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  1. bigbambo

    ***Official Browns @ Chargers Game Day Thread***

    We sure can season up field goal kickers........sloppy team, just sloppy!
  2. bigbambo

    Reason For Optimism

    Maybe they'll cast kim kardashian as mary........matching our ass-draggin & skid mark leaving talent. And most here wanting to slip in lil' johnnie till he pukes!
  3. bigbambo


    “I had great preparation this week,” Bowe said. “I feel better than I did this week. OK????
  4. bigbambo

    our seventh rounder gets millions

    Oregon paid the premium....Hell yeah it was a smart move but it's hard to believe!
  5. bigbambo

    Its time to Fire Pettine

    Bellicheat wore many hats when he was here and the uppers let him get away with it. In the right hands, he has proven his talents as a coach. He wouldn't put up with this lazy bunch for long. His communication skills are still that of a sloth.......lol I'm 56 and grew up in a CBrowns house and miss the parties, friends and the community when we were in the hunt. Yeah, it sucks....but lets start doing some things right to change these results. Johnny......if he is a diamond, lets not put him in a tin setting! Let who ever get the nerve knocked out of them until we get great line, RB's and WO's....
  6. bigbambo

    Its time to Fire Pettine

    I know you are now on "dish" at McDonalds but have you ever been promoted to say "fry boy" or "burger boy"? If so, you know that it took you some time to be as good or better than your co-workers. Just think how long we would have had Bellicheat and how many SB won. Give it a chance, I tell you! The rest of your post is hard for me to understand your position! Oh, is Bellicheat an idiot now?
  7. bigbambo

    Its time to Fire Pettine

    It is a stupid post! I bet the only thing any of you were good at right from the get was playing with yourself! Just think how long it's been since Bellicheat stood on our sideline and everyone wanting his head....how did that turn out for ya? It's called living and learning and we must give a coach enough time to do both. They look sloppy....d just standing around and looking into the crowd as the ball's being snapped.
  8. bigbambo

    Its time to Fire Pettine

  9. bigbambo

    Its time to Fire Pettine

    R U kidding......first two drives looked like they didn't even have spikes......O-line stinks...running or protection! JFF would have turned it over at least a couple times by now. Why would he have went on 4th an goal?????? Good thing they they are so bad and get false starts all the time!
  10. bigbambo

    McCown the likely starter Sunday

    So it was their plan to enter the process and pull out? No play-offs this year..christ, the jets slapped us around!
  11. bigbambo

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Johnny looks like Brick and I think he will always lay and think like one!
  12. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    Hot off the wire from Colt's headquarters: J. Tressel was caught with a large dinner napkin while in the act of covering up some shit in the corner.....no head coach fo you!
  13. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

  14. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    pollyanna my ass, it's people like you that settle for "what ever" that's the problem! But boy-o-boy, bet you wouldn't settle for it in your house, would you? Your wife is out bangin the milkman and she Cliff Claven's you back with your stupid percentages that, 86.2 percent of the women in her age group are bangin the milkman. You going to accept that standard? Choco hit the nail on the head but your just like the Rep & Dem cheerleaders that just sticks to a side no matter how wrong you are. It's not greatness if by default!
  15. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    You heard me and understand....just can't swallow the truth cause you have been nothing more that a click cheerleader your whole life! Get your ticket out and go see lady goo goo and cry!
  16. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    Bullshit, he new it was wrong an tried to cover it up! If you don't like the NCAA red tape, either work to change the rules, live by them or get a job slinging fries. I see many rules that I do not agree with but I have to comply or be punished. Have you ever known one of these sport stars? They are treated like royalty and feel the rules don't apply to them, they are special. And for the most part, they are correct! "no one thinks what Tressel did was that bad" I know many alum that don't have their head up their ass that think he did OSU wrong by protecting these narcissistic players. I am an OSU fan and would love to be proud of it's football program but, I'm not!
  17. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    I would sentence Tressel to dress like Angus Young and make him shower with Sandusky every day for 10 years. I think a true fan of OSU would chastise anyone that brought a bad light to this school! But nooooo, we'll just blow smoke up everyone's ass and act like a big baby. If you want to be proud of anything, you must promote honesty and class! Making excuses for these morons is just childish.
  18. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    If you don't report a violation and cover it up, IMO it is cheating. UNacceptable for a person making 3.5 mill a year! For that kinda of mula you should know and abide by the rules.
  19. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    Hell, I don't care where Joe is dancing, he's dead! But, JT is alive, here on earth, in a leadership position. Let's hold him to the highest standard and show everyone that the risk of being a cheat is not worth it.
  20. bigbambo

    Joe Paterno

    Come on, all the Sandusky footage I've seen shows him to be a real creep! Paterno had to know this faggot was a creep....man he makes my skin crawl! Lets take a shower jr and you can practice being a center!
  21. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    Not sure about any of you but, I work 1 swing shift job and a home machine shop business. I'm drug tested, timed, tested and wrote up if an error is found in my work that could lead to termination. I don't come close to making 3.5 million a year! Hell, I can't image making that in my whole working life time. Now if you are paid that kind of money, you better be damn good at what you do. I think if it was your business and you paid a person 3.5 mill and he left you hanging in scandal, you would want his balls hanging off your rearview mirror.
  22. bigbambo

    Jim Tressel H.c. Of The I.c.?

    he's a dickweed! 1st priority is to protect oh state and he was paid lots to do so. Rat on his players........no, higher learning and teaching them the right way. I'd cut off his ball(s)
  23. bigbambo

    Taking Helmets

    off while on the field of play. Has the rule changed since Rudd loss the KC game? I see lots of players remove their helmets and have yet to see it called. ONLY IN CLEVELAND