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  1. No, there is doubt. Your statement isn't fact. But yes, weeks before the years starts an arbitrary ruling potentially eliminates 15% of your student body (Michigan's%). Cost wise they pay what out of state students pay, which are about half of the student body. This screws students on upcoming leases. It potentially puts them in a position where they are unable to take online courses due to time differences or technology restrictions. Hell, some may not even be able to get back into their country. What exactly is the justification here? And I mean a real justification, not "oh my God 9/11!' anti immigrant nonsense. And you realize Trump is mentioned because he and his administration pushed this to happen, right? This isn't some shoe horned attack on Trump. He's directly involved ... Bringing the best and brightest around the world to your country to study means you'll encourage some of those bright minds to stick around, benefiting your country.
  2. Ah yes, the propaganda machine pushing Trump's voter suppression efforts in an attempt to stay in office. It's his best play at this point.
  3. MLD Woody

    A Profile in Courage

    Really? Nothing? This is a truth yeller out in public. Not with anonymity behind a keyboard. Deep State. QAnon. This is all stuff you guys preach. Was she in the right? Why are you not clapping for your fellow real American?
  4. This is an ignorant and close minded take. Congrats.
  5. 18 out of hundreds of thousands were terrorists. If that is your justifiable percentage to affect the entire group then it sounds like you'd have your guns taken away with the same justification. Hilarious though you referred to MY post as cherry picked...
  6. Yes, you are a speedrunner of stupidity. No doubt.
  7. The beginning of your post above is clearly the troll... I'm on the side of the Universities. Deporting international students now is cruel and serves no purpose, outside of being a power play for Trump to force Universities to stay open to help his Covid PR issue...
  8. https://www.michigandaily.com/section/news-briefs/ā€˜uā€™-file-amicus-brief-supporting-harvard-mit-lawsuit-against-ice-restriction https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/07/09/harvard-mit-ice-lawsuit-hearing-to-continue-friday-amid-support-from-other-schools/ https://president.umich.edu/news-communications/statements/statement-on-homeland-security-policy-affecting-international-students/
  9. MLD Woody

    A Profile in Courage

    Deep State? QAnon? Where have we heard all of this before?
  10. MLD Woody

    No debate? No surprise.

    Yeah, no, sorry. Trump's words verbatim do that on their own. A biased news org will add the spin, but any sane, unbiased person will see the idiocy in many of his comments. And I'm not defending Biden's slip ups either. He's clearly lost a step
  11. MLD Woody

    No debate? No surprise.

    And if I were Joe's handler, I'd also want Trump talking as much as possible.
  12. MLD Woody

    Washington Redskins

  13. MLD Woody

    Washington Redskins

    I wouldn't call thinking there was an issue with chief wahoo "radical"
  14. MLD Woody

    Washington Redskins

    Do you work within manufacturing? Just curious because it sounds like you might have some insight. I still think there are opportunities for more STEM grads, but regardless, I think STEM coursework should be emphasized more. Our country lacks in scientific literacy. We pay most of our CNC operators relatively low (but still starting high teens). Most of them are just button pushers, as you alluded to. The setup operators, the ones tasked with troubleshooting as well, are paid better. Truly skilled CNC operators, with programming and CAD ability are highly paid. In regards to the last paragraph, that path ends with automation.