did indeed mean the 20th century. One small step....... Cheers
  4. My good friend Larry just needs to move into the 20th century.
  5. Well Larry, glad this is the worst thing in your life πŸ˜‚
  6. kvozel

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Hats off to Stan. I didn't know him like most of you guys, but I did attend many of the past tailgate parties. I was part of hoorta's wino crew from Dayton. I'm glad I got to know him.
  7. kvozel

    Safety at Sports Venues

    Explain please. What should we expect for the Browns game at Twickenham?
  8. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    My tickets were delivered to my contact in London. All over but the waiting.
  9. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    There will be two of us.
  10. kvozel

    London Calling ...

  11. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    The club has been talking about getting together at the Hippodrome Casino on Saturday as well.
  12. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    Most excellent !
  13. kvozel

    London Calling ...

    Just purchased my airfare. Woof Woof !