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  1. shoot

    Ready for a sub-.500 playoff team?

    No... they need to stay with us in the North. I'm all about the rivalries, and the AFC North has probably the best rivalries of any division except MAYBE the NFC East. Literally every team hates every other team in the division, it's awesome and it's what makes the division great. What rivalry do any of the North teams really have with Buffalo?
  2. shoot

    Another QB Controversy and other tidbits

    I don't care who they choose to start as long as they stick with it and stop this Retarded ass QB carousel we've been on for the last 11 years....
  3. shoot

    Peyton Hillis Day ....

    I think Sheldon Brown was another really good trade. And out of our draft, Haden and Ward seem at least to be starter material if not spectacular. It's nice having competence in the front office for once. Hillis kind of reminds me of Jerome Bettis with his power running style... anyone else see it? It's nice to see the Browns running people over for once, instead of the other way around.
  4. shoot

    Game Notes vs. Baltimore

    We definitely need to land a QB before we go after the big name free agent WRs. Thankfully, our running game looks really damn good. Now if only Harrison can stay healthy and play like he did at the end of last year, we could have a 1-2 punch with him and Hillis just like Carolina or the NY Jets have with their backs.
  5. shoot

    Ted Ginn, Jr.

    Lol, if you thought Braylon was bad w/r/t drops, you'll just LOVE Ginn...
  6. shoot

    Browns talked with Rams about No. 1 pick

    Let's just hope he's not bluffing...
  7. shoot

    Brandon Marshall to Dolphins

    Man, Miami's got 3 "above average" receivers already, with Marshall providing a legit #1 threat, those guys are only gonna improve. Their passing game is probably going to be scary
  8. You forgot Offensive Line. And how can you say that Browns' TEs/LBs are the best in the division? Let's be serious here, Ravens and Steelers have us beat there.
  9. shoot

    Camp Jimmy Clausen

    For what it's worth, Quinn and Clausen are different QBs... just because they both played at ND doesn't mean we're going to see the same result.
  10. shoot

    Holmes Trade...Biggest Rip Ever?

    ^ Typical yinzer, literally more pissed off about star black WR smoking weed and talking about it on twitter than he is about star white QB trying to rape 2 women.
  11. shoot

    SANTONIO HOLMES: Definition of a Steeler

    Unfortunately, in his haste to respond, the steelers troll reveals his true identity...... :
  12. shoot

    Browns like Dwyer

    If we can get him later in the draft (very unlikely) it'd be awesome, but I think we have more important needs to focus on besides RB in the 1st/2nd
  13. shoot

    Santonio Holmes a Jet

    Someone ship Brandon Marshall some of that herb so we can get him for a 5th!
  14. Calling them "Uncle Toms" is messed up and in a way, racist, because it assumes that blacks aren't capable of coming to their own political conclusions. However, this doesn't mean that the Tea Party movement isn't full of racist people who have promoted racist ideas and shouted racist slogans. The presence of a very very small minority of blacks doesn't change this.
  15. Yep, pretty much. That being said, I agree with the majority of statements in that image.