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  1. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    To me this is the most logical multi-team trade possibility involving the Browns. However, the Browns can make out similarly by coordinating the trades themselves as follows: 1.1: Browns - Sam Darnold, QB USC1.2: Giants - Saquan Barkley, RB Penn State1.3: Jets - Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma1.4: Bills - Josh Allen, QB Wyoming 1.5: Broncos - Josh Rosen, QB UCLA 1.6: Browns - Bradley Chubb, DE NC State Trade #1: Browns send 1.4 to the Bills for #s 12, 22, 53 and #1 2019 Trade #2: Browns send #s 12, 22 and 64 to the Colts for #6 The Colts are looking for more picks in this draft and the Browns deliver 3 of them. The Browns move up from 64 to 53, add a 1st next year, and get their guy at 6. The Bills get their QB.
  2. Landry to sign extension

    Financial wizards on here complaining that Landry got paid too much, meanwhile they can't balance their own checkbooks.
  3. The Browns are set at TE. I'd pass on Gronk because he's not guaranteed to ever play again. Add this year's third and next year's second and I'd THINK about trading the Browns 1.4 Perhaps the Pats should consider making that offer to the 49ers for Garoppolo.
  4. Talking to a Penn State fan last night... ...and the second that I mentioned Saquon his first words to me were "I don't think that he'll be a good pro." When I asked why he replied "Because he can't get four yards. Everything is either minus three or a breakaway. And those breakaways will be limited because everyone in the NFL is so much faster." So there's that.
  5. When it comes to running backs I'm partial to those that don't put the ball on the ground. Below is an article from a month or so ago that ranks the incoming running back draft class on ball security. Interesting to note that Nick Chubb, Bo Scraborough, Nyheim Hines all rank below average while the ball security of Kamryn Pettway and Sony Michel is considered a "red flag". Conversely, Ronald Jones, Saquon Barkley and Kerryon Johnson rank among the best at 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. If I was GM Sony Michel is a "do not draft" player. Vision. Balance. Burst. These are the main traits that scouts want to see from running backs. Ball security is also a crucial characteristic that is key to the NFL transition. The average fumble rate for the top 10 rushers in the NFL last season was one for every 124.5 offensive touches Kansas City Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt had elite ball security at Toledo (fumble rate of 856.0), and that skill translated as a first-year NFL player, as he fumbled only once in 325 offensive touches in 2017. Cincinnati Bengals rookie Joe Mixon had fumbling issues in college, putting the ball on the ground once every 73.0 offensive touches at Oklahoma. And that stayed true in his first year as a pro, posting a 69.3 fumble rate last season. Below are the career offensive fumble rates for the top running back prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft class, broken down into five categories: 359.0 -- Darrel Williams, LSU 238.7 -- Demario Richard, Arizona State 207.7 -- Ronald Jones, USC 193.3 -- Saquon Barkley, Penn State 191.3 -- Kerryon Johnson, Auburn 181.7 -- Kyle Hicks, TCU 180.6 -- Justin Jackson, Northwestern 174.0 -- Josh Adams, Notre Dame 155.5 -- Jordan Wilkins, Ole Miss ABOVE AVERAGE (125-149) 142.1 -- Chase Edmonds, Fordham 135.0 -- Lavon Coleman, Washington 124.9 -- Ralph Webb, Vanderbilt 123.3 -- John Kelly, Tennessee AVERAGE (100-124) 114.0 -- Royce Freeman, Oregon 110.0 -- Phillip Lindsay, Colorado 105.8 -- Rashaad Penny, San Diego State 100.6 -- Derrius Guice, LSU BELOW AVERAGE (76-99) 98.6 -- Nick Chubb, Georgia 96.0 -- Bo Scarbrough, Alabama 90.0 -- Mark Walton, Miami (Fla.) 88.2 -- Ryan Nall, Oregon State 87.3 -- Ito Smith, Southern Miss 86.8 -- Nyheim Hines, NC State 76.3 -- Jordan Chunn, Troy RED FLAG (75 or worse) 74.2 -- Roc Thomas, Jacksonville State 67.4 -- Akrum Wadley, Iowa 66.9 -- Jarvion Franklin, Western Michigan 66.5 -- Kalen Ballage, Arizona State 62.5 -- Justin Crawford, West Virginia 58.2 -- Kamryn Pettway, Auburn 55.6 -- Keith Ford, Texas A&M 54.6 -- Sony Michel, Georgia 39.5 -- Jeffery Wilson, North Texas
  6. Rosen

    Tyrod will start and play for a minimum of one year. During that time the QB that the Browns draft at #1 will be holding a clipboard and learning. Optimum scenario. I'm putting my full faith and trust in the Browns' new front office. They can draft whatever QB they want at #1 - it'll be the right decision. I could care less if it's Darnold, Rudolph, or David Pindell.
  7. ComebackSZN!

    Go away.
  8. What's your worst case scenario?

    Trading down from both 1 and 4. Possible? Only if Sashi was GM.
  9. The FA money and cap space

    The money is there to be spent. It's been collecting dust for years. Now that the Browns are actually spending it some folks are wigging out because, well, we won't have the most cap space anymore. As if that was something to be proud of. I want to see the Browns go from 0-16 to the playoffs in a one-season turn around. That costs money. Others choose to put a team on the field made up of 5th round picks because they're cap-friendly. That doesn't cost money, but it eats away at your soul. GO BROWNS!!!
  10. Dorsey Taking Charge

    This evening the role of Soju will be played by Tour2ma.
  11. Trade for OBJ ?

    No to OBJ. He'd be a clubhouse distraction. Saquon isn't going #1 unless the Browns trade out. That pick is reserved for the QB that the Browns like the best. Trust the Dorsey.
  12. Its late in London

    "Average" is a lot better than the Browns have had under center for the last decade. A good get by Dorsey.
  13. Its late in London

    Bad example. Sammy Watkins has been a woefully underperforming player ever since he entered the league. Can't stay on the field, not very good when he is on the field. He was fourth on the Rams in catches this year (a whopping 39) despite playing on one of the NFL's most explosive offenses. After Cousins, Tyrod was the best FA quarterback available. Tyrod only threw four picks last year (14 TDs) and six the year before (17 TDs). I like that he takes care of the ball, a big difference from what the Browns had this year. A real nice get by Dorsey that will help make the Browns much more competitive this season.
  14. Dorsey Taking Charge

    There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Reggie Hamm...er, John Dorsey. JD makes a statement that Hue can read from a mile away. Frack McCarrion, Dorsey got himself a quarterback that led his team to the playoffs last year. And the best slot receiver in the game. And another decent cornerback. Can't wait to see what free agency brings us. My UConn classmate is doing us proud. GO BROWNS!
  15. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    An interesting snippet from an article on Terrell Pryor tells the tale of just how good a Kirk Cousins-led offense is: "Washington had just lost its top two receivers, Jackson and Pierre Garcon, in free agency, leaving 214 targets open in an offense that had the second-most yards per play, passing yards, and net yards per pass attempt in 2016." It's a quarterback league. Kirk Cousins is the best QB to hit free agency in a long time. Pay the man to play for the Browns.