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  1. Just messaged the teams in League 3. I'll post any openings that I find out about. We're full now (unless someone doesn't come back) and are set to draft August 31st.
  2. League 3 was renewed as well.
  3. Okay Zombo, I'll concede the dance off because 1) That made me laugh like hell and 2) I like Kevin James. I still shoulda kicked your butt though
  4. Yes, congrats to Beanpot! And as a tied for 4th guy, I had 3rd wrapped up until like 3 days before the end but still, a cheap shot at us 4th placers lol. Can't we have a tie breaker like maybe a dance-off or something?
  5. Leauge 3: My Helmet's 2Tight: 2-2-0 57pts Ballantyne Bruisers: 4-0-0 137pts Cleveland Steamers 1-3-0 125pts Hard For Denard 1-3-0 123pts Browns149: 2-2-0 116pts Campbell's Soupermen: 3-1-0 102pts Make RGlll Gr8 Again: 2-2-0 88pts MOPARNUT: 3-1-0 95pts The Alfred Morrises: 1-3-0 36pts Team WHOOPASS: 2-2-0 69PTS why cant we win: 2-2-0 111pts 1 21 WATTS: 1-3-0 79pts BIGGEST BLOWOUT: My Helmet's 2Tight vs. Ballantyne Bruisers +82 pts STANDINGS: 1) Ballantyne Bruisers 2) Cambell's Soupermen 3) MOPARNUT 4) Make RGlll Gr8 Again 5) Browns149 6) why cant we win 7) Team WHOOPASS 8) My Helmet's 2Tight 9) Cleveland Steamers 10) 1 21 WATTS 11) Hard For Denard 12) The Alfred Morrises
  6. Cowsrus

    Guess the Movie Quote

    Sorry, I was unable to answer earlier but yes it was Bonnie and Clyde.
  7. Cowsrus

    Young Frankenstein

    Hump? What hump?
  8. Congratulations Tribe!
  9. Good, I was thinking of him or Andy Warhol.
  10. Cowsrus

    Medical Question

    No need for a doctor, some lotion and polish and you're flip flop ready. Just stay away from animals and small children. Oh, and balloons.
  11. In response to #4, I'm not positive but wasn't it Salvador Dahli (SP?) that has had a big influence on Alice? I swear I remember seeing that in Super Duper Alice Cooper. If it isn't Salvador Dahli (sp) there is another that comes to mind but I'll stick with this answer for now.
  12. https://goo.gl/photos/1p7JaFaMsKRPbdrNA
  13. Have an awesome time! If you hang around after the show you can usually meet the band. The drummer Glen Sobel is crazy talented. Alice puts on a great show and there is the giant toy box on stage too and a couple of surprises show up on stage. I wanted to make the trip but life happens. Maybe he'll come back to Warren. Rock on WSS!
  14. Cowsrus

    Guess the Movie Quote

    Not Raging Bull.
  15. I have to think about those because I really like Alice Cooper but I have to be somewhere in a few, and I just saw him in May at Packard Music Hall. The guy still knows how to rock!