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  1. So if Jackson is gone...

    Hue is toast. I suspect Sashi to be given the title of full President and Sashi old job will be merged with Berry to create the Vice President/GM job. Then Sashi/GM will hire new head coach without Haslam playing a big role in it. The HC will be weakened considerably in future decision making.
  2. QB play is overrated when the offensive design is flawed in the first place. Hue's ego has killed him again. He will be replaced and I won't cry a tear. All QB's will look bad. All the time.
  3. Hue Jackson looks toast(and by his extension, Berry, since Hue had a large part of his coming to Cleveland). I think his poor coaching decisions and poor development has pissed the FO off. They didn't expect to win 10 games in the first 2 years, but he can't even barely get a win and whines about his failures. He wasn't the analytics guys choice in the first place. He sweet talked Jimmy with his BS.
  4. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    Sorry, but Hogan would have been better with no prep. Nobody has a clue what they are supposed to do. Coming off the bench at halftime, just leads toward reaction by both the QB and pass catcher. Watson was pretty meh as well. BoB called screen after screen. Every vertical pass down the middle of the field, he struggled with. Brady would not play for Hue Jackson. He should be fired.
  5. Absolutely. Never before in modern NFL history as a team torn down like the Browns. The best part is Sashi giving Berry Kizer in the last draft so he can tank for the top QB in 2018. Sashi is a cold stoned butt in that one. The main problem with that is if the team rebels from Kizer being QB and asks for Hogan to win games..........sooner than later.
  6. Josh Gordon

    Kizer causes the INT's by his poor accuracy. Yet, the Browns fans fails to understand that. The awful slant he threw against the Colts is a great example of that. Yeah, lets blame effing Britt.
  7. Trades?

    Thomas play is in decline and it shows. A first round pick was be a very fair offer.
  8. Pacman feels bad for Hue

    Hue's organizational ability is not that good. Once he got his paws into the Raiders, they collapsed.
  9. Garrett Hurt Already

    ghoolie's emasculation is getting old. he keeps on bringing it to this forum to release. Ugly.
  10. Hue Jackson sucks. I like Ogbah quite a bit. Not a star, but a good starter on the left side.
  11. Kizer or Hogan

    BS. Hue wanted Kizer from the start and manipulated things so it would be that way.
  12. Kizer

    Nah, there is infighting. I have not read any of that guys Sheet. Your in denial. Hue is garbage.
  13. Kizer

    Hue had man love for Kizer. We are lucky he didn't pick him late in the 1st. It shows guys. The FO doesn't like Kizer and that also shows. This has been the story of the Browns for 18 years now. Infighting, more infighting and total infighting. Funny as it is, the Holmgren era may have been the era most closely unified when Pattie came aboard, but the coach/gm combo were just sorta meh.
  14. Kizer or Hogan

    Hue absolutely has a say. His say on QB has been the deciding answer except for Hogan. Joel Berry likely has the highest say on the draft inside the FO outside QB. Wentz does not impress me. His pure throwing talent is weak. That is why Hue passed. Trub was supported inside by some of the Browns FO, which means a lot, but has not played yet and that probably is not a good sign this year for him. The way Hue gushes over Kizer and the lie it is sickens me. Hue has made his own bed. He has made his own way. He was a bad hire from the start and I said so 18 months ago.
  15. Kizer or Hogan

    Another favor to Hogan is, he is the only QB the FO itself has brought in without Hue Jackson's "approval". Hue's QB choices have looked lackluster so far(RGIII,Kizer,Kessler). Browns fans love the dialectical illusion of Hue Jackson and the "good ole boy" network. That rarely works. Ask LSU. The sabremetrics guys did not hire Hue Jackson in here. They were squashed together by Jimmy 18 months ago. They have given Hue his choice of QB's while they purged and are redrafting the roster. Hue and his chosen QB's are not getting the job done in progression. Nobody is asking for 9-10 wins. Just progression. I would not be surprised if the Brock starting preseason games wasn't a FO move only for them to be impressed by Hogan's development and so they dumped him and let Hue tie his own rope with Kizer. I think Hogan can become a wonderful backup QB in this league. Kizer right now, is not even that. Marvin Lewis telling Jackson "don't let them quit on you" is damning bad for Jackson's future. The coaching community doesn't believe in him.