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  1. peterbell

    moffitt new guard

    Brian Sanford was one of the original 3/4 guys left from Mangini. I always liked the fact he worked his ass off every play. Good move for the Browns getting depth on O Line. Browns losing a 3 year vet and good locker room guy who now has a great opportunity with a clear Super Bowl contender. Moffit bit of a nut job w/some issues but maybe a change of scenery will help. Dude was a 3rd rounder.
  2. Nick Saban gets 5 of the top 15 players in the country every year. Thats equivalent to five #1 draft picks every year. He makes 5.3 in salary plus a ton of ancillary income and no salary cap to worry about and he is the "King of Alabama". He answers to the A.D.(maybe) and school President, both who probably don't want to get him pissed because Saban has real power.."Power of the people" Why go to the NFL? Where if you don't have a QB your screwed..Unless you think Weeden will be an upper echelon QB why in God's green earth would you come here..Nick learned from the last experience..IT'S ABOUT THE QB.. He can win at BAMA with a average QB and none of the headaches that come w/ the life of an NFL Head Coach
  3. peterbell

    Jayme Mitchell

    Wasn't this one of H&H's 1st big signing, the dominant pass rusher we needed.. and Mangini would never play him and didn't even activate him. WHY you ask? Because f**kin Mangini knew and what H&H saw last season ans we we painfully had to watch,,THE GUY WAS A FIRST CLASS DOG!!..NON HUSTLING,NO TECHNIQUE, BOX OF ROCKS. MANGENIUS KNEW..alas..............
  4. peterbell

    Browns Hire Brad Childress As Offensive Coordinator

    They don't ALL have the same agent..That is unque to onlt the Browns..if its not..Show me
  5. peterbell

    Peyton Manning To Be Released (Rumor)

    Peyton Manning would never come to Cleveland to run WCO..Where Peyton goes his offense travels He wants a team thats Super Bowl ready..The Cleveland Browns will not be in that position any time soon boys and girls. Lets not talk about this anymore please.
  6. peterbell

    Browns Hire Brad Childress As Offensive Coordinator

    You all do know this is the 6th Lamonte client on the Browns staff and FO..This is really troubling. Is it me or is Holmy trying to get all his boys on the Lerner gravey train..This is getting comical.
  7. peterbell

    Grossi Let Go Over Tweet Regarding Randy Lerner

    Hey Tony..Isn't karma a bitch,,hahaha..Hey Lerner when Tony was vilifying Mangini before he even hit the tarmac in CLE why didn't you call ihe big boys at the PD and tell Grossi to get off EM's ass...ahh.. but when its about you,,,big problem right..Grossi got what was coming to him make no mistake about that..Hey , Mary Kay..that sounds good ehh... has some bitter shoes to fill.
  8. peterbell

    Hallelujah... The Jets Lose...

    Funny thing is Mangini 10-6 6-10 9-7 had 2 winning seasons in NY Rex 9-7 10-6 8-8
  9. peterbell

    Possible Oc

  10. peterbell

    Dolphins And Daboll

    Bottom line.. Colt looked much better his rookie year with Daboll than Shumur this year..oh wait this is Colt's rookie year..Confusing this Shumur logic
  11. peterbell

    Dolphins And Daboll

    This guy is killing it in Miami with Matt Moore..really..Once again The Browns screw it up..Hey but at least we have the WCO.
  12. peterbell

    I Was Wrong Post

    So, basically Holmgren is saying Shumur sucks at the OC because of his HC responsiblities..but you(the fans) will have to live with it this year..really Mike? Mangini get the heave ho because according to the Walrus Wins and losses are the bottom line..Oh..unless you're hand picked guy is running the show.. Now a throw away season or 2 is fine,,,F**k seriously..disgusting and depressing..
  13. peterbell

    Mccoy And Audibles

    McCoy has clearly regressed from last year..thats as plain as the nose on you're face The question that begs to be answered is why..These coaches are supposedly an "offensive minded" staff..How is this possible?
  14. peterbell

    Mccoy And Audibles

    The fact that their answers(Colt-Shumur) totally conflict,there is a pretty big disconnect here. Someone here is lieing and I think Shumur is the guy. Why would Colt lie when asked.. the correct lie would be "yes I can"..therefore young Colt speaks the truth.,Shumur trying to cover his backside because its extrememly absurd not to be able to audible if a front you seen will stop the play you've called..its done at all levels..HS, College and of course in the NFL ALL THE TIME....Hell Brady, Manning audible out of every play to get their team in the correct play. Along with confirmation from another player that no hot reads or audibles are called IN GAMES. The question some media type needs to ask Colt is if he audibled on the LOS at Texas..I'm sure he did..I think the kids confidence is shattered..and he will be the scapegoat for a 3-13 season..
  15. peterbell

    Typical Browns

    We had a real coach..He was fired so we could run the WCO..the worst scoring offense in the NFL..h and lets spend a little less time practicing special teams