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  1. This is a very weird and creepy thing
  2. New Roster Additions

    I’d say that’s conjecture at best. I was born in South Carolina, lived the south my entire life, raised by a family of Ohioans and still think Oklahoma State is OSU. They both own the trademark jointly, so technically they both are OSU....but I don’t think many people outside Ohio think it’s really OSU. I also just asked the Ohio State alum I work with, who told me that nobody really calls it that anymore under the age of like 40. It seems like more of a generational thing than a regional.
  3. Dont let the Dorsey-Alex Smith connection/noise fool you.....

    We don’t need to start a rookie day one. That’s dumb.
  4. My First, Way too early, Way too ignorant, First Pick Mock

    Probably closer to 7.
  5. Cut kizer after the game

    If you honestly expect any team to cut a starting second round pick QB in his rookie season, I don’t know what to tell you bud
  6. Cut kizer after the game

    Aw, did the wittle baby get his feewings huwt
  7. Cut kizer after the game

    Maybe not all of them, but this one sure was. If you’re gonna be a baby back bitch, at least be consistent in your bitching.
  8. Cut kizer after the game

    Not a Hue defender, just not a Shmucking whiny bitch idiot. Wish you could say the same.
  9. Cut kizer after the game

    Is Hue our DC too? I must have missed that.
  10. Cut kizer after the game

  11. ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    Nacua gave up a huge touchdown and gave up a huge PF early.
  12. Dorsey Hired

    Starts and experience are two different things. The guy was in the same program for 5 years. He saw game action in four of those years. He entered the draft at 23. That’s hell of a lot more experience than a plenty of kids coming out nowadays.
  13. Dorsey Hired

    Wentz certaintly does fit that criteria. He was a fifth year senior when he was drafted and started 22 games over his final two years once Jensen graduated. Trubisky doesn’t. But I still don’t believe he was a target anyway. Nor do I think anyone really cares we “missed out” on him.
  14. Dorsey Hired

    Because he couldn’t get along with Reid and he would occasionally go rogue.