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  1. Hempman

    Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    Redskins had the 2 and 3 during the 2000 draft.
  2. Hempman

    Dorsey Hired

    Its scary isn't it. I fear this franchise won't survive Jimmyworld.
  3. Hempman

    Dorsey Hired

    Dude, Wentz would be a bust under Hue. I could care less about him.
  4. Hempman

    Dorsey Hired

    Hue is terrible. Guy is way overmatched. I fear for the QB he drafts.
  5. Hempman

    Dorsey Hired

    dude, there was more than Sashi and Depo. They had the whole scouting team there. It was all for Rosen as well. Hue loves himself some Rosen. He is McCarron with physical abilities to Hue. Rosen also ran a offense at UCLA similar to what Hue runs.
  6. Jackson sucks. He wastes talent. That is what led to "Sashi's downfall". Hue was mad because he didn't get Pat Mahomes last draft. He pushed for a tradeup and didn't get his way.
  7. Hempman

    Sashi fired

    Hire a new FO guy and saddle him with Hue Jackson who is the polar opposite of his own philosophies on so many levels. Only Jimmy. The sleeping giant of Browns football unleashed alright.
  8. Hempman

    We are still going to take....

    Rosen will be the pick and Hue will get his way. I doubt Dorsey will agree, but after his personal disaster in KC, he has to play the long game. Rosen can still run a Holmgren/Reid WCO system down the road imo, if he need be. Jimmy really is a dumb sheet.
  9. Hempman

    So if Jackson is gone...

    Hue is toast. I suspect Sashi to be given the title of full President and Sashi old job will be merged with Berry to create the Vice President/GM job. Then Sashi/GM will hire new head coach without Haslam playing a big role in it. The HC will be weakened considerably in future decision making.
  10. QB play is overrated when the offensive design is flawed in the first place. Hue's ego has killed him again. He will be replaced and I won't cry a tear. All QB's will look bad. All the time.
  11. Hue Jackson looks toast(and by his extension, Berry, since Hue had a large part of his coming to Cleveland). I think his poor coaching decisions and poor development has pissed the FO off. They didn't expect to win 10 games in the first 2 years, but he can't even barely get a win and whines about his failures. He wasn't the analytics guys choice in the first place. He sweet talked Jimmy with his BS.
  12. Hempman

    Ok are we done with hogan now?

    Sorry, but Hogan would have been better with no prep. Nobody has a clue what they are supposed to do. Coming off the bench at halftime, just leads toward reaction by both the QB and pass catcher. Watson was pretty meh as well. BoB called screen after screen. Every vertical pass down the middle of the field, he struggled with. Brady would not play for Hue Jackson. He should be fired.
  13. Absolutely. Never before in modern NFL history as a team torn down like the Browns. The best part is Sashi giving Berry Kizer in the last draft so he can tank for the top QB in 2018. Sashi is a cold stoned butt in that one. The main problem with that is if the team rebels from Kizer being QB and asks for Hogan to win games..........sooner than later.
  14. Hempman

    Josh Gordon

    Kizer causes the INT's by his poor accuracy. Yet, the Browns fans fails to understand that. The awful slant he threw against the Colts is a great example of that. Yeah, lets blame effing Britt.
  15. Hempman


    Thomas play is in decline and it shows. A first round pick was be a very fair offer.