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  1. Sen Al Franken accused by TV host of sexual misconduct

    Trump has already told us where he puts his hands in the following pictures
  2. Sen Al Franken accused by TV host of sexual misconduct

    Right, typical woman lying about allegations just so she can get money. Typical liberal lying about their involvement and trying to deny and hide it. Wait...
  3. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

    Hahahahaha. Now all of those times I sourced only nbc. They all mean nothing! Bahahaha Plus if I had to pick I'd say there is no god... So...
  4. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

    It's as logical as the average post on here
  5. So why do they wait so long to complain?

    Yeah, I can't think of any reason why women didn't speak up in the past. Women in the 50s would have definitely been taken seriously. I just think you have a hard time comprehending this with your "good ole boy" mentality.
  6. Sen Al Franken accused by TV host of sexual misconduct

    I think I see the disconnect here. For a group of you on here, your reaction is determined by political affiliation. You expect "gotchas!" on other posters when those in the story line up to hurt the other side. You expect the other person to not answer the question, backtrack, by hypocritical etc... Because that's what you would do. But unfortunately for you, exact counterparts to you don't exist on this board. So we react based on the facts, action, context, etc Didn't read any of the story. If he sexually assaulted someone, he should face consequences. End of story.
  7. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

    But the investigation is by NBC. NBC is fake news
  8. So why do they wait so long to complain?

    You can't see any reason why a young female early in her career wouldn't want to report sexual harassment charges about an authority figure? I mean, I know you don't. But still
  9. Well we knew this sht was coming....(darnold)

    Why does Darnold care? Clearly we're taking Jackson
  10. Again, this guy had said plenty if other bat Sheet crazy things that should disqualify him
  11. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Lol, these are the same NFL reporters that thought Harbaugh was going to the Raiders as he was flying over to Ann Arbor
  12. It is easier to set aside any morals or principles you may have and just blindly vote for party. Plus this guy is pretty terrible for plenty of other reasons
  13. It appears that Trump and Putin did meet secretly

    "my promises are rapidly being fullfiled" Well if you say it enough...
  14. My 15 minutes are up so guess what happened?

    This is old school "she shouldn't have dressed like that" Steve's story here
  15. For the chronically outraged

    No I wouldn't