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    Mostly elderly & Hispanics dying

  2. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/07/28/vance-ginn-texas-coronavirus/
  3. MLD Woody

    Pres Trump outraised Biden in July hugely

    You're overestimating the "MSM". This isn't the 90s.
  4. MLD Woody

    Science experiment

    Can you source your graph? I don't doubt the data I just want more context.
  5. MLD Woody

    Pres Trump outraised Biden in July hugely

    No one is enthused to vote for Biden. It's an uninspiring compromise. People aren't going to give him money.
  6. MLD Woody

    Science experiment

    This should be a joke sarcastically poking fun at people that actually believe this But I'm guessing it a statement of support ...
  7. MLD Woody

    Science experiment

    This is ground breaking stuff. You should let the medical science community know.
  8. You realize he drained the swamp and then just filled it in with different swamp water, right? It's still a swamp, it's just his swamp now.
  9. Based on the all out attack from the right I would imagine this is the VP they're concerned about the most
  10. MLD Woody

    Explosion in Lebanon

  11. MLD Woody

    Explosion in Lebanon

  12. MLD Woody

    I Love KW Miller

    Before I would have thought this was just a troll account. A very dedicated troll. A "DieHard" troll if you will. But now... given all of the morons that COVID has helped uncover, and what is posted on here every day... I just don't know anymore.
  13. a facebook post of a breitbart video where glenn beck interviews one of the sketch/scam doctors from america's frontline doctors yeah, sounds like a real winner.....
  14. How much is this tied to the spread of moron anti vaxxers?
  15. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6931e1.htm Data showing COVID spread through kids
  16. Not to mention Trump's appointee to USPS postmaster general is a Trump mega donor with no experience as a letter carrier that has actively cut resources from USPS. Almost as if he was trying to make voting by mail as hard as possible. But no, I'm sure the issue is the union being pro Biden.....
  17. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattperez/2020/07/08/lara-trump-and-donald-trump-jr-encouraged-californians-to-vote-by-mail-in-may-while-president-trump-called-it-fraudulent/#3e9b657ee438
  18. Oh my God, a false positive happened? Stop the presses, Covid is fake news. All a hoax.
  19. Worth a watch. Surprised this even happened honestly.
  20. MLD Woody

    Trump Interview with Axios

    It absolutely isn't. But he treats it like one. That's why he made comments to slow down testing. Testing is objectively a good thing to do to help right this is pandemic, but it would show more cases as a result, which he thinks would make him look bad so he was against it.
  21. except not in Florida apparently Maybe because there is an older, conservative population there that may be concerned about voting in person, so it benefits Trump that they vote by mail? Maybe this whole "voting by mail is bad" thing is just propaganda to impact the election? https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattperez/2020/07/08/lara-trump-and-donald-trump-jr-encouraged-californians-to-vote-by-mail-in-may-while-president-trump-called-it-fraudulent/ Or in California where Trump Jr and Lara Trump encouraged Republicans to vote by mail...
  22. MLD Woody

    Trump Interview with Axios

    If you needed any indication that Trump treated COVID as a PR issue watch the beginning of this interview. When asked about Covid we repeatedly hear about how many people were at the Tulsa event and how the media lied, and how it was the best rated program on Fox. Who cares? That had nothing to do with the question.