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  1. USFBrown

    The int's are what killed us today

    Could definitely argue play calling. The announcers were even ripping Hue on his bad play calls. Titans d were in the back field as soon as Kessler snapped the ball. Ever heard of a damn screen? Hue is way over his head.
  2. I'm ok with it. I think it's juvenile and stupid It's definitely disrespectful and tasteless. What I do have a problem with is the double standard. Image there was a nude satire of statue of Obama. The world would melt. The double standards on race are asinine.
  3. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/08/29/report-browns-trying-to-trade-cameron-erving/ Maybe we can get a bag of chips
  4. USFBrown

    11 Browns protest

    I would like to see the statistics for this.
  5. I've got nothing but respect for you. I'm all for good civil conversations and hearing other's opinions. Even those i don't agree with and I can understand why other's don't agree with mine.
  6. I can see where you can point out the hypocrisy of me watching while other teams knelt and I'm fine with that. We all have our limits. I respect their right to protest, even if it offends me. The government has no right to block protesting so long as it does not interfere with others freedoms. Whether it offends me, you, or anyone else. That is how it should be. Therefore, it should be the same that I reserve my right not to agree with how they protest and in response I will no longer support what I deem as disrespectful. Spare me of the prayer veil. Yes it looks like praying and I believe that they did pray. But if you want to sell me that they just up and decided to pray and not realize this would come off as a quasi protest to sitting for the anthem then I don't believe we can have further discussion on this as we at am impasse. I respect your opinions and views (and generally agree with what you say). Here we just differ on our opinions.
  7. Freedom doesn't mean your actions do not have ramifications. The entire country was founded on freedom from a tyrannical government. Not freedom from judgement or freedom to do whatever you damn well please. They are free to protest without ramification from the government, so long as it does not impact other people's freedoms. But they are not free from ramifications of their employers or fans.
  8. I'd rather see no protests while I'm trying to watch football. Keep your politics out of the NFL please. Do it on your own time. I think this is a large part in why ESPN and Hollywood are taking some massive hits lately. They keep interjecting their politics into their entertainment.
  9. With the protests last year I stopped watching all games except the Browns. I'm probably in the minority here but I'm not watching any more Browns games until this stops. I respect their right to protest but I also 100% disagree with it. I will not support an organization that allows their employees to openly disrespect my country. It's also extremely distasteful to try to and use religion as a veil to protest. Pathetic. No one is fooled that these guys are just praying during the Anthem. I'm starting to think Mark Cuban was right when he forecasted the NFL was going to implode in the near future.
  10. I've got a bridge to sell you.
  11. USFBrown

    I consider these 2 wins

    Awesome! The rest of the world sees them as losses.
  12. USFBrown

    Corey Coleman !

    No and I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about. Sky is falling wah wah they didn't make my pick. Analyzing a pick is one thing but bitching because they didn't make your pick is whining
  13. USFBrown

    Corey Coleman !

    Agreed. Always gonna be whiners abiut their picks. We finally drafted a play maker and people still pissed. Coleman is going to require a lot of attention on the field opening up some coverages for others. Ive been very impressed with the new regime so far. Stock piling picks for this year and next. We can use those to build a team for long term. They can evaluate this year and fill more holes next year. More picks = better odds of finding good core talent.
  14. USFBrown

    Day 2 is Make or Break for Our 2016 Draft

    I think they've made smart moves. We need talent and aren't going to get it all in one year. They've mad smart trades and stock piled picks for not only this year but next. It gives time to evaluate and see next year what we need It's a smart way to build a young team. Load up on picks for now and the future. The draft is still a crap shoot. More picks are better odds. I think you're spot on with addressing our needs. I'd love for us to get a tough and nasty lb. We'll see.
  15. USFBrown

    The rebuild continues

    I know this is a joke but you'd be surprised at how much runs on "Windows". Azure is dominating in software as a service. Medical, manufacturing, simulation, and much more... guess what most of it is windows. There's a lot of haters out there and its trendy to hate windows, but we'd all be screwed if windows went away.