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  1. Dorsey skips Mayfield and Rosen pro days...

    They are
  2. Throwing away money and picks

    I’m not entirely sure what move bruised OP’s puss. If you’re clamoring for the days acquiring future capital and never spending it, you’ve got a problem.
  3. Draft Day

  4. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    If there’s insider information that the Browns 100% aren’t in the running for Cousins, you’d think it would behoove Vegas to keep them on the ballot. That’s just free money.
  5. The Prime Order

    Which podcast?
  6. QB mike white

    I thought he was the 3rd best QB.
  7. QB mike white

    The dude using Josh Allen’s hog as a snorkel is in here talking about evaluating talent. Thats just about the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen.
  8. The Prime Order

  9. Nice Article/Interview for Baker Mayfield Enthusiasts

  10. Nice Article/Interview for Baker Mayfield Enthusiasts

    You Sheet on Baker for being in the Big 12, then touted Rudolph. I really don’t care what you say to try and justify it.
  11. Nice Article/Interview for Baker Mayfield Enthusiasts

    My comments are... you don’t like Baker because of Big 12, but like another Big 12 guy. Take from that what you will.
  12. Nice Article/Interview for Baker Mayfield Enthusiasts

    The person making the argument Baker sucks because of his conference is the same person jacking his beans over Mason Rudolph...who’s in the same conference. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.
  13. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    Your bias is showing.
  14. https://twitter.com/mortreport/status/960162200466833408?s=17 McCloughan has also served as personnel exec for Seattle. He’s been around the league and is extremely well-regarded for his ability to scout. He’s found many mid and late round gems. Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, Byron Maxwell, Kam Chancellor, Dashon Goldson and Frank Gore were all players drafted by teams he was in charge of or a part of.
  15. The Curious Case of Eli Manning

    Probably not. I’m not arguing, I’m stating a fact.