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  1. HowieDawg

    This Week in the AFC North

    Great Line re Philip Rivers Zombo - Funniest thing you have ever written!
  2. HowieDawg

    Pro Pick'em 2016

    Put your handbag down - I'll but some clear blue water between us don't you worry.
  3. HowieDawg

    Pro Pick'em 2016

    In other words you didn't win anything either - same as me. I got you MarkO - picking out the furniture to get settled in your head.
  4. HowieDawg

    Pro Pick'em 2016

    And even though i did it still took you about 5 games to catch my score
  5. HowieDawg

    Pro Pick'em 2016

    I hope you like the taste of humble pie, s'all I'm sayin'
  6. HowieDawg

    Pro Pick'em 2016

    I'm in. Victory is assured.
  7. HowieDawg

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Well said, what kind of person wants to take bets on another's death - you should boot that idiot off the board.
  8. HowieDawg

    Attending Browns Games 2016

    Can't wait to see the old faces and hopefully a few new ones at the tailgate for the Cowboys game, those with iron clad livers might want to join us on the three day warm up. 164 days till me and G-Man land - not that we're counting.
  9. HowieDawg

    2016 Schedule Release is Tonight!

    Ha! we are old Mercia here!
  10. HowieDawg

    2016 Schedule Release is Tonight!

    Looking forward to it, hit CLE with G Man and KMac19 in 198 days, not that we're counting. Last year was a very bitter omission to our 100% year on year attendance but both me and GMan's family have told the Big C to take a bus so we'll be there!! Ready to Crush "America's team".
  11. HowieDawg

    Pro Pick'em 2015!

    I'm in - I was going to put my team name as "Mark&KeithCanEatShit" but it said offensive names would be removed - MarkO and Kmac1972 - I'm gonna bury you both.
  12. HowieDawg

    browns board logo for hats…anyone?

    Breakfast is usually a shot and and a beerbong and yeah, you got the scenario right but it's the details that are funny. Look forward to seeing you in 71 days.
  13. HowieDawg

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    I've never been keen on an NFL team in London - never will, or anywhere in the UK. The NFL should pump some money into the game so that it can be played here, at school / college level, not just reap the cash on the back of what is an American passion. That said, it's pretty likely the browns will play in the UK in the next few years and, as I understand the terms between FES and Cleveland City, they won't be home games as all home games have to be played in CLE. So It won't deprive Browns of a home game which I think would be tragic. I'd also love to spend a weekend in London with my Browns Board pals. Wait til they get the victoria line to Seven Sisters and t do the Walk. N17 isn't really on the tourist map.
  14. HowieDawg

    browns board logo for hats…anyone?

    I can feel the epicness of the tailgate already. the shirts look great - Looking forward to adding to the collection, thanks Miktoxic. I was going to suggest a t shirt design with two unmatching tennis shoes and the BB logo - that in joke will be explained if you make the Titans tailgate
  15. HowieDawg

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    LondonBrown - I'm a Spurs fan also - but have only been to WHL about 5 timse sin last 10 years since moving out of London in 2003. It's really all about the Browns for me. In fcat I have been to Cleveland several more times than WHL in that time. Well, if teams are going to play here, might as well be under our magnificent history. Just like the Browns, we pick a club that needs to look back to the 60s for the last league achievement.