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  1. New voting age

  2. New Drugs

    I agree. Probably not to the level you do though. Wait.... I mean... If you think that then I think the opposite. Yep. That's it.
  3. New voting age

    Idk how accurate this is, but it provides a pretty cool breakdown if you scroll down http://verdantlabs.com/politics_of_professions/ Engineering seems pretty even when you expand it out. Again, I'm used to no one really caring about politics. I don't think any of my friends are active Dems or Reps. And when it comes up, the most common thread is age. Where, to me, common sense stuff like legalizing weed, is agreed upon. I hang with a group that is pretty well educated (and I'm sure someone is gonna jump on that), so maybe that adds to it. Not just saying we should do something because we've always done it. Looking at facts, not other nonsense. But maybe one day I'll be the older person shaking my first at social changes because they're different. I hope not. Either from continued education, a further interconnected world, or just my own personality. Who knows.
  4. New voting age

    Quick look on Pew as of 2017 74% of Millennials approve of gay marriage. 73% of Dems and 70% or Independents. 85% Liberals and 70% Moderates. Calling that "hard left" seems a little disingenuous. Just sayin... I don't think all college needs to be free. It is definitely overpriced and a bubble right now. Maybe some state schools or just CC's could offer free Associates or something, to create an academic foundation. It also would be beneficial for students in High School to better understand vocational options. Pertaining to what I'm doing right now, you can make bank as a skilled CNC programmer with some extra computer design skills. Reading 90% of the threads on here you'd have a hard time believing some others on here understand it isn't exclusive. I wouldn't make it a straight up IQ test. That misses the point. You're voting on public policy, our government, the economy, etc. Not your ability to find patterns or something.
  5. New Drugs

    Question the government, man. But Anon125674 on 4chan is legit
  6. New Drugs

    Yeah, don't overdo that stuff. Let em have some germs. Get dirty and Sheet.
  7. New Drugs

    If you gave kids, please get them vaccinated
  8. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 2

    Tyrod is a good QB and underrated
  9. New voting age

    Out of the options available, yes. Bernie offered the same postives Trump did, but without social conservative baggage Trump was trumpeting to get elected. Not that Bernie was perfect. I didn't realize "Gays should be allowed to get married" is "hard left". I think that's just common knowledge/belief to the vast majority of my generation. (Which all ties back to the discussion that people don't become socially conservative as they age, their views they've always held do). If something like that or agreeing with the consensus of climatologists on climate change is "hard left", then so be it. I said I was for free college and forgiveness of college loans? I did? I'm going with the "I said that?" response because you're saying I did, not asking. Hahahaha. Yes. All of my world views are derived from the fact I don't like you or Cal. Hahahahaha Oh man... That's incredibly conceited. And hilarious. I guess I'll read the rest of this post. Poor people can be poor for a lot of reasons. Stupid people can be wealthy. Stupid people can vote for many stupid reasons. Free stuff. More Jesus. Whatever. None of this stuff is exclusive to a side like many on here want it to be. I wouldn't make the test an IQ test. It would be how our govt works, some history, recent events and some basic science/math. Stuff like that. As I've said before, in my time at school, no one in engineering gave a Sheet about politics and various causes. We all were too busy and had better things to do. At the end of the day I'd expect STEM majors' views to correlate with common sense, fact based beliefs. I've never really looked it up how they lean though.
  10. New voting age

    I think you'd be more correct to call me liberal than Democrat. I have not and will not pledge blind allegiance to a political party like some on here. Now I don't think I'm liberal across the board in my views, but more so that than conservative I imagine. We could come up scenarios that hurt both ways Question 1: Is Obama a secret Muslim? Or Question 1: The white male is to blame for bad things
  11. Ex-player threatens Harbut

    Alright Gip. I'm done. Feel free to respond to get in the last word
  12. Pick Six

    Then my answer to all six are the Oilers
  13. New voting age

    I am not registered with my peeps, nor have I voted for them. Can my peeps be a smaller group? Like college educated, northern US millennials? Maybe even. STEM educated. Or from middle to upper middle class families. Or something Also, I think the hurt would be felt across the board
  14. Ex-player threatens Harbut

    If you can't see how the title and OP are blatant attempt at trolling I'm not going to try and walk you through it.
  15. Ex-player threatens Harbut

    Gip... I said it was a troll and you responded "what the Shmuck you dumb turd... It's not like it was made up or something." Insinuating it wasn't meant to troll. I respond again saying this was to troll and you respond "of course it is" ..................... Just try to be consistent here, geez. The inevitable flood of OSU trolling will be bad enough