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  1. PlaygroundLegend

    Tweets and Speculation about Uniforms

    How could you not like them? Clean, VIBRANT.. repping Cleveland on the front.. a little bit of pizzaz with the shadowed numbers and stripes for tradition! I dig em! Orange as our new primary baby!!
  2. PlaygroundLegend

    Tweets and Speculation about Uniforms

    I love em!
  3. PlaygroundLegend

    Post FA First-Pick Mock drafts

    I just finished this one today. How does it go over with the folks over here on TBB?
  4. PlaygroundLegend

    Tweets and Speculation about Uniforms

    This is the photo thats been getting everyone riled up. -It has the Nike tags for the size, in both places.. and Nike swooshes on the shoulders. -If you look at the seams you can see its the new jersey material and it has the right "cuts" -It has the NFL emblem -Alot of detail, including "Dawg Pound" in the collar... which is what the Browns have been pushing -It is the new orange color -It has the new font -It EVEN has the new dawg pound t-shirts in the background If these are them. I LIKE IT! I have always wanted ORANGE Jerseys, The stripes would look MUCH better with the pads on. Supposedly these were "leaked" by a manager at Dicks who got an early shipment in. They very well could be fakes... but that is ALOT of detail to put into a fake. Especially that there are 2 of them.
  5. PlaygroundLegend

    "Browns won't target a WR in the first round"

    Well there go my Hopes for Jaelen Strong
  6. PlaygroundLegend

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    What is this then? "He makes things happen. He's a very exciting player. He was throwing the ball really well" He was extending plays, making plays, making plays down the field, putting the ball where it needs to be. He was making the defense work, so it was a good sight to see.' Obviously you didnt read it
  7. PlaygroundLegend

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    People saw the tweets and blurbs today and wrote Joe off as just being a nice guy.. but in the full article.. he went WAAAY deeper into it.. take a look Thank the lord for Joe Haden.. Dansby also came out with MORE stuff.. Clearly this isnt them just toeing the "team line" and "being nice" No its not a case of "What else are they going to say..." Because they did not have to go that far with it and you know it.
  8. PlaygroundLegend

    The Browns Strategy Meeting

    No.. Im saying Im baffled about how people here somehow think Manziel is worse off the field than Winston.. The hate is insane
  9. PlaygroundLegend

    The G.O.A.T.

    Brady is the GOAT.. no questions asked.. You need the stats.. AND the rings.. and he has both. Its really between him and Peyton.. they both put up over 50 TDs in a season, but Brady has the rings
  10. PlaygroundLegend

    The Browns Strategy Meeting

    You guys are insane... Alleged Rape, Theft, and Disorderly Conduct is somehow worse than NO ARRESTS, Going to Parties, and Being late to a Hamstring Massage? Man...
  11. PlaygroundLegend

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Karlos Dansby also said today that Johnny can lead them to a superbowl Everyone got drunk on bashing Johnny... now that the smoke is cleared the truth is coming to light.. Johnny is still very much our future. Which is why we are hiring his pro-day coach as our QB coach, and that coach was cut for Brian Hoyer from the Patriots.. so he probably hates Brian.. I love it.. you cant write this stuff
  12. PlaygroundLegend

    What receiver do we go after in draft/FA?

    Jaelen Strong
  13. Ray Farmer just somewhat gave Manziel a nice defense here.. while being stern at the same time.. Farmer is my fav.. https://twitter.com/ScottPetrak/status/549641394038390784 https://twitter.com/ScottPetrak/status/549641067994169348 https://twitter.com/ScottPetrak/status/549640548701589507 https://twitter.com/NateUlrichABJ/status/549653460933959680 https://twitter.com/NateUlrichABJ/status/549644900728602624 Ray farmer.. and our players.. are AWESOME!
  14. PlaygroundLegend

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I mean.. But yeah.. lets stick with that.. it never works.. Someone who people hype up to be really good cant ever actually be good...
  15. PlaygroundLegend

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Why does everyone seem to forget Johnny did pass the ball in college.. quite a bit actually.. I mean.. his offense was called the "AIR RAID" He didnt get the Heisman on his legs alone. For some reason everyone wants to lump him into a group of QBs that just run... I dont get it