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  1. This is the thing where you can't actually defend Trump in anyway so you just spout shit about Obama or Hilary, right? A lot of you are blurring together as posters
  2. Finding an exception here or there (potential exception) doesn't do anything for the vast majority of jobs. It doesn't hurt the need to study UBI.
  3. MLD Woody

    Regular Season Schedule

    Got 9/23 and 11/17 off from work
  4. You don't need an ethical robot to replace a very large portion of jobs.
  5. MLD Woody

    Annie and Bernie

    She'd have to get a job offer
  6. Even if you think that's true, there aren't enough engineering jobs (and jobs like that) to go around.
  7. This has nothing to do with "libtards" or "feelings". Christ. Every damn thing has to become us vs them. We're heading to a future where a large portion of the population won't have a job to do. There won't be any "work requirement" if there is no work to do. Some jobs will still exist, but not enough to go around. This study is to start looking at what a UBI might look like, and how it might play out. Laziness doesn't matter. Sobriety doesn't matter. Your biases don't matter. Also, to the point of "there will be no innovation because people will become complacent". That's like saying because someone has a job at McDonald's so they have no reason to ever strive and be more. If that's all it takes to deter someone, they weren't getting far to begin with.
  8. .... That's.... Not the point of the study....
  9. Oh yeah, this will be a hotbed of takes like that
  10. Yep If it is announced a Muslim did it, then a Muslim did it If it is announced that a Muslim didn't do it, then they're just hiding the fact a Muslim did it ......
  11. Why even bother responding. You've already decided what the answer is, clearly.