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  2. The shirts read, “I HATE THE STEELERS” ... not “WE HATE ...” If it doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t apply to you. ... and no one asked or cares what the Steelers think about it.

    Safety at Sports Venues

    That would be the Casino Royale! (I Love That Place)

    Safety at Sports Venues

    New Security Measures Announced for Gateway Plaza During Tribe Playoff Games The Indians will introduce new, extra security measures for the playoffs staring with game one of the ALDS on Thursday. Though the announcement comes in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, the safety plans, which focus on the area between the stadium and arena, have been in the works for weeks. An FYI for anyone heading down for the game: Fans will have to pass through one of four security checkpoints to enter the plaza. Enforcement will begin three hours before first pitch. SOURCE: https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2017/10/03/new-security-measures-announced-for-gateway-plaza-during-tribe-playoff-games

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    I was a joking. Lighten-up Francis.
  6. For those who don't know what we are talking about, the Browns use to have their own Newspaper subscriptions. Cover-to-cover Browns news and great insight interviews.

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    He paid premium dues. Did you receive your invoice?
  8. Anyone who would respond that way would be an idiot. We are all hurting. I loved reading this thread. Such as D Bone, I too subscribed to the 'Browns News Illustrated' back in the 80's. I moved away to Detroit back in 85' at the age of about 18, and we didn't have the Internet, didn't have NFL Network. You had 3 main channels and with Detroit being an NFC team, I rarely got to see the Browns. My car radio received the best reception on Game Days and I would drive around for four hours listening to the games. Most times I would end up in Toledo by games end, I suppose I should have just drove to Cleveland (although practically did every weekend anyhow, except had to work in Detroit early on Monday mornings). I would receive that Browns News Illustrated Newspaper in the mail and go straight to the shitter and read it cover-to-cover. Funny, without the existence of the Internet I still knew EVERY player on the roster and the entire depth chart, I assume from that rag magazine. I orchestrated the move of our family business back to Cleveland in 96' most certainly mainly for the Browns ... should have saw the writing on the wall right then and there, as they announced they were moving to Baltimore shortly after I settled in here. I took to these forums at that time as the Internet was just taking hold. We hand typed most all local articles on the Browns to out-of-town Browns fans who weren't privy to what was going on with the expansion or relocation of an existing team (Note: News wasn't readily available at those early days of the internet). We debated the owners race, and dissected the hell out of the 1999 Draft awaiting our Browns to take the field once again. Met a lot of great people on these forums that I called friends. we were celebrating on the North Shore on Game Days without a care in the World ... then the losing continued, the NFL got worse and worse as a whole. The Browns continued to disappoint like Groundhog day and nothing we could do could fix the next day from being like the last. Years turned into a decade, a decade into another ... friends dwindled, camaraderies lost ... this don't feel like that team I fell in love with. I miss games sometimes ... no, I'm talking I miss games ... as in I catch up on work and crap or go on weekend vacations without missing seeing the brown and orange play. Not sure when the bottom will totally give out ... or has it?

    Wait, we are family friendly now?

    The Browns are due to rattle off 23-straight and we'll have an opportunity to land some big forum sponsors along with the onslaught of new registrants.

    Bright spot? You're talking about a bright spot?

    Haha, give this guy an emoji award or something!

    Bright spot? You're talking about a bright spot?

    Hey Russ, it would be good to see ya while you're in town. Drop me a note where you'll be.

    Tailgate For The Jets

    Hey man, I originally said that I would be bringing 5-6 folks to this weekend's party, but I'm not in the tailgate mood much anymore. Leaning toward having brunch downtown somewhere, soak up a little losing atmosphere, and getting out of dodge by game time. Anyone suggest a good place to eat in the heart of it all? Thanks though TopDawg31. I use to do the SEO for this forums tailgate parties and we attracted folks in from all the globe when we were in our heyday. If you think I could be of any help to you, please advise. Keep up the fight.

    Safety at Sports Venues

    Haha ... exactly. People are going to do what they are going to do. Build a wall around a venue and you just trap everyone within, check every bag entering and they hit you from the outside. I just hope we don't think we are going to regulate this one. Only thing I can think of, is that if you kill 58 people, we take 58 of your family members off the face of the earth. An eye for an eye. Sucks, but maybe that is why some animals eat their young.

    Safety at Sports Venues

    If this results in extra security checking bags upon checking into a hotel room, this could become more inconvenient than airport security. There are already long lines at Vegas casinos for players that don't carry high status. This guy seemed like a pretty big fish, a frequent gambler that would probably skirt any added security anyhow. I hope this doesn't add to the already stepped up security at venues. This guy checked into his hotel room 3-days earlier and sat, stockpiled, and waited. Not much you can do about that and I hope we don't think that we can instil some new measure that inconveniences millions upon millions from here on out. So you carry a gun on your hip? Haha, start popping off a round here and there at the mammoth Mandalay Bay while this cat makes it rain 700 rounds at a time on ya? This guy just upped the bar ... makes your squirt gun obsolete.

    Safety at Sports Venues

    With the recent attack on concert goers in Las Vegas last night. How safe do you feel attending an NFL or other U.S. major sporting event? What changes in security measures do you foresee at future events?