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  1. Cobra Kai

    Justin Gilbert

    I'm doing a report on Richard Nixon. Does anyone know how I can find Dick's measurements?
  2. Cobra Kai

    Tranny Bulgehider didn't want to be a Brown

    He's the Vikings' headache, now, and I couldn't give a shit what that tomato can thinks.
  3. Cobra Kai

    Jordan Cameron News

    Since we'd be giving up our Cleveland 1st round pick in 2015, and would still retain our Buffalo's 1st and 4th, (which will probably be better than ours and likely Top 10,) in essence, we'd only be spending our 1st round pick in 2016. Is Jimmy Graham worth our 2016 first round pick? That is the question...
  4. Cobra Kai

    Jordan Cameron News

    I only "like" Cameron's potential, ("like..." not "love,") because I'm growing a liiiiiiittle bit weary of watching this gargantuan pulling his arms in as the pass is coming to him or ducking to the ground once he catches it, just because he hears the footsteps of a defender that is six inches shorter than him and weighs a good deal less. I am not sold on this guy, at all, because he's soft. He's too soft to be truly effective and a difference maker at the NFL level. I hope I'm wrong, but I'd like to see the Browns make a play for TE/WR Jimmy Graham, if the Saints keep fucking around with him.
  5. Cobra Kai

    Haden Signs Long Term Deal

    Farmer has certainly been convinced by Pettine that he has a plan that can work, but he needs his players and style of players in order to get it done. Pettine told Farmer, "I don't want Gilbert... I NEED Gilbert, for my team to win. My vision of a winning team in 2014 begins with two outstanding Cornerbacks," ... and, so, Pettine got Gilbert. Once Pettine had Gilbert secured, the best thing the Front Office to do for Haden's psyche was to get him re-signed to a fat contract, (which I'm pretty sure had been in the works for awhile.) This is Pettine's team, and we should be okay with that... ... for now.
  6. Cobra Kai

    New Browns Fans Introduce Yourselves

    1) XVIDEO.COM 2) I usually start about the breasts, chest, neck, and head. 3) They're the Browns. That's usually obstacle #1. 4) I don't follow Twitter. It makes me want to punch babies. 5) Smoke 'em if you got 'em. 6) I can play the guitar like a mother fuckin' riot.
  7. Cobra Kai

    Ejected For Standing Up In The Dawg Pound

    I agree with you, since only 26% of statistics are randomly made up, and that's only 3/4's of the time.
  8. Cobra Kai

    Mccoy > Wheeden

    Let all the biscuits and toe twiddlers sit and poop, but the fact still remains, Weeden is 28/9 years old. He's a first round pick. We don't have time to fuck around and let McCoy battle him for the #1 QB spot. He's going to be our starting QB, until HE does something to prove he shouldn't be, and only after weeks and weeks and weeks of doing so. McCoy is toasty. Barring injuries, I'd give McCoy about a 12% chance of ever winning another shot at being our starting QB.
  9. Cobra Kai

    We Should Have Known Browns Fans

    Keep sucking on Holmgrens knob. They did a real bang up job, this free agency. Idiot.
  10. Cobra Kai

    We Should Have Known Browns Fans

    Now, we're hearing that Holmgren is saying they never had a chance, because the Rams and Redskins are buddy-buddies... WRONG, dickhead! You fucked around with the Rams, when you said our #22 pick was off the table. The Rams told the Redskins that, and from that point on, we were always trying to catch up to the Redskins offers. We lost any leverage, and the Redskins landed RGIII. The result? Redskins get RGIII, Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan, Eddie Royal, etc. etc. etc...
  11. Cobra Kai

    New York Vs. Boston (Ne)

    I've been stat hunting a little bit, and I don't see any reason to think this won't be a hotly contested match. Right now, the Pat's are a 3 point favorite. I could see it drift even closer, this week. I'll say the Giants will win, 31-28.