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  1. Dorsey lays it out there.....

    Who actually misses joe Haden tho?? Answer. Nobody but the squeelers
  2. Any interest in bringing back Pryor?

    Adults are talking. STFU
  3. Kenny Britt

    Ahh man I hope this Sheet don't work.out. because the browns and especially Dorsey looks really bad if it goes well.
  4. Any interest in bringing back Pryor?

    I'd offer Pryor a decent multi year deal. 3 year for 15 or something. I think at his best Pryor can give u 5 mill of production a season. Pryor and Gordon could be interesting.
  5. Dorsey lays it out there.....

    Kinda ballsy to say didn't get real players and then use Britt as an example.
  6. Kiser not the reason folks.

    +1 I just feel his short comings are easily fixed with experience and coaching. He really reminds me of cam Newton without all the baggage. He might even throw a better ball and isn't apt to run as much as cam did his rookie year.
  7. And every year in between. Difference is when Dorsey draft some defensive Playmakers this year the guys that they replace will become really good depth something the Browns have never had
  8. I don't know I didn't like them going soft either in the second half. But I'm not ready to straight call a guy out that's turned one of the NFL's most historic bad defenses into a top 12 defense in one year with injuries galore.
  9. Cut kizer after the game

    Referring to number 3. There is no way in hell that Kiser's int is worse than the njoku drop. I get it you don't like the kid but you don't need to look for a reason every game to blame every loss on the quarterback. You really don't have an understanding of team sports if you don't understand that giving a team second and third and fourth chances usually result in losses. The drop extended the game for the Packers while the interception did nothing more than give another team better field position. And remind you I'm not making an excuse for the int it was s***. But everything after the drop the punt return the touchdown the interception should have never happened it's called new life and it's a killer in football. A great example in baseball would be Njoku's drop would be the equivalent of dropping the third out in the ninth inning on a routine Fly ball. The interception would be walking the go ahead runner on the very next inning.
  10. Cut kizer after the game

    1. Basically a road game at first energy so doubt anyone could hear any browns fans. 2. You keep talking about a shovel pass but the only one I seen was the 2nd of 3 TD strikes. 3. Funny I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and not only is Kiser not gonna be cut but he's 100% starting Sunday. 4. If u honestly think the INT was worse than the Njoku dropped pass to seal the browns first victory this year than there is no hope for u. And honestly have blown any credibility u ever had. I don't know why u hate the kid so much? Maybe he plowed your girl? Maybe it's cause he's black? But it's funny when people woulda given their right arm to keep Manziel around but this kid gets absolutely no respect for his progression
  11. Kiser not the reason folks.

    And has progressed alot from the first 3 weeks of the season. And it seems like he's self tutored. No Offense coordinator, head coach, or veteran qb to bounch Sheet off of when the defense is on the field. TBO I was expecting Johnny Manziel vs Cincy every week out but he's been a nice surprise and more durable than any browns qb in recent memory. How easily he could have started every game this year but Hue is the "qb whisperer". Honestly at this point if hue says he's not the guy I'm locking the kid in to the future of this team. That's how much I don't trust Jackson anymore. I have no doubt in my mind Jackson manipulates and tanks players, plays, and games till he gets what he wants.
  12. Isn't it Ironic

    Some people like the f.a.g.e.t on 92.3 the fan (bull) say there is nothing Kiser can do in the last three games to move on as the browns guy. That's why some fans deserve 0-16
  13. Isn't it Ironic

    Kiser was asked to hit the ground running in week 1 where as Trubisky got a month to sit and watch which in the NFL is an eternity. Although Kiser has only 3 more starts he's thrown 150 more passes and has an inept running back who is almost 400 yards behind the bears RB. And I'm sorry untill Coleman and Gordon got back (week 11 & 12?) The browns had maybe the worst wr core in the last 30 years of football. Duke Johnson was leading receiver thru week 11 with 400+ I think. But hey keep trying to sell Ricardo Lewis with his 52% drop rate and "Big Money" Britt as comparable to.......well anyone. I don't exactly know who bears wrs are by name but I guarantee I would have traded the whole browns wr crew (weeks 3-10) to the bears for who ever and I probably woulda needes to add draft picks
  14. Isn't it Ironic

    Jordan has 2300 yards in his second season (28 games) Took Crowell to his 2nd or 3rd week in his 4th season to get that many yards. There is a good chance Jordan passes Crowell in the first week next season if not this year.