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  1. Hey, he's just making claims about migrants without sources like you did yesterday.
  2. Sorry buddy. You're a troll. You fish for responses (and then claim victory even when it isn't there, like you'll probably do after this reply). Cal doesn't. He believes everything he posts with every fiber of his being. He's been morphed into the perfect right wing propaganda bot. Conservative leaders say jump and he says "do you want me to post that from The blaze or from Ammoland?"
  3. MLD Woody

    When Did You Agree to Pay $5Bil?

    Uh... Cal.... Did you read any of those? Cuz they remind me a lot of someone...
  4. MLD Woody

    HEY Jimmy put a lid on it

    Fuck the manly vs not manly argument The stadium is useless most of the winter. Cleveland being able to host more events in it would be beneficial. Though I guess we have an NBA arena as well.
  5. MLD Woody

    HEY Jimmy put a lid on it

    I don't mind the cold. Though a roof would probably get a better turnout this time of year. Ticket prices really aren't that bad. Not compared to the big teams in college football. Or even better teams in the NFL. I think winning solves this
  6. Nothing I trust my than FreedomProject I mean freedom is in the name! I like freedom!
  7. MLD Woody

    More trauma for our young people.

    Then what is it? You said Confederates were real Americans You haven't said Yankees were
  8. MLD Woody

    More trauma for our young people.

    So you know Confederates were Real Americans but you're not sure about the Yankees?
  9. MLD Woody

    More trauma for our young people.

    So both sides were real Americans?
  10. Good thing there's a gun ad on the side of the RealAmericanFreedomEagle.com article I'm reading about a Liberal Civil War!
  11. MLD Woody

    More trauma for our young people.

    Were Confederates Real Americans?
  12. I never said I think it is going the right way But I think your views of secret, underground, deep state civil war nonsense is hilarious