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  1. cdl15

    Last game as Browns Fan?

    No never. I don't throw "hissy fits" like bottle gate. I have never been suspended. I have been class the whole way. He was talking about DieHard....to whom that did happen. I mean, Jesus, no wonder you are such a Tosser/Wanker (English terms)....you can't even tell who you are. So cool bro. Never met an internet tough guy. Your credentials are throwing jr level insults and actually passing them off as intelligent conversation. Not much since Pettine huh? Guess if you'd had read the OP that would make sense but instead you just Chuck the beer bottle into the clear blue hoping it hits the ref but more than likely it's barely clearing the front row railing
  2. cdl15

    Last game as Browns Fan?

    Yep hovering guest. Congrats you are an elitist browns fan. Good luck
  3. cdl15

    Last game as Browns Fan?

    12??? I haven't seen real football in Cleveland since 1995 bub. They have a draft factory in their backyard yet end up with guys without highlight videos. Oh and no. I think it takes longer than a season or two just for the browns. There is some serious deep seeded disfunctions that no other organization in pro sports has. Its actually sickening to get soooo high on Saturday just to waste my Sundays on this dreeb
  4. cdl15

    Last game as Browns Fan?

    No never. I don't throw "hissy fits" like bottle gate. I have never been suspended. I have been class the whole way.
  5. cdl15

    Coaches on the Hot Seat

    So that makes the Browns like the 10th most sought-after job in 2020??
  6. Yep didn't work out the gate. Didn't catch that lightning in a bottle. blow it up again.
  7. cdl15

    Last game as Browns Fan?

    Yep the class I've come to know from a shame fanbase
  8. Not just hyperbole but possibly reality. My fandom has been severally waning since the whole Farmer/Manziel/Shanahan/Hoyer debacle or cellphone-gate. I was super pumped on Kyle Shanahan several years before he signed on with the browns. When he did I was over the moon. And it was an instant fit. I figured if Pettine flamed out that the browns had the future HOFer coach already in the building. And now there is no way in any circumstances Kyle ever even considers the dumpster fire browns. And that list is longer than coaches that actually dream about being the browns coach. Present day after several years of struggling to gain traction the Cleveland Browns actually have the slightest bit of momentum. But in classic CBrowns style they just can't be patient and let the process unfold. Chances are Haslem is going to fire rookie head coach Freddie kitchens after a possible 7 wins. What the actual FUCK? If he wins today he will have 1 less win then the browns had in the last 3 seasons combined. Unforgivable. Imagine of the cowboys fired JJ after his 1-15 season? But, what seems like always, the browns front brass just can't drown out the outside noise. They are constantly trying to be the smartest person in the room they aren't even in yet. This organization has been in dire need of consistency and continuity. Even if that is consistently being mediocre. The constant demand for lighting in a bottle is a major turn off as a fan. Josh McDaniels and Urban Meyers is fool's gold at best. And who's to say they choose the browns? IMO the browns are possibly they worst or second worst job if in the HC 2020 hunt. I as a fan am not on the just keep blowing it up till you strike gold in 1 or 2 seasons train. I truly believe it will take the browns 3-6 years to just become an average NFL team. The disfunction has just lasted way too long. Again continuity and positive consistency is needed. If I was running things I would let the current situation ride. Retain all current talent, retain coaches, retain GM, don't switch QB, and just simply add depth and positions of need thru the draft and FA. This team is not that far from being seriously relavent. TWO 1K WRS, NFL leading rushers, a defense that actually went from being ranked 22 in the NFL to top 20, and a QB that yea regressed a bit but did start every game and showed glimpses of what we expected. I said from the onset that I predicted and 8-8 year. Bad early (2-6) and finish stronger (5-3). I think with what they have right now this team goes to the playoffs next year with still one of the youngest teams. Everyone wants to pile on Kitchens. But I see them running basically the same offense they did last year the only difference is the QB is executing the plays he did last year. Accuracy is waaaay down, forcing throws when the situation doesn't call for it, and has become predictable when the play breaks down. Now I'm not saying kitchens has been great. He's been a rookie. He deserves an offseason to adjust and grow and the browns are possibly not going to give it to him. Again firing a rookie head coach in Cleveland after a 7 win season when u had a 0 win season 2 seasons ago is absurd and yet so Cleveland Browns. And quite honestly I'm just tires of it. I'm tired of wasting my Sundays hoping that they actually build something special but realizing they are just trying to get lucky in the short term. I have enjoyed my time talking browns politics with you guys and debating and sifting thru the dumpster with you folks. Hopefully I'm wrong and the browns drown out the outside noise for once and resist the temptations of blowing it up because of pipe dreams of the next season being different because the faces in town are different. But that wouldn't be the browns we all know and "love". And btw fuck the outside noise. Any other team in the NFL that has back to back 7 win seasons after a 0win season the "guru" would be extremely high on that team. But not the Browns they the whipping boy of the NFL and they just can't help plucking that low hanging fruit. Sorry for the length of this post. Just wanted to vent and possibly say goodbye to you guys my friends. If worst comes to worst I finally have tapped out from my current stance and just ain't that excited at the optimism of "There is always next year" Peace, Cdl15
  9. cdl15


    yea not quite sure that's accurate.
  10. cdl15


    8 game suspension, Myles will appeal it down to 7 Nfl sends a message with suspension rest of this season and opener next season....and a hefty fine
  11. cdl15


    Not condoning what he did. But I blame Freddie Kitchens. what the hell was our best defensive player doing in a 2 score game with 15 sec to play?
  12. cdl15

    Landry to sign extension

    Landry had 9 TDS last year to all browns wrs 7. Browns had 290 first downs Landry had 68 himself. Laundry doesn't even need to do anything special for his 15 million years either. Just put up the type of stats he's been putting up and the Browns will be a much much better team.
  13. cdl15

    Landry to sign extension

    Plus this contract will be coming off the books right about the time that you're going to have to pay a franchise quarterback. Might as well spend that money now on a proven guy. Looking over his stats There's real argument that there is not a better receiver in the league between the 20s
  14. cdl15

    Landry to sign extension

    I just ain't going to worry about what they pay an actual star for a team that never has any
  15. cdl15

    Landry to sign extension

    I get what you're calling an issue. Just don't think it's that big of a deal. Peyton Manning scrambling when a play breaks down was an issue. Doesn't mean it was worth worrying about