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  1. Betting odds on HC Firing

    I don't care if Jackson is a good OC, he needs to be a good HC. They are not the same thing, which is something Browns owners struggle to understand.
  2. Hue and the offense

    I thought Brock beat Kizer. So did Hogan. Now Brock may have been trying to get cut and was doing his typical immature shit, but his presnap ability blew Kizer's away. Hogan, politically would be tough to condone at the time. But that is what real adults do. The "beat out" myth is a myth. They just handed him the job despite playing poorly.
  3. Hue and the offense

    Hue's offense unlike, say, Pat Shurmer's rely's heavily on the QB. That is why starting Kizer is stupid. He was drafted to be a high ceiling developmental and the Browns just throw him in there.
  4. Hue and the offense

    I doubt hiring a OC will do much. This is Hue's offense much like the Bengals defense is Marvin's. He needs a capable QB to make the correct reads. Kizer is not that guy.
  5. Kizer

    lol, "oss" blew, give me a break. When Oss is leading the Broncos to a playoff birth later this year, I will crack the shit up. If the Browns wanted to win, they keep Brock and at least try. They chose to continue to rebuild hardcore and its shows.
  6. Kizer

    Kids overmatched at this stage, but I think the FO knew that.
  7. I Trust In Kizer

    Wentz nickle and dimed down the field. He can't do it any other way. Panning out my ass. That post was awful.
  8. Garrett Hurt Already

    Garrett rated as well in the preseason as any rookie. Orchard is a slow sloppy player. Posts like this crack me up.
  9. QB

    Hogan was the best passer in the preseason along with Brock. Really showed a good understanding of pre-snap. To bad he doesn't have a better arm. Expect him to get a long look this year.
  10. Garrett Hurt Already

    He was not wearing a ankle braces and that explains a lot. He will never play without one again. Doesn't sound much of a ankle sprain though. Not all high ankle sprains are bad. I had one that was healed in 2 weeks.
  11. Garrett Hurt Already

    The injury in OTA's is irrelevant. That is a typical "camp injury". Irving stepped on him. Big deal. The problem is the high ankle sprains, which tells you something is wrong.
  12. Garrett Hurt Already

    He is not soft. His ankles struggle to bear the weight of his massive frame/athleticism combo. The Browns had to know this before the draft but the rest of the top was so weak, they gambled.
  13. Times Change - No matter what we want

    Talk about smoking dope............lol
  14. Times Change - No matter what we want

    Because they are going to go through a lot of them this season.
  15. Garrett Hurt Already

    Guy has weak ankles.