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  1. bigbambo

    Do you fear.....

    a dem winning in 2020? The left(babies) acts as if trump is ruining their world as they pay their Mexican gardener $3 bucks an hour and bobblehead reparations. I hope people are smarter than that but could give a rats ass if they win. I would love to watch those ideas come to fruition.......
  2. Hey, was Corky autistic or downs? Either way it's going to crush me!
  3. bigbambo

    ELO with Jeff Lynne

    Check him out on the "Concert for George" DVD......he looks just like is old man. gum73, life could be worse.....good for you. I just retired(3 years ago) and need to downsize and rock. I change to the correct title!
  4. sure, how much money rich folks can keep, comr.....democrat
  5. Attention, attention everyone.......birdboy has left the building!
  6. Creepy porn lawyer! Omar claims: with any donation over 2 bucks, you get to kick Kavanaugh or any jewish male in the nads!
  7. What a great product being produced by our "oh so smart, cream of the crop" leftist government! This stuff gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling that our tax dollars are desperately needed for the good of my fellow Americans! Can't imagine a better cause....................
  8. Yes, I'm being owned.....as a dem savior........ help me!
  9. You couldn't fix a hole in a boat let alone this country. Afraid of exposing the shit in th WH????? How much time, money and leftist attorneys do you want/need? Must be missing those swavy Oblamas!!!
  10. bigbambo

    Gee, That Sounds Familiar

    Not much left action on this one.........crickets
  11. So true.......do you think conservatives should try a 70% tax rate...blahhhhhhhhhh Trump is everything(sound from inside your head)! MAGA
  12. bigbambo

    Fox News host sent lewd texts to co-host

    What????? Can you understand that the boogie man really exist for women........? Think about the brutal stories you've heard just in the last few months and ask if your male ass worries much about someone doing that to you! What boob talks like that to women in the workplace? She shouldn't have to tell you to stop if you had half a brain....geez
  13. bigbambo

    Trump in Asia

    Some folks just know when and how to serve....thank god
  14. This is an attempt by the left to change the narrative of the "green dumb deal" before Trump grinds them to death in 2020.
  15. bigbambo

    Fox News host sent lewd texts to co-host

    When you have something of value, at work, you can't talk like a cave man to any lady without knowing the juice! Who cares........ to many sleeper holds
  16. bigbambo

    A word from our supreme leader

    Honestly, what do you think the two kneelers would DO for this country? Would they leave their family, friends and career for years to take orders and risk being killed daily? That's what matters to a rube like me...and I won't find comfort in trivializing those that have!
  17. bigbambo

    MBA Debt

    Auto fish feeder...quit pulling my leg....dat scatters rat poison so they don't eat my bullfrogs! Strange lookin fish in this tank....not very tasty so, we bury them in the garden by the okra.
  18. bigbambo

    MBA Debt

    I hate to brag but youins need to see our new digs. I have some chinking to do but with 12 youngins we needed to move on up! No more 1/2 mile walks to the creek.......bath right out the front door! drop the mic!
  19. bigbambo

    MBA Debt

    You have twiced the yard I have and that skirting sets off the yeller nicely! I have some extra heat tape ifin you have pipe freezin in the winter. PM me if interested!
  20. bigbambo

    MBA Debt

    Groovy! I would have needed to sell my single-wide and owe you for the rest if you had called me out! At least you got a degree.....
  21. bigbambo

    Good question - AOC and green new deal

    https://www.mprnews.org/story/2012/03/06/daily-circuit-nfl-bounty Flip over on your back and your head will automatically pop out of the sand. Don't be scared...but you will see light. If you don't like the American player(s), maybe you root against them. Not sure what the "world stage" has to do with the heart of "win at all cost" but coaches throughout my football days preached "knock them out" every practice and every game. You might have been fetching water or toting dummies when this was being conveyed.
  22. bigbambo

    Trump in Asia

    oh no, not the alt gorka! Do the dems get a free label maker when joining this band of hypocrites?