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  1. I agree ... and that damn Peppers is gonna be a star here, ugh he is making it really hard to hate his UofM roots. Njoku looks stiff, maybe it is timidness, but wasn't thrilled with his route running at all.
  2. Too many screens for a game plan, but f'ing-A it sure is good to finally see us execute a screen in the new era ... damn, you'd think one would never have to type that.
  3. I complimented the play calling before that last I'll advised QB keeper.
  4. Better play calling. The screens are needed to slow down the flood gates. Lets see if we can get them to sit back so we can take s shot down field. (Damn, took that shot while I was typing, again)
  5. Before I could post, "he is locking onto receivers, expect a pick" ... he throws the pick (but reversed on a penalty on the Giants)
  6. The screen was well executed by all, although effective because the defense was pinning back their ears coming for the rookie. The holding on the ball on third and long (and a few other plays) and the careless runs into collisions soured his first half performance for me. The timing and lack of getting his team lined up is what preseason is for, that's not that big of concern. I just don't want to see another rookie burned in the fire.
  7. I disagree. He doesn't look better than Brock and definitely not "light years" better. You throw this 21 year old kid into the fire and you ruin him, plain and simple.
  8. Kizer looks like a typical rookie that ain't ready. Stop blowing him, he is nothing so far. The first down girations was assinine ... Johnny football like.
  9. So DB's are flagged for hitting high, then when they go for the legs a PreModaonna like Beckham take exception to it?
  10. I hate to say it (Michigan hater) but Peppers is gonna be a huge fan favorite.
  11. He also stopped running his route just after breaking free. Looked timid like he was avoiding contact.
  12. Njoku stopped running his route. Not sure that pass was over-thrown if he continues his route