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  1. professor_g

    Phil Taylor Torn Pec

    I was thinking of Hughes as a back-up for Rubin, and Grossi seems to agree: http://espncleveland.com/common/more.php?m=49&post_id=1081
  2. professor_g

    Phil Taylor Torn Pec

    All over twitter. Mary Kay says agent has confirmed. This sucks so bad.
  3. professor_g

    Hillis To Kansas City

    According to NFL Network and many things on Twitter. KC gets more and more interesting. Thanks for one great season Hillis!
  4. professor_g

    Daboll Hired By Chiefs

    Now with Crennel and Daboll in KC, I'm actually interested in how things go there. I'm probably one of the few in these parts who is still a fan of these guys.
  5. professor_g

    Rg3 On Mike And Mike

    I heard the interview as well and had the same reaction. I just hope they don't give up extra picks to get him. Already enough risk using the #4 pick on him.
  6. professor_g

    Grossi Let Go Over Tweet Regarding Randy Lerner

    What is stupid about this is that the tweet was a pm and was only made public inadvertently. How can you fire a guy for an honest mistake for which he apologized publicly? Especially when it was such a minor offense to begin with! I write for a living, and I think Grossi is an above average writer. I didn't agree with his opinion very often, but that's what I enjoyed about reading his stuff. I want a different view that challenges my perspective. Why should it bother me that I don't agree with him most of the time?
  7. professor_g

    Colts Days As A Starter Should Be Over.

    With the 4th pick overall you have to think the Browns will address QB straightaway.
  8. professor_g

    Steelers At Browns

    That final game last year was truly sad. Even Mangini fans like myself had to admit that you can't lose like that and keep your job.
  9. professor_g

    How Can We Improve Run-D?

    Thanks jrb. That's along the lines I was thinking. Hopefully they'll take care of that this off-season and just add some depth on D. We're a couple injuries from being a bottom-tier defense, even with our current rank at 10 overall.
  10. professor_g

    How Can We Improve Run-D?

    We seem pretty stout up the middle. So which positions need an upgrade through FA or draft to repair the holes in our run defense?
  11. professor_g

    Greg Little Wr A Beast That Can Yac!

    Nicely put. A great way to end the week!
  12. professor_g

    Who's Your Guy?

    No question, Peterson is my pick if he's there. Green is next on my list. If both are gone along with Dareus, that's when things get tough.
  13. professor_g

    You Gotta Take Peterson at 6 If He Is There

    I'm not following your argument. Defensive backfield is still at the top of list of current needs. If Peterson is the best on the board-- and if he's still there he probably is-- take him. Not for his return abilities but because he's a shut-down corner, something that's not easy to get in later rounds. You might argue that the need for a DE is greater, but you have to weigh that point against further points like who is the best player on the board and can we address DE in later rounds or through free agency. I would be extremely happy with the selection of Peterson, provided that there was some credible plan in place to bolster the line.
  14. professor_g

    Jeff Fisher out as Titans coach

    Aren't the Titans expected to promote from within? I'd love to see Mangini there, but I don't see it happening. Grossi recently wrote that he thought Fisher was one of the most overrated coaches in the NFL. I'm in no position to disagree.
  15. professor_g

    Mike Tomlin might be on a short leash

    Are the Steelers more loaded with talent (compared to competitors) now or is the team better coached now? It didn't take long for Tomlin to surpass Cowher in Super Bowl appearances. (Am I right in thinking that Cowher had just one SB appearance? I know he won just one.)