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  1. Mel Kiper says

    Mel Kiper blows. He knows nothing about which team is taking which player, as has been proven by reviewing his past "prognostications".
  2. Alex smith

    "Two firsts for Smith" say the Chiefs fans. "No higher than a 3rd" exclaim the Browns fans. You're all nuts. The Browns need a legitimate NFL QB in the worst way - not the least of which is to instill an attitude of winning in that locker room. The Browns are desperate for such a player. In my opinion only two such players are available this off season- Smith and Cousins. Obtaining Cousins is the least problematic option. The Browns can simply 1) convince him that Cleveland is his best option (not an easy sales job, but that's why the GM gets big bucks) and 2) pay him more than anyone else. If secured, Cousins will be a Brown under contract for 4 or 5 years. Smith, however, doesn't come with any long-term certainty. He's got one year left on his contract and, if the Browns obtain him via trade, they'll have to secure him to a longer-term deal or the trade will arguably have been a worthless 1-year rental. Again, that's why the GM gets big bucks - it's his job to make that happen. Of the two QB's I'm partial to Smith. He's coming off a season where he led the NFL in QBR and in completed passes of 30+ air yards. He is not a "dink and dunk" passer as some claim. Josh Gordon and Cory Coleman would be exciting and productive deep threats with Smith at QB. The Browns are in a good position to obtain Smith via trade. They have more realistic ammo than any other squad. By realistic ammo I mean second-round picks and plenty of cap room. Because that's all it should take to get him. Smith is worth more than a 3rd round pick to a QB desperate team, and there are few clubs that can afford to take on his salary. Bottom line - if the Browns have to offer their first pick in the second round to outbid all others to obtain Smith they should do it. Heck, they'd still be on the clock two picks later. There is NOBODY in the draft available at pick #33 that would come anywhere CLOSE to the value that Smith would bring to the Browns. Nobody. That would be considered the steal of the draft. And a refreshing step in the right direction to returning the Browns to a legitimate, exciting NFL franchise.
  3. Why not Minkah at #1

    This ^^^. In spades.
  4. Alex smith

    Taking a QB at #1 after trading for Alex Smith assumes that there is a franchise QB among the current prospects. I'm not convinced that there is. Not a single one blows scouts away with his skills, leadership, or performance. As such, selecting a QB with the first pick is perilous. The Browns have some exciting targets in Gordon, Nojoku and Duke. Some of their best years will go to waste if the Browns cross their fingers yet again and hope that they hit on a franchise QB in the draft. Waiting for such a QB to develop, or waiting for one to fall into their lap, just adds years to the rebuild. Players such as Danny Shelton aren't going to wait when their first chance at free agency occurs - they'll find both big money and a successful team outside of Ohio. You're right - it is a good thing for you that I'm not in charge of the cap. That way you can continue to fantasize about what the Browns can acquire NEXT year with all that cash under the cap. I'm not satisfied with dumpster diving to fill out the roster - that never leads to wins. I want a roster full of professional football players that know how to win, have a history of winning, and will snap this franchise out of the deadly funk it has been sleepwalking through for the past two decades. If that requires over-paying to acquire such players, so be it. The money is there to be spent, and spent to improve the roster. There are no awards for having the most cap space. Spend it.
  5. Alex smith

    That was true in the past, but this year KC adopted a much more vertical passing game. Apparently it agreed with Smith as he led the league with nine completions of 30 yards or more and in QBR with 105. Give him Gordon, Njoko, Duke, a free agent acquisition (Allen Robinson would be nice) and an RB in the draft (Saquon Barkley) and he'd thrive in Cleveland - as would the Browns.
  6. Alex smith

    Smith would be acquired via trade, as he is not a free agent. I don't care what it would cost to sign Cousins - it's not my money, and the Browns have a ton of it. Continuing to repeat the same thing and expect a different outcome is the definition of insanity. This applies to the Browns expectation that they can find a franchise quarterback in the draft. After nearly 20 years of failed attempts the cycle of insanity has to stop. Regarding the perception of players' lack of interest to come to Cleveland, that's a self-fulfilling prophesy. Thankfully you're not in the front office.
  7. Alex smith

    Alex Smith led the NFL in quarterback rating this season, and so far he looks every bit the part. I'm firmly in the camp that the Browns NOT take a QB with the first pick in the draft. Rather, I'd prefer that they acquire a true NFL-caliber quarterback by, well, getting a current NFL quarterback. Smith via trade, or Cousins via free agency, either works for me. If the Browns do pick up one of those two it provides Dorsey with flexibility to trade down for more picks or, my preference, stay put and draft blue chip studs at #1 and #4.

    Nope. Way to go, Bungles. Frack you, Ratbirds.

    I'm sick and tired of waiting with crossed fingers for the Browns to draft their franchise QB. They've swung and missed so many times it's ridiculous. Time to quit looking for a needle in a haystack and unleash one of their few advantages - their salary cap. Back the truck up into either Kirk Cousins' or Alex Smith's driveway and dump $30 million a year on them. Both of them qualify as legitimate NFL quarterbacks - and the Browns arguably haven't had one since Bernie Kosar. This will allow Dorsey to draft Saquon Barkley and Minkah Fitzpatrick, solving gaping holes at two positions of need. The three second round picks can be used on a combination of CB, WR, LB, edge rusher, and/or OT. Flash some more cash to a couple of quality free agents too - I trust John Dorsey to make good "football" decisions in this regard (no Bowe or Britt clones expected). The Browns have been too shtty for too long. Time to get a good NFL-experienced QB to take advantage of the Browns' best weapon, Josh Gordon. Time to finish red zone drives with TD's instead of settling for field goals or surrendering turnovers. Time to win some frickin' football games. The defense made big strides this year; with the right OC so can the offense. GO BROWNS!
  10. The Browns are on the clock!

    I'd prefer that the Browns sign Kirk Cousins and draft Saquon Barkley and Minkah Fitzpatrick in the top 4. If possible, trade out of the top pick while still getting these guys.
  11. ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    That goal line stand was fabulous.
  12. ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    The Browns front seven is getting man handled. So embarrassing. You'd think that the specter of an 0-16 season would have them more motivated to perform well.
  13. ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    First offensive series was a joke. WTF Hue?
  14. ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    JFC. That was embarrassing. 7-0 Steelers.