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  1. MLD Woody

    Patrick Peterson requests trade

    A lot of places will tell you it's QB, Pass Rusher, LT with WR and CB coming in after. It's a passing league. You need a guy that can pass,, a guy to sack the guy that passes, a guy to protect the guy that passes, a guy to catch the ball, and a guy to stop people from catching the ball.
  2. MLD Woody

    Patrick Peterson requests trade

    Peterson is light-years ahead of where those two were
  3. MLD Woody

    Trump Chooses Science Over the Biology Deniers:

    Yes, the American College of Pediatricians is in fact a small, socially conservative advocacy group. Not the leading group of Pediatricians in the US. That's the American Academy of Pediatrics, which, as you might have guessed, has a much different view on transgender individuals. Of course, it's easier to just read what you want to hear, and then say it's from a reputable group, without looking into it. Why would anyone do that? What Obama policies are changing, and to what, I don't know. But posting quotes from another "trick" conservative "expert" group is played out.
  4. MLD Woody

    Birds Aren't Real

    90% is low
  5. MLD Woody

    Patrick Peterson requests trade

    And how much better was your life back then? Haha
  6. MLD Woody

    Patrick Peterson requests trade

    Pass Rushers are worth more than Defensive Backs Gip
  7. MLD Woody

    Birds Aren't Real

    This is the perfect typical Steve comment for this thread and you don't even realize it. Thank you
  8. MLD Woody

    Politics Ruins Memes

    NPC meme getting all political The same bros on 4chan that supported Trump originally now think they're special and unique by calling people they don't like all the same. Trump cornered that young, white male, "I'm oppressed" but make fun of "SJW's", really just losers on the internet demographic. Stereotyping here obviously. Supporting him would get back at "the mainstream". But really they're just weird, they need to own up to it, and hating on people because they like or agree with popular things is pathetic. Of course, responding with more politicized memes that attach Trump followers is dumb too. I hope you weren't there making fake liberal NPC accounts with them Ed good night
  9. MLD Woody

    Birds Aren't Real

    think about it
  10. If data, studies, expert conclusions, etc are "liberal talking points" then so be it You're a biased idiot Cal.
  11. MLD Woody

    Patrick Peterson requests trade

    Pairing Peterson with Ward would be amazing. I doubt he'd want to come here though
  12. Dude I couldn't care less about Al Gore. You know that. No one here has ever gone on about Al Gore being great or some Sheet. You're either trolling or have terrible reading comprehension
  13. MLD Woody

    Caravan of illegals

    Combat Debater wouldn't do well in an actual debate
  14. Interesting there is a big spread on OSUs. And what kind of sick bastard roots for ND?
  15. Sigh Cal we've refuted dozens of "scientific" studies you've posted on "mmgw" over the years. Dozens of articles. Dozens of quotes. I'm not jumping in to spend my time going through an opinion piece on the blaze and explainimg everything that's incorrect in it. I know you'll just ignore it and post 4 more links. All opinion pieces from increasingly conservative and biased sources. The "throw all of the Sheet at the wall" technique of climate denial. So no, sorry, not doing it. I'm sure you'll take this as a win in something you'd never admit a loss in because your head is so far up your party's butt