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  1. Suomi

    Antonio Brown

    Wife is half Finn. Had a family reunion in Finland last summer, fabulous.
  2. Suomi

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Yep, Dorsey is killin' it. That's still a steal for OBJ. GO BROWNS!!!
  3. Suomi

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    What a moronic take. Probably your worst in some time...and that's saying something. GO BROWNS!!!
  4. Suomi

    Antonio Brown

    Just no.
  5. After 30 years of being a Browns fanboi this Connecticut Yankee is making his first pilgrimage to Cleveland to see the Browns in their home stadium. Looking forward to seeing y'all in the Muni lot!
  6. Suomi

    Dez on his way ?

    Here's hoping that Flash gets back on the field sooner than later. If the Browns pick up Dez I hope that his "cancerous" attitude doesn't come with him. A one-year "prove it" deal and let's get on with gettin' on.
  7. Had a couple of pints of this brew tonight in CT. It's a Cleveland brewer, and the style is New England IPA - which means cloudy orange with citrus aroma and hop profile. Not a bad take on the style, although it could use an infusion of Citra hops to give it more of the traditional citrusy NE flava. Anybody have it in The Land? If so, what do you think?
  8. Suomi

    ESPN gripes and praise

    Ridiculous. Reads like the guys polled don't have a clue. Dorsey has them all beat.
  9. Suomi

    Study has Browns as one of the WORST fan bases

    That's what happens when you hold a parade for going 0-16.
  10. Suomi

    Platform "Bucket of Gloves" Beer

    I'm spoiled because I'm a short ride away from Tree House Brewery and have a fridge full of Julius right now - the quintessential NE IPA. Always interested in what folks from other parts of the country think of the style.
  11. It's likely that you'll be able to place wagers at any lottery terminal as well. No need to go to a casino. The lottery may be granted the opportunity to offer sports betting on the internet too.
  12. Suomi

    Callaway Highlights

    What was that I saw? Minkah Fitzpatrick's jock on the 5 yard line? LOL!
  13. Suomi

    POLL: When will Baker start?

    Perhaps 2019.
  14. Suomi

    Austin Corbett

    Lots of options and flexibility afforded the Browns with the selection of Corbett. That's a good thing. Regardless of what happens this year I envision that Dorsey will select one of the premier LTs in next year's draft - further enhancing a team strength.
  15. Suomi

    The teams nucleus

    If Gordon balls out he's getting paid - by the Browns. That kind of player is exactly who you spend the cap on.
  16. Suomi

    Overall Draft Reaction... your thoughts?

    Both PFF and QBASE have the most thorough quarterback analysis of any of the draft prospect rating entities. It's incredibly gratifying to know that Baker Mayfield was the highest rated QB -BY FAR - by both of these services. Those that criticize the pick simply don't know. Those that complain about Mayfield's antics either forgot what it was like to be 21 years old or got butt-hurt when he beat OSU. We've got a real NFL GM now. Sit back and enjoy the ride - it's going to be fantastic.
  17. Suomi

    Overall Draft Reaction... your thoughts?

    For me Walter Football has always been a joke. They've reinforced that here by calling the Browns draft "homoclitic" and claiming that it should have been "heteroclitic" instead. JFC -You're writing for football fans, not high school kids studying for the SATs. Know your audience!
  18. Suomi

    Overall Draft Reaction... your thoughts?

    Great draft. Nice combination of studs, needs picks, and high upside flyers. In Dorsey we trust. Way to go, my UConn brother!
  19. Better than a bunch of UCLA fans.
  20. Suomi

    Revisionist History

    Ignored troll is ignored.
  21. Landry at 33, Hurst at 35, Ronald Jones at 64.
  22. Suomi

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    I'm all on the Baker train. Trust in Dorsey.
  23. Suomi

    Denzel Ward

    Dorsey picking players at the key positions. Doing a great job. The Browns already have a stud pass rushing DE. Didn't have a shut down corner - now they do.