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  1. baybrownsfan

    Worst Head Coach In Nfl?

    Saban has done some pretty special things in that school of his.
  2. baybrownsfan

    Newbie Questions

    Opposite way for me Im a villa fan now!
  3. baybrownsfan

    Newbie Questions

    It would most likely be a 5th or 6th rounder compensational pick Ifigure. It is a rare case to get a 4th rounder
  4. baybrownsfan

    At This Point I Don't Care

    I will be honest, Weeden is the best looking QB I have seen us have since we have been back. This guy looks like the real fucking deal right now. He should have had 300 yards and 3 tds this game except for the goddamn sun.
  5. baybrownsfan

    Hello Browns Fans!

    Yup, appreciate the civility. Hope you guys beat the piss out of the Ratbird and Squeelers too! Always cheer for the fellow Buckeyes over everyone else.
  6. Have you guys seen the Linebacker from Georgia? That son of a bitch reminds me of Ray Lewis/Derrick Brooks Hybrid.
  7. baybrownsfan

    Where Is Hardesty?

    2 fumbles. He ain't sniffing the field.
  8. baybrownsfan

    What's With All The Optimism?

    You are a fucking moron. I don't even want to waste my time denouncing everything you just said. I will point this out however. Kicking the field goal is undoubtedly the right choice in that decision with that amount of time and no time outs left. Also our best CB and our best DLineman were out. They will be back.
  9. baybrownsfan

    Our Next Coach Will Be?

    The 2002 Bucs had a better defense than the Ravens did ya idiot.
  10. baybrownsfan

    Lets Talk About T Rich

    Doesn't matter how good the oline is. It is simple numbers. They had 9 guys in a box we had 7 blockers. They don't respect our passing game.
  11. baybrownsfan

    Art Modell

    Any Browns fan who thinks this dirt bag should be in the Hall of Fame is a fucking tool.
  12. baybrownsfan

    Eagle Soup

    Yes you did.
  13. baybrownsfan

    This Week In The Afc North

    Haden isn't going to play in what universe?
  14. baybrownsfan

    Plan If Shurmur Can't Hack It.

    Talking about Ohio Ties what about about Bill Cowher?