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  1. cmac12

    #2 pick TJ Ward - Why??

    Think he was drafted way too high.
  2. cmac12

    Lets Make sense of this draft please

    Why draft him in the second round when you can have him in the third round for less money.
  3. cmac12


    Good Pick and at great Value. I really question the DB from Oregon in the early second round though. I think Colt will learn well and be starting by season 3.
  4. cmac12

    Colt McCoy to visit Browns

    I think this would be a good pick up. He played in a good league against good competition. Let him sit a few years and learn from a veteran and I think he could turn out to be a good pickup. Not sure I would package anything to get him in the first round though. I have many more concerns on whether or not Jake can turn his career around.
  5. cmac12

    Do any of you care about DA/Quinn?

    I will be curious on how both do. I will be more curious on how Jake does without Steve Smith. I wanted the Browns to get a veteran, but was hoping for a veteran that was not interception prone.
  6. cmac12

    No QB Competition Next Year

    Both QBs have not shown that they should be the starter next year. Bring in a veteran to start and keep BQ as a back up because he is more affordable. Only way I would start DA or BQ is if there is no other choice.
  7. cmac12

    Finding a new quarterback

    Wining in College does not mean you win in the Pros. But using Peyton Manning is using an exception not a rule. That is no different than using Tom Brady as an example of what a 6th round pick can give you. I didn't read the article but I seem to recall something like half the QBs are from the first round and the other half are from all other rounds. It is kind of a no brainer that people picked in the first round generally are better than those picked later. The question for the Browns would be if this is the time to go after a franchise QB, maybe if Bradford drops but otherwise no way. Bring in a veteran to START and keep BQ as the backup since he is the more affordable bad QB on the roster.
  8. cmac12

    Possible teams for Quinn/DA

    I hope so. And since he is not splitting the duties he might very well be a very good front office person. I agree that it is difficult to do both. What I want to see is him make some good front office decisions. I am just saying I will let him prove it. As far as the QBs, DA is too expensive for what he gives and BQ is not any good but he is affordable as a back up QB. DA is not any good and he is expensive as a back up. I like DA but he has proven to be unproductive on a consistent basis. BQ has proven to be injury prone and inconsistent also. Neither QB was good this year but the few good games done buy the QB were done mainly by BQ. I really like the way the defense played this year, far better than the stats give them credit for.
  9. cmac12

    Possible teams for Quinn/DA

    They both suck!!!! Last I saw Holmgren was not going to be the coach next season. He is going to be the president. Why does everybody think that just because the president ran a WCO when he coached that the Browns will be doing the same. And speaking of that, you do know that when Holmgren was president - coach of the Seahawks they totally sucked. When he gave up front office duties the Seahawks were good and he left them in a big pile of crap when he left. Why oh why is he the savior? I say prove it before I jump on the he knows all band wagon. What has he done to prove he is a great front office person? Coach yea, but front office person I will need to see it to believe it.
  10. cmac12

    Anderson engineered another win

    Still too expensive to be on the team next year. Maybe if he reworks contract. I find it more likely that he will rework his contract on a trade or just get cut. I think DA is better than BQ but BQ is paid like the backup he is and DA is not paid like the backup that he is. Need more than 88 yards out of your QB, especially when there were long passes available to be completed yesterday and DA left them on the table. I know weather sucked but if that is your strong point you must be able to do it. And that interception he threw at the 20 yard line killed a good drive.
  11. cmac12

    Does Mangini really deserve another season?

    I agree that the players are playing hard for him. And you really have to look at it, the Browns have won 3 games with no QB play of any kind. The players have not given up and that is a sign that the players buy into the coach. Holmgren isnt going to be the coach next year so why would the players be playing hard for him? The coach has done enough to show he deserves another year, the OC, well maybe not. But the defense has for sure improved so you need to keep Ryan. Bring in a good class of rookies and free agents and get a QB that can remotely play the game and the Browns will be competitive.
  12. cmac12

    Great Win orchestrated by Derek Anderson

    Going into their third seasons BQ and DA had almost identical stats and games played. DAs third season was his one and only good season and BQs third season, well he still sucks and is waiting for his good season to come along. And for all that working out he does you would think that he would be a little tougher. Need a new QB, enough said.
  13. cmac12

    Great Win orchestrated by Derek Anderson

    And who is it that is riding DAs cock and who on this roster could you possibly call the real deal at QB? I do agree not to draft a QB this season, just go sign one. Almost any QB you sign will be an improvement on what the Browns have put out there the last two seasons. I am good with everybody saying DA is not any good, but neither is BQ. So I don't think that anybody is missing out on the possible future of the Browns QB position as long as they are not looking on the current roster for the answer. Hell go get dennis dixon off the 3rd string for the Steelers and you will have upgraded the position.
  14. cmac12

    We're 4-11

    I dont think that it would be fair to fire him at the end of the season. The team defense has improved and of course the special teams is great. Add a few more pieces and a remotly decent QB and the team could probably compete. At least they are playing with effort and heart.
  15. cmac12

    Great Win orchestrated by Derek Anderson

    DA Sucks and Quinn is no better. Get rid of both or Keep BQ as back up because he is cheap enough. DA has to go he is too expensive for what he is.