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    Moss Waived by Vikings

    San Diego or Indy make the most sense. Hard to believe he doesn't get claimed.
  2. neomogo

    after today's game, i'm pretty sure that

    It's very apparent we're not talented enough to win unless we're perfect. What I'm sad to see is the lack of discipline. The penalties killed us. The play calling is suspect (big surprise). Yeah, it's 3rd and 2 let's throw it deep. WOW. We owned the clock, owned the ground, owned the turnover battle. Got owned on the scoreboard. No pressure on Flacco and Wright not playing the ball killed us.
  3. neomogo

    Kevin Kolb

    Ask Houston how they like Matt Schaub. Kolb looked awfully good last year in his 2 starts. 1st QB in NFL history to throw back to back 400 yard games in their first 2 starts. Schaub was a 2nd round pick that saw limited time on the field behind Vick. Houston has a bonafide star at QB. The Browns have nothing. If you're going to give JD $7 million guaranteed I would surely give up a 2nd and 3rd for Kolb assuming it's even a possibility.
  4. neomogo

    Mangini Sticking with DA

    The fact people are calling for Mangini's job is laughable. I'm on board with Mangini and Kokinis for now. They have 11 draft picks. Not playing Quinn is all about that stupid contract he's playing for. We want to be in the best position for the uncapped year in 2010. The DA vs BQ talk doesn't matter. Neither one of them is the answer in Cleveland. Mangini had Pennington and Farve....no comparison. Watching the Jets this year says all I need to know about the talent Mangini brought in when he was with the Jets...(especially that Oline). Play all of your young talent ...find out what you have and look for 2010. That's the only option Mike
  5. The inability of the Browns to run the football with any success is ultimately why any qb we've chosen to put under center is doomed to fail. I thought our O line this year would help rectify that (WRONG). It's obvious we don't have the talent running the ball. Any D facing the Browns knows we can't run the ball, therefore constant pressure is coming and before you know it ....3rd and long and DA and Quinn both throw short of the 1st down markers. We should have drafted Adrian Peterson. We should have drafted Mark Sanchez. Take a look at the top 12 teams in total rushing http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?tab...mp;d-447263-n=1 Not surprising they are winning. Teams like the Colts don't need to be there when they have Peyton Manning and talent to catch the ball. Mike
  6. neomogo


    I like the draft so far. We didn't score a TD in the last 7 games. I wonder if the D would have been a little better if the O was scoring some points. No doubt this gives us Braylon focused in a contract year, while grooming 2 potential starting wideouts. Mike
  7. neomogo

    What about JP Losman?

    I guess the only way I see it happening is if DA is traded on draft day. I've always admired JP's toughness, athletic ability, and strong arm (relatively accurate above 60%). I think with the right situation he's got a chance. Another guy I'm high on is Tyler Thigpen. He fought hard under terrible circumstances. Not the most accurate however. So if Braylon is traded to NYG (especially after Plax being cut) we should receive a 1st and 3rd from NYG. Hell, the Cowboys gave a 1,3, 5 for Roy and I much rather have Braylon. That certainly makes the Browns pick Crabtree at #5. I think Matthews Jr is there at the NYG #1. Then with the Winslow #2 pick you could look at Robsikie, Heyward Bey, ect. After that it's most likely a defense minded approach. Just throwing this thought out there. Mike
  8. neomogo

    Quinn and Rogers to Denver?

    The truth of the matter according to Peter King of SI is the fact that Cutler asked to be traded once his QB coach left (Jeremy Bates). Once guys become disgruntled they form a cancer (TO, Ocho Cinco, LJ). In this case you have Cutler and Rogers. I say you do the deal....but for more. If it's true Denver was going to send the #12 pick and a 3rd round for Cassel what makes you think we couldn't get their #12 pick for Quinn and Rogers? If that's the case.....you take the steal I mean deal. Mike
  9. Again, I think Lerner's logic is flawed. Proven winners in the NFL do not operate like the Cleveland Browns. The fact Lerner won't get a GM 1st before interviewing HC's proves my point. I've been on record saying Pioli was the best GM candidate. Some have reservations about his experience and what he has actually accomplished under Belichek's regime. I think 1 name has been omitted from this conversation. Ozzie Newsome is the guy to fix the Browns. He's been a winner ever since he got the GM job. He has managed to continue this excellence under 2 different ownerships. I find it comical Lerner wants to be the Ravens, but won't get the guy largely responsible (Newsome). I want a proven guy...not a guy under a proven guy (Savage & Kokinis).
  10. neomogo

    Randy Lerner WTF?!!

    What in the hell is he doing? For a guy that's trying to fix the atrocities he keeps the status quo. Why in the hell is he interviewing coaches without a GM in place? That's the same mistake he made in hiring RAC before Savage. I bet 100% RAC was never Savage's guy. Mangini? Really? No thanks. I was on record saying that Pioli is the best in the NFL. So what if he wants the world? We as fans deserve a winner. I just have that sickening feeling in my stomach that Randy Lerner is doing everything in his power to provoke the same actions 4 years later with this team. Mike
  11. I've been thinking about this issue for a few days. The only cure for the Browns long term is modify their business model. Since 1999 the model has been flawed with the wrong hires from the front office down to the coaching staff. That's fact. Looking forward. Who is the best GM in football? Scott Pioli it's not even close.....give him whatever money he wants. Who is the best coach in football? Bill Belicheck but I know that he's not a possibility. Who are the best candidates? Bill Cowher Steve Spagnuolo Nick Saban (i'm kidding) Josh McDaniels (maybe not now, but it's going to happen) Jim Johnson Andy Reid (think he's tired of those Philly slime bags?) Jon Gruden It's going to take the best of the best to make this team a consistent winner. Some of the talent is in place and some of it is not. Get the front office / coaching staff in place 1st. Mike
  12. I think another factor is the schedule. Another factor is the scouting against DA by more elite D's. I find the fact that DA's weaknesses (accuracy and touch pass) did not progress from the off season to the start of this season a major reason for the meltdown. We also learned that this team is not mentally strong enough to overcome injuries and adversity. I applauded the Stallworth signing, but then I forgot that his history is very clear....injury prone. Bad signing. The Retardation of BE was baffling. He needs a Cris Carter or Jerry Rice to mentor him. It's all mental and it's sure as hell not helping with this current coaching staff. I underestimated the loss of JJ. He's 6'5 going across the middle. LB's had a hell of a time covering and being physical with him. You saw K2 get doubled up a lot on the same routes this year that last year were picking up 1st downs. Chud's inability to adjust for this and find another way (ie Harrison) to spread the field really clogged up the middle and the timing routes. Stallworth never took the heat off BE or spread the field. Steptoe is serviceable as a 4th receiver. I truly believe Cribbs is #3 worthy....every time he touches the ball he gains positive yards. His formation is very different than the WildDawg. You have a RB basically running. Cribbs can run it, throw it, or catch it.....it's more multidimensional and harder to defend. Finally, the running game took a hit. Lewis playing more elite D fronts and falling behind early really forced the Browns to throw throw throw. We sucked throwing it. Joe Thomas took a step back and that is very alarming. I know Steinbach fought nagging injuries all year as well. I underestimated the effectiveness of Tucker and him missing most of the season has had an adverse effect. Expect major changes at the RB position in 09 and some Oline tweaking. All in All Savage said "we have the 8th best offense". He assumed they would pick up right where they left off and directed all of his attention to the Defense in FA and the draft for 08. Being aggressive with FA and in the draft have set this team back on both sides of the ball. We all felt Savage was doing the right things at the time, but now I'm not so sure.
  13. neomogo

    Dorsey = Collins

    I thought you were referring to Todd Collins of the Redskins who stepped up to the plate last year and won some games.
  14. neomogo

    Steve Slaton

    Saw this on PFT today: TEXANS HAVE SOMETHING EVEN BETTER THAN BUSH Posted by Mike Florio on December 2, 2008, 9:18 a.m. When folks discuss the wise-in-hindsight decision of the Houston Texans to pass on running back Reggie Bush, the player whose name always gets mentioned is defensive end Marion Williams. The more appropriate guy to invoke is Steve Slaton. Because he’s looking to be far better than Bush. Two years ago, a scout told me after watching practice at West Virginia University that the then-sophomore Slaton likely will be at the next level a poor-man’s version of the then-Saints rookie Bush. Last year, however, Slaton’s stock fell. I attended at least five WVU home games and watched the rest of them on television, and it appeared that Slaton had become tentative, possibly fearful that he’d suffer a Michael Bush-style injury and squander his NFL payday. As a result of a so-so final season, Slaton slid to bottom of the third round. And the team that passed on Bush with the No. 1 overall pick in 2006 grabbed Slaton with selection No. 89 in 2008. Already, Slaton has become the superior NFL running back. In Week Thirteen, Bush had three carries for zero yards, five receptions for 32, and two punt returns for minus-16. Slaton, on Monday night against the Jags, carried 21 times for 130 yards and two touchdowns. He also caught two passes for 52 yards, one of which nearly resulted in another score. The reality? Bush and his 3-point-something yards-per-carry average will continue to be a glorified third-down back. Slaton is blossoming into the every-down option that no one every dreamed he’d be at this level. Otherwise, he would have been picked a lot higher, even in a draft class full of good tailbacks.