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  1. MLD Woody

    Baby mama drama

    You will see him on TV any given SundayWin the Super Bowl and drive off in a Hyundai
  2. MLD Woody

    would any of u make an offer for KHALIL mack?

    Don't put all of your eggs in the Bosa basket. There are going to be A LOT of elite DL this draft. One of the best potentially classes ever. That might deter going all in on DL now
  3. MLD Woody

    The Depravity of the Church Knows No Bounds

    Yeah, it's not fair to generalize like that! Anyway, let me tell you about these Muslims...
  4. I assumed, based on the title, this was an Urban Meyer thread
  5. Wait... So the assumption here is all complete CCW training is full proof and will always create a good, law abiding citizen afterwards? The side in favor if gun reform is looking at people like this, that want to act like some vigilante hero, as a problem.
  6. I don't have showtime. Just catching YouTube clips
  7. MLD Woody

    Urban Meyer

    Busy day
  8. MLD Woody

    Urban Meyer

    No, you don't follow what I was getting at. That's ok though, it's partially the point I was making.
  9. MLD Woody

    Urban Meyer

    So "he only lied to the media" is going to be the new "they were only selling trinkets". Cool.
  10. Steve is required to defend Cal Cal is the same as the liberals he insults I apparently stopped aging at 22
  11. MLD Woody

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Makes you feel for Hue. Tough guy for going through all of that and keep going Gregg Williams is great as always Tyrod to Jarvis will be a fantastic connection Not enough Jabrill....
  12. MLD Woody

    Urban Meyer

    That rally today was a great look for OSU ..