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  1. MLD Woody

    Our great President FB feed

    Awe... Better when it said Prince of Whales
  2. MLD Woody

    Stewart speech to Congress

    This thread immediately became the usuals bitching about the left... Smh
  3. "This isn't real Christianity. It doesn't count!"
  4. inb4 it is full of homophobic, racist, misogynistic, nazi rants...
  5. "God is real because he's in the Bible and that's truth because it's the word of God and that matters because God is real" Sigh
  6. Hahaha. Yes it's much easier to write about events after they happened...
  7. Walk it back all you like Some of you have your head so far up your party's ass it's amazing you can speak
  8. Hahaha coming from the "Bible is the literal word of God guy".... Oh man Your problem is you group anyone that is on the "man made climate change is a real problem" train together. An opinion piece by someone that doesn't know what they're talking about and is trying to generate clicks is wrong so now EVERYONE on that side must be wrong. More of those broad strokes you and others like you on this board are famous for. You also love that "God of the gaps" argument so it's no surprise you'd bring something similar into this...
  9. Hahaha, yeah??? I'll keep that in mind the next time I hear about the evil "Obamao" "What do you even know OBF. He was president once, you weren't" ... Smh this board
  10. Sigh An article that gives examples of faulty "scientific consensus" before the scientific method even existed. Shocker. No legitimate scientist is calling for any legitimate disagreeing analysis to be shot down. But the majority are coming from fake experts, those from right wing think tanks, those paid for by oil companies, etc. They're deliberately politicized. That's not constructive. That's delaying necessary scientific changes by manipulating an already scientifically illiterate public. I know you and others on here blindly waving that party flag don't understand the difference Here, I had a vision that Jesus told me climate change is real. Better?
  11. Everyone against abortion has already been born too... What a fucking stupid sound bite of a quote. But yes, your non-response is correct, you do support government intrusion.
  12. The first guy is the co founder of Greenpeace. While his degree is in Forest Biology, which at least is something, I'm not sure how much he's ever actually been a scientist. The second guy has been posted here countless times. Meteorology at MIT is again at least something, but this guy is very clearly pushing right wing views. Plenty have called him out on it. And no, I'm not just taking Bill Nyes word for it. Christ. You can literally close your eyes and throw a rock at any legitimate scientific community or legitimately climatologists and they point to man-made climate change. This issue has become so politicized its crazy. People parading as experts to gain clout and funding from those on the right. This is a scientific issue and should be left to the actual experts. I can only hope all of those old folks stalling any meaningful change die out before it's too late to make a difference. That's more time than I wanted to spend typing on this board. Respond as you will. I'm never getting anywhere with the "Well the Bible says" guy.... Or the guy that once called Trump a con man and now has Trump's dick lodged in his mouth.... Or any alts
  13. Don't forget government intrusion in the form of banning abortions. Nothing OBF likes more than big government.
  14. Oh hey, Prager University.... The right wing think tank that is in no way an actual university...