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  1. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    This Week In The Afc North

    I agree.
  2. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Mccoy > Wheeden

    HaHa, nice one.
  3. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Mccoy > Wheeden

    That's right Colt can't stick up for himself.
  4. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    You Watched It Here.

    I'm not worried about the Bills QB situation because this is Fitzpatrick's year to prove himself. If he doesn't he's out and we'll probably get a new one in the draft. Its also getting annoying to hear PoeticG talk about Trent Richardson 24/7 and saying he'd like to see Colt start even if Weeden does good. sorry that bothers me. Just the Bills and Browns, hence my user name.
  5. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Predict The 2012 Regular Season Record- Final Version

    Did you come on here just to troll.
  6. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    You Watched It Here.

    Stop it with your man love for Colt. He sucks so much that he takes throwing lessons from Tim Tebow (not really), but he sucks and throws wobbly passes all the time. Wouldn't you rather see Weeden win us some games than Colt lay on his ass all the time.
  7. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Bills Vs Browns Game

    Woot! There's another Bills fan on here.
  8. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Josh Gordon Impressing

    Josh Gordon catches attention with “brilliant” practices Posted by Mike Florio on August 20, 2012, 11:33 PM EDT Getty Images The Browns took a chance on receiver Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft. While we’re still 20 days away from finding out what he can really do in a real game, he’s looking in practice like a guy who has a chance to be pretty good. Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository reports that Gordon has looked “brilliant” the last two days in practice. Doerschuk points out that the superlative team reflect the Browns’ bell curve at the position. “I don’t know if it was noticeable to you guys watching, but the last couple of days, he’s practicing faster,” coach Pat Shurmur said after practice on Monday regarding Gordon. “He’s catching the ball and running with it instead of catching and stopping. “He’s learning how to do it better in practice. If we see it here, then it will translate to the game.” That will serve only to help the Browns, who are waiting for someone/anyone to step up and be a starting-caliber wideout across from Greg Little. Another high praising article on Gordon.
  9. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Bills Release Shawne Merriman

    Summed it up nicely.
  10. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Don't Trade Colt

    No, because he sucks.
  11. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Don't Trade Colt

    Colt is going to be a huge distraction if Weeden starts playing like a rookie. I don't want that for this team so if you can't find a trade partner for him, then release him. Between him and Wallace playing-wise its a wash.
  12. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Don't Trade Colt

    I thought PoeticG wrote this. Now I'm surprised.
  13. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    First Team Offense

    This is pathetic...
  14. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Browns Vs Lions Thread

    Well done.
  15. Bills-n-Browns-Fan

    Total Recall Review

    Are you gonna do a review of "The Campaign" and "The Bourne Legacy." I don't know which one to see.